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    Tough Times in a Troop

    If you do a story, you really should approach the parents first. Maybe you addressed that earlier in the thread and I just missed it.
  2. CherokeeScouter

    Qualities of Your Best Troop Committee Chair

    I was very lucky as CC. Had excellent SMs.
  3. CherokeeScouter

    Qualities of Your Best Troop Committee Chair

    Surround yourself with 3 or 4 hardworking committee members., especially the advancement chair, the treasurer and new member/cub liaison. Although you will make decisions, try to work by consensus. Bring SM, ASM and parents into meetings as much as possible. Don't hesitate to cut off discussion after a while. Stick to agenda. And training, training, training for everyone.
  4. CherokeeScouter

    Eagle Reference Letters

    How many districts or councils require these versus districts and councils that don't require them but instead do their own checks with the contact info provided on the Eagle App. The reason I ask is that the App doesn't say specifically to provide references. It just says to provide names and info of people who would be willing to talk about the Scouts. And then an Eagle board member brought up some Scout regulation/provision that says references should be transmitted only via snail mail and not electronically. Snail mail would be an insane way to do references. No way to track them, ensure they were sent, etc. Is he right? Snail mail only?
  5. CherokeeScouter

    Denied a court of honor.

    That's simply not true.
  6. CherokeeScouter

    Denied a court of honor.

    Oh, we did a 60-second COH Monday night before the meeting. Outstanding kid, too. He was headed to college on Tuesday. We called the mother and son up before the whole troop, she pinned the medal on him, he gave Mom the parents' pin and Scoutmaster said a few kind words. And all the Crossovers and their parents were there. Pretty cool, if you ask me. The one time Crossovers were quiet. Please don't let these idiot leaders rain on your son's parade.
  7. CherokeeScouter

    Denied a court of honor.

    I think you need to go to your Council office and see if your son's Eagle was recorded. Here in Florida, the process is BOR, which then sends the App to National. National then notifies the local council, which in turn sends a letter to the Scout congratulating him and inviting him to come by the Scout Shop and get his credentials and Eagle presentation kit, which includes medal and patch. Then parents can hold a COH anytime they want. You do not need a troop. But you do need to make sure Council has your son recorded as Eagle. In fact, we had a Scout and parents who had some conflicts with the troop and held a COH totally separate from the Troop and at a different location. Only a select few were invited.
  8. CherokeeScouter

    SPL Charging $ to participate in games at camping event

    Taught the boys Black Jack at Winter Camp. Made enough to cover my Trading Post expenses. Separating a boy from his money through gaming teaches valuable life experience. 'A Scout is thrifty..."
  9. CherokeeScouter

    Velcro For POR Patches

    Whoops. Old topic.Sorry
  10. CherokeeScouter

    Velcro For POR Patches

    Man, you need help
  11. Well, I hope this doesn't include Eagle BOR. We are going to do one via teleconference, Skype or FaceTime. Kid is 18 and just came down with mono.
  12. CherokeeScouter

    Eagle Scout Rank Patch wear after age 18

  13. CherokeeScouter

    Neckers back in the "news"

    So glad we don't wear them. Didn't care for them as a Scout, don't care for them as a Scouter.
  14. Our Scoutmaster came up with a good way to get in some leg training and backpacking treks for us flatlanders who may not have many weekends to devote to skakedown hikes in preparations for Philmont and the AT. He did this weekend's 15K with a full pack. And we have a slew of 15K and 5K race/walks coming up between now and summer sponsored by various nonprofits. Excellent way for the Scouts - and the adults - to break in boots, get used to carrying weight, etc. - without having to devote a full weekend to shakedown treks (although there is no substitute for that). Plus, if the troop is involved, it can count as a troop activity and maybe count for certain day hikes needed for MB or rank.
  15. CherokeeScouter

    Guide to Advancement

    Absolutely make it online. I have a real problem getting adult personnel to in-person training.
  16. CherokeeScouter

    BSA records

    Uh, no. Size 12 shoe not tasting too good right now.
  17. CherokeeScouter

    Eliminate merit badges, advancement from Scouting

    Point well taken.
  18. CherokeeScouter

    Eliminate merit badges, advancement from Scouting

    LOL. I've written about this episode before, but it's worth repeating. But I once did a Tenderfoot or Second Class (can't remember all the particulars) BOR for a 16-year-old who had been in the troop for about 4 years and who also had like over 50 nights camping and 150 miles hiking. He also was excellent hunter and fisherman. The BOR thought it was a mistake, but the kid confirmed, yes he indeed was just a Scout (or whatever that preceding rank was). Naturally we were a little curious and started asking questions. He just replied he didn't like "all that advancement stuff" and that he just like to hike and camp with his buddies. At summer camp, he would spend every hour at the shooting or archery range or the waterfront. I don't think he ever completed a MB. Different strokes for different folks, I guess.
  19. CherokeeScouter

    BSA records

    I gotta say, I'm an Eagle and been in adult leadership for about 6 years. I have never seen such discussion about the way advancement is entered and kept. Regardless of all the blue cards, Scout handbooks, etc. at some point, it has to go into a database. No two ways about it. Doesn't your Scout's advancement end up on the troop's computer (or the advancement chair's), which is then periodically uploaded to council? This centralized database is what council and National are looking to as to whether a Scout has met the requirements for Eagle. Handbooks and blue cards are excellent ways to teach responsibility and self-reliance, but to say they are "the official record" and we don't accept anything else is kinda cray. The official record of a Scout's advancement rests in that Council's database.
  20. CherokeeScouter

    BSA records

    I have never in my life turned a blue card into Council. There are 10 ways to earn a MB and only in a couple of instances, are we able to use a Blue Card with any success.
  21. CherokeeScouter

    BSA records

    Your local council is still your best bet. I tracked down my Eagle info from the new council that replaced my old council, which merged. And they found it in seconds. As far as any more advancement info beyond Eagle stuff, good luck. The council I was dealing with did not have any OA records or any other advancement records except copies of old charters. Not sure they had centralized reporting of advancement until the computer systems came on line. SST3rd, what on earth is your council using to record advancement? With most councils, advancement records are uploaded or recorded in council's database. When you submit an Eagle App, council checks the dates against their records and if all matches up, they approve it. I mean it's good you're using the book, MB cards and all that paper, but if a new Scout from another council transfers in with his old council's computer printout, are you saying you wouldn't honor it? Plus, what good does all the paper do if council has no record of anything.? Am I missing something?
  22. CherokeeScouter

    Upvotes and downvotes

    You people obviously have some time on your hands. Why don't you spend some of that time to help me in my crusade to revamp the Eagle Project Workbook.
  23. CherokeeScouter

    Eagle Project Workbook

    Does anyone know if folks from National follow this site? Here's the deal: It is time for BSA to seriously consider reformatting the Eagle Project Workbook. As an English major, a professional writer and an ex-Journalism teacher, I would give this form a D if someone turned it into me. It's confusing, muddled, lacks clarity and is difficult for many Scouts to fill out. Much of it is repetitive. It looks to me like a document that was simply added to over the years. Something put together by a committee with people chiming in "Let's add this...." For such an important part of an important award, we can do better. I could fix this thing in about a week and working with a computer person, we could come up with a PDF form that would actually work. I have signed many of these things as a Committee Chair. And I have reviewed many of them sitting on Eagle BORs. So I know a little bit of what I'm talking about. I am now working as a Life to Eagle coach for our troop. Sooo, BSA National, if your intent was to challenge the Scout by making the paperwork needlessly complex so the Trail to Eagle is that much harder, congratulations, you succeeded. Texas, do you hear me?