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  1. UPDATE: The story has a happy ending. With the help and wisdom from people that read about the predicament faced by my sons, wheels became unstuck and the channels were cleared for them to proceed. My oldest son completed his Eagle Board of Review and his application for Eagle Scout is now at National. My youngest got his proposal approved, and his project was completed this weekend. Massive thanks to any and all who took the time to read and reply. My guys are invigorated, and once again engaged in Scouting!
  2. Poorly worded on my part....it should have read "in HIS MIND, he is not being malicious or obstructive." Thank you for your thoughts!!
  3. Thanks for the questions, Barry. No, the scouts don't particularly like him. My oldest, who LOVED scouting before he took over, just wants to finish his Eagle and be done with Scouting. I find this heartbreaking. With just a couple of exceptions, the older scouts have quit participating in camp outs/ camping weekends because according to this SM camping weekends should be about work...scrubbing tents, washing the troop trailer, etc.... maybe this is common practice? Both of my kids have complained that all the fun has been taken out of scout activities. The parents of the scouts have o
  4. Here is his latest, sent yesterday..... "You mentioned that electric extension cords will be used to obtain power for the miter saw and electric drills. How far away are the electrical outlets? Will the sawing and drilling be done in a building or on open ground? If on open ground, what will you do if there is bad weather such as rain or snow? I believe you mentioned that the beneficiary will not be participating in the construction, and that your Mom or Dad will use the miter saw. Does the miter saw belong to the beneficiary? Is the miter saw in a fixed location in a building or is
  5. My son certainly is discouraged at this point. What is adding to the weight of the situation is that we are going through a similar process with his older brother, who has already completed his Service Project. The Beneficiary signed off on the project plan....and the SM took it, marked it up, demanded typos/wording be changed and so now we have to drive 2 hours round trip to get the beneficiary's signature again on a clean form. AND THE PLAN DOESN'T REQUIRE THE SM's APPROVAL!!!!!!!!! We've already been through 4 hours of meetings with the SM, on something that doesn't require his approval.
  6. Latest update... My son worked with the beneficiary to change the date so that my son will be the only scout working on his project on a given date. After 4 hours of meetings, the SM is still refusing to sign off on the proposal even though he admits it passes all the tests. He even stated that multiple times in the meeting. The reason he is refusing to sign off is he wants the proposal re-typed with his latest revisions and grammatical corrections ( use this word instead of this word, add a semi-colon here...). After my son spent 2 hours at the local Lowe's obtaining all the item numbers an
  7. I agree its essential....what I DON'T agree with now that I know the rules is that the SM requires the Scouts to have him APPROVE the project plan.... On the project plan cover sheet, it states very clearly that plan is not "approved or signed." My oldest son, who just finished his Eagle project, went through a lengthy meeting with the SM and the previous SM where they demanded to see the Project Plan and grilled him about it for nearly 2 hours. They circled typos, and made him re-write it before they would "allow" him to start working. While I understand they are trying to be helpful..
  8. There shouldn't have to be any "comebacks" necessary other than....show me in the Guide To Advancement where is says 2 Scouts are prohibited from working on different projects at the same facility on the same day. Anything else is a made-up requirement. This guy has also been making kids finish their project plan (not the proposal, the PLAN) before he "allows" them to start working on their project. Another made up requirement in direct opposition to current rules.
  9. Short answer...yes However....the troop will still have an obstructionist SM making up his own rules. I appreciate the perspective your question provided.
  10. I really appreciate this reply. Both my son's mother and I have communicated with the SM separately, explaining how all the criteria you listed will be met. Additionally, the 3 Scouts are from different troops and have never had communication of any kind. I can guarantee there is no planned sharing of responsibilities or volunteers. Each Scout is expected to lead their own project by the beneficiary. The representative of the Beneficiary that we are dealing with has 3 sons that are Eagle Scouts, has sat on Eagle boards....and thinks our SM is "out of his mind." We have made multiple attem
  11. Thanks for the reply. Over the past couple of years, there have been multiple instances of this SM using the phrase "our troop requires it" and I've always let it slide although I shouldn't have. I've requested that he show me in black and white where it is a BSA rule that 2 Scouts - from different troops mind you - cannot work on separate projects on the same day at the same facility. I'm going to let him hang himself, because I know he'll reply that "it's just a rule our troop made." I already have one email from him where he states "our Troop doesn't allow it" and I've just emailed hi
  12. Greetings and Happy New Year. My son is working on an Eagle Scout project for a very large beneficiary; it's the largest equine therapy center in the country. Currently there are 3 Scouts (including my son) who are doing their Eagle Service Project for this beneficiary. To make things easy on the facility, the beneficiary is asking the Scouts to work on their projects on the same dates. Mind you, they are all doing their OWN project, raising their own funds, leading their own crew of volunteers... The Scoutmaster has just informed me the "we" don't allow Scouts to work on their Eagl
  13. Greetings...I'm sure this has been discussed before but I want to gather informed opinions before taking action. I'm especially sensitive because the Scout Master is a friend and a good guy... he is new this year, following a SM that was fantastic and loved by all. Long story short...my son completed his requirements for Life Scout almost 3 months ago, and has asked 8 troop meetings in a row to get his Board of Review. Each time, he gets "next meeting" as an answer. He loves Scouts and is very driven to obtain Eagle Scout - but is becoming seriously disillusioned. 13 year old kids just don't
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