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  1. Fortunately, our pack's popcorn sales exceeded the amount we projected in the budget and the excess will cover the additional re-charter cost. I guess we unknowingly followed National's advice of Just Sell More Popcorn. 😎 We did mention the likelihood of a dues increase for next year, but there wasn't much of a reaction because no one is thinking about next year yet and we haven't actually given hard numbers.
  2. Congratulations to your son and you!
  3. Thanks, everyone. I will see what I can do with re-wording parts of the script. Feels awkward. Then again, I feel awkward every time I say "Scouts BSA" 😛
  4. Hello, I am currently a Webelos Den Leader and updating a script for Crossover. The script says something to the effect of "You are no longer a Cub Scout; you are now a Boy Scout." What is the proper term now to replace "Boy Scout?" Is it "Scout"? "Scout BSA?" "BSA Scout?" Thanks!
  5. This sends out red flags. Of course, it's possible that in one 60-90 minute meeting, each scout did all of the reciting, explaining, and demonstrating required. Especially if they studied up beforehand or were Webelos scouts. However, it's more likely that this was done in a 'classroom' type setting, where they all stood and recited the pledge, oath, law, etc. as a group. Then sat around the table watching a powerpoint presentation on meanings said items. Finally, wrapping up with a workshop on knots and rope care where not every scout quite mastered everything, but they all "did their best". Could be a sign of a 'Webelos 3' Troop, and it is worrisome.
  6. Now if only they hadn't watered down the requirements, the name "Camper" would still work.
  7. My biggest concern is, what the heck do we do with fifth grade girls who join for the 2018-2019 school year? The Webelos year+ (especially fifth grade) is all about getting scouts ready for the-yet-to-be-[re]named-separate-but-equal-program-for-boys-and-girls-aged-11-through-17. If troops comprised of girls will not exist during the 2018-2019 school year, how are the fifth grade girls supposed to complete the Scouting Adventure adventure, namely the activities that are to be done with a troop? Are we supposed to just have them visit all-boy troops and say "there will be a similar but separate program for girls starting next year"? Also, for fifth grade girls earning the Arrow of Light award in February of 2019, to where do they cross over, if there is no 11-17 program for girls? Just curious what other packs are doing to plan and prepare for this. Thanks!
  8. Do you have the Den Leader guide? It lays out the meetings to complete adventures in two meetings plus one outing per adventure. I am changing from Wolf Leader to Bear Leader and still dont have my Bear Leader Guide yet so I can't comment specifically, but that is how the Wolf guide was written
  9. Sorry to read this, Krampus. May your scouting family find comfort during this time and the time ahead
  10. Completing ranks by February is not very realistic, assuming that you begin working on your rank advancement in August-September when the school year starts. That would mean you would have to complete one adventure every month from September thru February (and have the scouts complete the Duty to God adventure outside of meetings). Our pack/den don't meet during Thanksgiving week or the schools' Christmas break, so much of November, December, and the first week of January are lost. Also, there is a limited amount of time that you can complete the outdoors-based activity in the September-February time. Our scouts typically achieve their ranks sometime in April.
  11. Here is the list I put together for the required adventures only: Tigers in the Wild (Tiger): 5. Campfire skit Call of the Wild (Wolf) 1. Camp out 2. Campfire skit Council Fire (Wolf): 6c. Recyclables project for pack meeting Howling at the Moon (Wolf): 3.-4. Campfire program Bear Necessities (Bear): 1. Camp out 2. Campfire program Grin and Bear it (Bear): 2-4. Cub Scout carnival Stronger Faster Higher (Webelos): 5. Lead younger scouts in a fitness game Camper (Arrow of Light): 4. Plan campfire program
  12. Do they have different (easier) requirements for advancement? Do they push scouting and/or advancement harder than other religions?
  13. Why are there so many Eagle Scouts in Utah? The 2015 Eagles broken down by state generally seems to follow state population. More Eagles were awarded in Utah than California, despite the population of Utah being about 8% of the population of California? Really?
  14. Hello, I was a Cub Scout and Boy Scout in my youth (I'm in my mid-30s now). I wasn't involved in Scouts between college and now, but have recently become a Den Leader for my son's pack. As a youth, I was in the OA and completed my ordeal. Regrettedly, I didn't have much involvement in my OA Lodge as a youth. I didn't achieve Brotherhood. My questions are about rejoining OA now as a Scouter. I now live in a different Scouting Council than where I spent my youth. From the local Lodge's website it looks like all I would have to do are pay annual dues and fill out a brief application form, and I could join their lodge. Not having been very involved in OA as a youth, I'm not sure what role Scouters play in the OA. Do Scouters play an advisory role similar to their role in a troop? Also, could I complete Brotherhood as an adult or is it only for under 21?
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