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    Thanks! Please keep the ideas coming. We do have the boys wear their uniforms on pack meeting days. This has gotten a few new members. We are trying to up our visibility on campus. What types of Tiger only recruitment activities do you do? We used to do marble madness, but that seems a little worn out.
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    We are starting to focus on recruitment. We are an average size pack, but would like to get more boys. I was wondering how you recruit new members. How do you attract Tigers in the Spring?
  3. Just an update... Thanks to all that helped. It has been a long process, but it is finally over. After a few parent meetings and getting a new chartered organization we were finally able to get a new CC. She is still involved in the pack, but it's not in an important leadership position. I can't believe it took as long as it did to remove her from office. Hopefully now we can build a great program for the boys. We already have more parents volunteering than ever before.
  4. Well we have a big update. The council is now involved. They have promised we can update the charter to "fix" it. They are also going to work with us to find a real chartering organization.
  5. Jason we are definitely looking for a new pack. When I say we I mean most of the pack leadership.
  6. Perdidochas we do not have a large pack. We have about 25 boys. We have a lot of problems getting parents to volunteer mainly because the CC tries to tell them how to do their job and doesn't communicate well. Thanks Jason that is probably the plan. It is just awkward because most of the boys go to the same school and both these people are involved in other activities. I hope they don't spread more lies.
  7. So I have a complication to our CC problem. She appointed her "friend" as the chartered organization representative. This is horrible because we are a self chartered organization. The only way we can get rid of this person and her "friend" is to call a parent meeting and call a vote. This means we will have to drag all the dirty laundry out for the pack to see. The "friend" in the meeting actually said I own the pack. The unit commissioner is involved now. Turns out the CC has been lying to him as well. I feel betrayed. I helped save a dying pack and now because of two power hungry ve
  8. Thanks for all the advice. The CM is one of the people who wants to fire the CC. She argued with him about uniform at the last pack meeting. We (the pack committee) are going to have a face to face sit down later in the summer. We are going to clarify what her job is and how she has not been performing the job. If she doesn't shape up we will ask her to leave. The key is the pack committee wants to clarify our pack policies. We are going to also have a pack trainer and an activities coordinator this up coming year. We have never had those positions filled. The CM also wants to have t
  9. Thank you scout nut. I will take these ideas to the rest of the leadership. We can't call in the Charter Organization because we are our own Chartered Organization. It is called the parents of pack 123. I have no idea who that really is. It was created before we entered the pack. We have similar problems with our recharter. She fills in the blanks with names of people not necessarily the people who are doing the job or even know that they are in leadership position. After the accident last year I clarified when we need to have a tour permit and when we don't. Our council wants one f
  10. Our boys wear their belts and loops. They do compare who has more loops. We are very big on rewarding our kids. To encourage the boys to wear their full uniform tucked in we started having a raffle at every pack meeting. The boys get a ticket at the beginning of the meeting if they are wearing their full uniform correctly. At the end of the meeting we pull tickets and the boys who win get to pick a prize from the bag. We rarely have a scout out of uniform.
  11. Sorry I wasn't clear. She is the type that impedes the pack. While she has gotten our recharter completed on time or ahead of time every year she controls the calendar and cancels or "forgets" to plan events. She is ineffective at getting parents to volunteer and has run off several parents. She makes unilateral decisions and then claims they were discussed. She fails to complete tour permits for events. We had a scout get seriously injured and she claimed it was not a scout event. I understand the CC shouldn't do everything and I don't want her to. We just need to get rid of the willy
  12. We are having a problem with our committee chair only doing the parts of the job she wants to do and making excuses for the rest. We have someone willing to take over the position, but we don't know how to remove her. Does anyone know the official way to remove the committee chair if she doesn't want to leave.
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