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    Started scouts with son in first grade. He’s an adult now but we are both still active in our troop (we started a female troop) and both honored to be vigil members in the OA

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  1. Thank you. I am not the advisor, my spouse is. But he was stuck. Neither of us like saying no; we like coaching the youth to their own conclusions. We know this is not an Eagle project. It’s installing hand sanitizing stations. Four screws and done. We want the youth to come up with that conclusion though. thank you for the advise so far. Spouse has decided on his next move. The two questions he is asking now will be the start.
  2. A scout is proposing to install pre-ordered supplies at their church. We don’t want to just say no; we want the youth to use their critical thinking skills to come to that conclusion. What questions do you ask? so far we have: Have you discussed this with your SM? How do you plan on showing your leadership skills? Any other questions you can help us with? We want to compile a list to help us in the future with these. Thanks!
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