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  1. sorry, I meant its application to real life situations, not what it means
  2. 2 deep seems to constantly be misunderstood...not sure why BSA cant sit down and specifically spell out whats required in certain situational examples.
  3. I never understand why random UP pick on things like a mentor pin or patrol patch, but I go to summer camp and see old farts with almost 30 years worth of quality unit patches going up their sleeve (no kidding, just saw this last week). Its like watching a cop give out a ticket for jaywalking while around the corner some clown is dynamiting a building.
  4. SM conference with parents present (since they were convinced little Johnny would shape up), laying out how scout's conduct at camp affected the rest of the troop, and that any further disrespect towards adults or refusing to pull his weight will result in a suspension. Doesnt sound like anything other than an ultimatum is going to get thru that noggin. Or, you could institue a wake up policy of 2 polite knocks on the tent, and the third will be a bucket of ice water
  5. now theres a politician that can really speak out of both sides of his...erm, mouth. Good for those scout leaders for taking a stand for their boys, and "sending a message" to this guy.
  6. Theres an easy way to do that in the desktop application, which it sounds like your A/C has. Its under "Scouts", called "Graduate to next grade..."
  7. Hope it works out for the scout, and good on ya for getting him back on the right path. TL sticks in my craw as it is, but to see a boy suffer from the actions of others ("adults", no less) who are supposedly taking a moral stand really grinds my gears.
  8. I often wonder why there arent and Straight Pride parades....Ive come to the conclusion we either arent proud (which ironically makes US in the closet now), or that it would be one of the most boring parades ever.
  9. a politician got up in front of a bunch of people and told them exactly what they wanted to hear??? Inconceivable!!!
  10. Yikes. Good luck...thats a train wreck I would not want to be associated with
  11. well it seems some sanity has been added to this thread by AZMike. I for one welcome our new southwestern overlord.
  12. not sure, but from what I can tell it has nothing to do with the goal of getting Amazon to remove BSA from their list. Unless, somehow someway somebody feels unsafe by the choice of donating money to scouting.
  13. honestly not sure how serious this thread is, but for those of you that feel one committee chair would be good for a combo of 2-3 units, Im sure your current committee chairs would be happy to let you take over their jobs if that came to pass. this is silliness...we should be focusing on shoring up the program, not continuing to use it as a societal sandbox. If you feel the program is not for you, maybe you should be looking elsewhere instead of insisting scouting change to make you feel better.
  14. geez....I wish I had the adult participation to justify creating positions like Derby Chair or Party Chair
  15. I presume young Mr Tessier, having found himself so disgusted with BSA for daring to not accept gay adults that he decided to find a way to stop BSA from getting major contributions that could benefit other youths, will return his eagle badge and never again associate himself with BSA such as using that accomplishment on job or college application forms? No?!? Oh, well I guess his outrage will only go so far.
  16. fascinating conversation. Ive always wondered about the phone call thing vs a text or email. Incidentally, I had my SM specific training this weekend and on one of the slides that they blew thru I say one regarding YPT it said something to the effect that YPT guidelines require 2 adults in every car carrying scouts. While internally my head was exploding, wondering how in the world the troop is going to find an extra adult PER car and an additional car or two to offset the loss of seats from those additional adults, it got me to wondering about that too.
  17. I can think of a few cliche to describe this..."we learn more from failure than we do from success", or "that which does not kill us makes us stronger". Looks like somebody learned a life lesson, and will probably be better off for it.
  18. Thats a very sad situation, based off of this and your other posts. I understand you want to continue for the boys, but at some point you have to recognize when enough is enough. A pack cant be maintained by just 2 people. Unfortunately, you have been saddled by years of parents who think "oh, someone else will take care of it", and it sounds like time and again that "someone" has ended up being you. If you want to keep the pack going, I recommend having a mandatory Come to Jesus meeting with the parents of that den and lay it out. Tell em either step up to the plate or get out of the
  19. I feel a little better today knowing Im not the only one that feels this way about my troop. Day in and out I see the laziness and lack of respect...what really bugs me is I didnt see it sooner so I could try to bring it up during all the BORs I sat on. My son was SPL for the last half of the year, came in bright eyed and full of confidence after attending NYLT. 2 months in and he felt defeated, and learned that boy-led means very little if the boys around you that are supposed to be leading as well just dont care. I want to take SM training to become an ASM (I feel its better to try t
  20. wow...a week huh? Hope he gets an extension. whats the project?
  21. hmm...well, it will be interesting to see if the SM approves your boy on his second go-round, and what he'll have to do to get that approval. Im guessing that he didnt follow to the letter the requirement (PLC approval, write the script, prepare the program) in some way...without having been at the SM conference its tough to say what the SM is thinking. Good luck to your boy
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