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    I am the parent of a former girl scout, and a former cub scout. My daughter did both Girl Scouts and Scouts Australia, while my son did Cub Scouting. I was a volunteer for both Girl Scouts and Cub Scouts. My interest in scouting continues as I am a university professor and researcher in the area of healthy eating, physical activity, and health promotion, and I focus on giving kids the best chance at a healthy life.

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  1. To be clear, the website is not about curriculum--you already have most or all of that. It's about incorporating wellness (social connection, less sitting, more moving, healthy snacks and water) into what you and the kids want to do. We need your help as partners in trying to figure out the best ways to build in opportunities for wellness while still having fun scouting.
  2. Good point, TWCub. We are gradually working toward providing additional gender-neutral materials and resources. Most of the ideas there are gender neutral though.
  3. Hi everyone. I am a professor and health promotion researcher at Kansas State University (https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=WWR1ybMAAAAJ&hl=en). I have been working with Girl Scouts troops in Kansas for several years, trying to figure out ways to build in opportunities for healthy eating, exercise, and other aspects of wellness while still having fun scouting. I am working on a grant proposal now, and am looking for councils, service units, and troops that may be interested in partnering to try out some wellness initiatives. The general idea is to build in some routine opportunitie
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