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  1. https://scoutingmagazine.org/2019/08/youth-suicide/
  2. As a veteran, I'd rather not tell people. I don't want/need the recognition. Its always awkward when the cashier at Lowe's thanks me for my service (they know since it gets me 10% OFF). Scouting is for these scouts who are working hard to earn Eagle. I was never a scout, but as a scoutmaster, and a veteran, I will do anything to keep them safe, and that's about as far as I take it these days.
  3. Scouting Magazine reached out to me, it will be awhile, but I think this can be good. @CherokeeScouter - I would surely if I used any names.
  4. I sent an email to scoutingmag@gmail.com I will keep you guys informed.
  5. Would this be a good article in "Scouting" magazine?
  6. I'm always blunt about the fact that this is Scouting, not parenting. "Johnny needs_______." Well, Johnny needs to ask the questions, not you. Parents need training as well. email / text / facebook are good communication tools, but face to face is much more effective.
  7. I will tell you, that my friends suicide ruined me for a year. It, not to mention that I was the one who found him in the back of his dark house just 4 houses up from mine. Its been a decade now, and after all that pain, I am very thankful to have had the experience in order to help out my scouts. Not much good comes from a suicide, many times just destruction of multiple facets of life, but in this case, one thing positive came from it. Its a tough go, but in all honesty, I don't believe that anyone would back down from helping a scout through something as difficult as this, as leaders we sometimes trudge though the difficulties to make the path easier. Thanks for the feedback guys. Again, I pray that this never happens to anyone, but if it does, know that things can be ok and let me know if you need any guidance.
  8. Last year on this day, our Troop lost a scout to Suicide. This could have absolutely destroyed our Troop, and we lost some, but that is ok. The majority rallied around each other, and stood strong. I'd like to tell you, that was a hard day for us, and myself. I personally called every parent and let them know before they found out from another source. Bad news travels fast. The lessons I learned when my best friend died of suicide a decade ago helped me to help these guys process their feelings. We brought in a counselor for them all. Anxiety induced depression, depression, or who knows... these all can be dangerous. Keep an eye on your scouts. Talk with them, let them tell you whatever they need to get off their chest. Be there for them. Some kids really feel they can't talk to parents. Ask me questions if you like. I'd like to offer my services to others where I can. Its not a fun topic, and it hurts, but talking can save someone.
  9. I didn't grow up in scouts, but I was outside all the time. I went to a cub scout meeting and I remember thinking... why are we indoors for scouting? I didn't join, just kept on doing my thing outside, making forts using techniques like lashing (I didn't know it had a name), and knots (not good knots). I'm also a hunter, so staying out till way after dark and hiking into the woods in the dark were fun. I learned map skills in Emergency Search and Rescue, as well as survival skills. Scouting can offer a lot more than what I saw in that school gym when I was 8. The scouts in my Troop live in the city, they have a difficult time getting away from that influence. It's very fun to watch them lower their guard over a summer camp where there is no cell coverage. They start to have fun, no longer caring about social stresses and expectations. I'm here to make sure that they have a fun time. We are truly a scout run Troop, I have little input other than to make sure it's safe. Plus, I get to be outside.
  10. I'm glad to hear that I am not asking too much of them. Its frustrating. My scouts do their planning, I merely guide and play devils advocate to make sure they think things through. Thanks!
  11. Howdy from Washington State! I have questions regarding the support from the Council and/or District. In my example, they will be one in the same/interchangeable. Our Troop does a yearly planning camp with the SPL/ASPL/Scribe/Troop Guide and the PLs. They review the previous year, discussing the goals they had set, did they meet them etc. They then determine where the Troop is headed, what they need to get there and set 3 more goals for the year. Its a long weekend, but when they are done, they have a full year planned out that is beneficial to the Troop in general. Our Council and District do not provide them with a yearly calendar for planning. Rarely are events scheduled more than a month in advance. They told our SPL to make a guess on the dates. I was a little miffed to say the least. Do you guys get support from the council/district for planning? Are they as loosy goosy everywhere? In my mind, they should be planning at least a year out, just like we are supposed to do.
  12. Teaching? Allow them to make mistakes, encourage them to give it a try, remind them that Scouting is a safe place to make these mistakes and help them understand what they could do different to succeed.
  13. I've been a scoutmaster for four years now, I love the scouting part, the planning part and the teaching part. Troop is 13 scouts and we have a super time. Arron
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