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  1. Our pack uses Square, but only on a limited basis for registrations and for some popcorn sales. For the registrations, we charge a little extra to cover the CC fee. For popcorn we only use it for store-front sales where we would otherwise lose the entire sale if we didn't take the CC.
  2. I'm hoping our council adds the Lion program. We have one of the largest packs in our district, close to 50 boys, and often have a few siblings "waiting in the wings". These siblings are our "in" to recruit in their friends for the younger rank. We have two Tiger dens this year, both with 6 boys. Most of these kids would have joined as Lions if it was an option. Of the 12 Tigers, 4 have brothers that are Bears. A key to success is that both Tiger Dens are lead by new parents, but we split up the "experienced" parents between the two Tiger dens, so both of the new DLs have direct support from experienced Scouters during the den meetings. The new Den Meeting guides are getting great reviews from the DLs. As new Scouters they appreciate the option to "cookbook" a meeting.
  3. Similar size Pack, and this is exactly what we try to do. It isn't our money, it is the current parents'/cubs' money. Saving it up for the future isn't fair to the families who contributed. If we have a signficant surplus (like we did last year), we figure out a productive and fair way to spend it on the current families.
  4. I don't know how you do hiking, camping, etc. without science! Science is all around us, and so are opportunities to follow scout law. - How do you make rope? (find a strong-fiber plant) (Thrifty!) - Weather (Brave! Hike in the rain!) - Human physiology (hydration, nutrition) (Clean!) - Record of observations (Trustworthy!) - Campfire fun (fire safety & Cheerful! Friendly!) - Leave no trace (pollution; Obedient! Kind!) - Helping others on the trail (Loyal! Helpful! Courteous!) - Appreciate Nature (Reverent!) There is a lot more to STEM than just building stuff.
  5. You are missing the large number of heterosexual progressives who, on principle, don't want their kids in a discriminatory organization. This includes some friends of mine, who I hope will now allow their kids to join our Pack with this policy change.
  6. Long overdue. This is and has been the only route to resolution that made any sense, while maintaining the scouting ideal of respect for other faiths.
  7. In our Council each District runs a CS Day Camp for 5 days, for $120/week (if you register early, siblings <11 yrs old at $5/day). "Camperships" are available that cut the cost in half (and we have very few takers for the discounted rate). Resident camp is run over a long weekend on a Council-wide basis. The Resident camp is a long drive for many to get to, the Day Camps are set up close (<30 minutes) from the Districts. We start with Tigers, and even have siblings as young as 3 years old in Day Camp. I personally don't think Wolves or even many incoming Bears are ready for a Resident Camp experience. I recently signed on as CD for our District's Camp starting next year, and had this year as a transition/training year. We just finished camp, and averaged about 115 campers, 20 siblings, 45 adult and 45 youth volunteers per day. It was a struggle to get the volunteers on board this year, with many signing up very late, but it worked. Yes, it is a huge amount of work for the volunteers, especially the "key staff", but for most of the kids and many of the adult volunteers I get the sense it is the best week of their summer. I have two Cubs and I know that they love it. Archery, BBs, scout skills, science, crafts, sports, and dens full of kids shouting their "den yells" as loud as they can throughout the day. There is no other comparable camp experience in our area. It does take the dedication of a bunch of people who really believe in the program to pull it off.
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