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  1. Oh, and I would have ONE signature page for the entire project.
  2. I'm so over these project workbooks and applications. It's ridiculous. I wish they would give me a shot at reworking the project workbook. I could do it in two pages and it would contain the exact same information. I reached out to National a couple of times. But hey, what does an Eagle Scout who serves on EBORs and is a technical writer know about rewriting Boy Scout forms?
  3. Just do what I do. I treat the adults differently from the kids. The adults hand me their A&B forms in a sealed envelope and it stays sealed unless it's needed by medical personnel. At the end of the event, I give the envelopes back to the adults. Never had to open one in 6 years. Kids are handled more traditionally. I have them in a file box that stays in my tent. When we backpack, everyone carries their own - adult or kid.
  4. I'm kinda with the other posters on this. It sounds like they are creating an extra step and it drives me insane when adults do this. But congratulations. You are about to reach the next step of your journey and I hope it doesn't stop there. What's really interesting, btw, is that none of that Project stuff goes to National. They never even see it. Unless our Council here in Central Florida different, the only thing that goes to National after your EBOR is the two-page application and the personal statement. All of that Eagle project workbook stuff should go back to you after your EBOR
  5. Council or District does not approve project after it's done. Only troop and beneficiary. No space for Council signature except on the proposal.
  6. I serve on Eagle BORs for our district. They are 45 minutes max and we tend to focus on 3 areas - the project, leadership and the Scout's relationship to Scouting as well as plans for the future. We also do a uniform inspection and the Scout leads everyone present in the Oath and Law at the beginning.
  7. SMs like this drive me insane. Why not simply coach the Scout on how his project needs to have its own identity and let it go? If he goes out to the site and sees a lot of crossover, then he can complain. We are supposed to help these Scouts. It really is that simple.
  8. Of course you spend the money to do the checks each year. Doesn't matter how much it costs. Less than one or two lawsuits, I'm sure. Shoot, make the volunteers pay for it. As it stands now, adults pay $33 for registration in our council. This shouldn't even be a debate. Your No. 1 customer is a child and protecting them is Job 1. It's a youth organization, for crying out loud.
  9. One of our Scouts is turning 18 on Dec. 26. He is having his SM conference tonight Dec. 20, which is his last requirement. If he gets the application in to Council after Dec. 26, is he still OK? The rule says you must complete all the requirements by 18. Doesn't really address the application, although I'm aware that there is a clock ticking on that Eagle BOR.
  10. If you do a story, you really should approach the parents first. Maybe you addressed that earlier in the thread and I just missed it.
  11. Surround yourself with 3 or 4 hardworking committee members., especially the advancement chair, the treasurer and new member/cub liaison. Although you will make decisions, try to work by consensus. Bring SM, ASM and parents into meetings as much as possible. Don't hesitate to cut off discussion after a while. Stick to agenda. And training, training, training for everyone.
  12. Oh, we did a 60-second COH Monday night before the meeting. Outstanding kid, too. He was headed to college on Tuesday. We called the mother and son up before the whole troop, she pinned the medal on him, he gave Mom the parents' pin and Scoutmaster said a few kind words. And all the Crossovers and their parents were there. Pretty cool, if you ask me. The one time Crossovers were quiet. Please don't let these idiot leaders rain on your son's parade.
  13. I think you need to go to your Council office and see if your son's Eagle was recorded. Here in Florida, the process is BOR, which then sends the App to National. National then notifies the local council, which in turn sends a letter to the Scout congratulating him and inviting him to come by the Scout Shop and get his credentials and Eagle presentation kit, which includes medal and patch. Then parents can hold a COH anytime they want. You do not need a troop. But you do need to make sure Council has your son recorded as Eagle. In fact, we had a Scout and parents who had some conflicts
  14. Taught the boys Black Jack at Winter Camp. Made enough to cover my Trading Post expenses. Separating a boy from his money through gaming teaches valuable life experience. 'A Scout is thrifty..."
  15. How many districts or councils require these versus districts and councils that don't require them but instead do their own checks with the contact info provided on the Eagle App. The reason I ask is that the App doesn't say specifically to provide references. It just says to provide names and info of people who would be willing to talk about the Scouts. And then an Eagle board member brought up some Scout regulation/provision that says references should be transmitted only via snail mail and not electronically. Snail mail would be an insane way to do references. No way to trac
  16. Well, I hope this doesn't include Eagle BOR. We are going to do one via teleconference, Skype or FaceTime. Kid is 18 and just came down with mono.
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