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  1. Yes, we know that. Amazingly well organized binder. Up-to-date Scout handbook... Just looking for an app someone might use that they like so we might explore and decide if we like it.
  2. Ahhhh... it is also a wise one who recognizes & respects the different learning/organization styles for different people. He’s 14 and Life rank... he uses his handbook for advancement, no problem. Still looking for an APP for Merit Badges. If the documents Advancement as well that’s a bonus. He productively and appropriately uses his phone as a tool...
  3. Are there any active FB groups for Scouters. It seems that a much larger audience could be reached and more resources shared there... I am part of a couple great hiking groups that would translate so awesomely to scouts. Regional groups... closed groups only open to people with current YPT? Anything like that out there?
  4. What is the best app for my Scout to track everything??? I feel like we’ve had a couple good ones over the years and then at some point it’s recommended we switch to something else. We are trying to reach Eagle sooner than later and the only thing holding my ADD kid back is tracking/organization and he gets overwhelmed I would love to hear what others are using. Personal use. Not troop... Thank you!! I’m sure this is out there somewhere but I didn’t find anything recent after a couple searches.
  5. This is an old thread but still relevant to us. Our troop tends to circle back to the council camp every 6 or 7 years. I don't feel bad about it because we use the local camp on a regular basis for training outings and we attend Camporee and do service projects there. The boys are all bored with it - even though it's great! - because it's also where they spent all of their Cub Scout years. We support our local council... we just don't attend their summer camp!
  6. I think we want to stay within OR, ID, Mt for next summer. Road trip!
  7. Our troop is looking for some ideas to branch out for a new summer camp experience. We have been to Camp Parsons (WA), Camp Meriwether (OR), Fire Mountain (WA), Camp Easton (ID) and Camp Pigott (WA). Do you have a favorite camp you have attended recently that you can recommend? We are currently considering Camp Melita Island in Montana and Camp Baldwin in Oregon. I would love to hear your recommendations, reasons why, and any tips and advice you might share.
  8. ...I agree. That part does seem pretty clear But I know that I had read -and been told- that naturopaths could also sign off so I was curious if anyone had personal experience. And you are correct! I do indeed hope the BSA accepts licensed Naturopaths (I'm not sharing this argumentatively, I appreciate your input and Wiki-research) The schools in our area accept sports physicals from naturopaths and licensed chiropractic physicians who have clinical training and experience in detecting cardiopulmonary diseases and defects. Personally, based on our family's last year of medical issues and searching for answers for my scout, two Children's Medical Centers and 6 top-rated neurologists on the west coast, did not have his best interest ... One visit to a naturopath/chiropractor ended 10 months of tremors, and after two more weeks my couch-ridden 12-year-old athlete was also relieved of the numbness and truly debilitating pain and is walking again. We count our blessings daily that we were able to find answers... answers that were found by asking alternative questions.
  9. I am the parent of a new scout as well as the summer camp coordinator for the troop. We have quite a few families who no longer see allopathic practitioners as listed on Form C of the medical forms. They see chiropractors and naturopaths as their families' medical care providers. I feel that I have seen somewhere that DCs & NDs are able to sign off on their son's Form C - but now that it is time to turn the forms in and I see it lists only MD, DO, nurse practitioners or physician assistants, and I can't find where I found that information. Can you shed any light on this for me? Thank you? I would hope that BSA would see these alternative healthcare providers as acceptable? Thanks so much!
  10. This post is part inquiry & part vent... it might be more vent than anything I'm new to scouting. My older son joined as a Tiger and didn't enjoy it at all... I was able to convince him to join again midway through Web II and he loved it and crossed over last May. He received First Class in October and is really enjoying Boy Scouts. Because of his experience we encouraged his little brother to join Cub Scouts this year. In October we still did not have a Bear den leader and I offered to 'lead' things until someone could officially take over. At that point, I really had no clue how things are run and re-chartering and everything else. We obviously needed our leaders trained so I was quickly pulled in to the "official mix" of things. And I'm loving all that scouting represents. Happy to do it. My questions: How much work is reasonable to be expected to be done at home? How much is typically done at home? Is it common for dens to assign a family to lead a particular adventure or meeting or does that responsibility tend to fall on the den leader? Approximately how many months does it take to complete rank requirements? Any experience with Bears specifically (realizing this is the first year of the new program)? We have a somewhat small den with 5 scouts. They are all new to scouting. 2 are certainly challenging (which I knew, and part of the reason why I said I would help lead things... b/c I understand the challenging ones) Apparently I don't understand the challenging parents ;-) I had a parent tell me that we really needed to accomplish everything at den meetings because they won't be able to do anything at home. Foolishly, I told her I would do my best... Now she is often frustrated with me b/c I don't communicate plans to her 1 to 2 weeks ahead of time. I have gathered all the supplies for every thing we have done and when I do send projects home, I send all materials in gallon bags with everything the scouts need to complete them... Guess who doesn't do any of the work?? Truth be told, I'm proud of our little den and all that we have accomplished. The boys are having a great time and that's all that matters to me. My understanding is that the program is designed to be June 1 - May 31 and rank requirements will take a substantial amount of that time... We didn't have our first den meeting until the end of October and will achieve everything -except camping!?!?- by our Advancement ceremony in a couple weeks. Our pack has a big family campout Memorial Weekend and our Bears will have pitched tents, packed, cooked meals outside and done all of their requirements beforehand, except actually sleep overnight. Despite my constant encouragement (and begging!) no one is Baloo trained in our den -we have 1 in the pack but schedule conflicts- I work many weekends (and happened to work each time the district offered training). Our pack is young and we have just 2 Webelos this year so I have explained to my parents that we are all essentially the leaders of the pack since the younger ones & families will be following our lead and looking to us for guidance... What to do when parents aren't involved... and you need parents? They are quick with the "Let us know how we can help!" ... but they aren't into outdoor activities (only want to participate in sunny weather ... um. We are in Seattle area so this could be a problem...) I didn't sign up to do everything. As a matter of fact, I didn't even volunteer to be a den leader! (I know that's a common story...) My son is loving it and now I find myself going with him to Boy Scout Camporee & the upcoming Webelos Resident Camp... just us. No one else is interested. My hope was/is for him to be able to go off and grow - without me. As much as I am loving it...and he is loving me as his den leader... I want him to experience Cub Scouts without his mom! We've invited scouts & friends over to work on some of the electives (Marbles, Rube Goldberg machines, Science experiments) and 3 of the 5 scouts don't take it to the next level and complete whatever I don't provide for them. The one time my son and his friend (fellow scout) worked on something together at the house - I offended a couple moms because we were exclusive and i am the leader... it's not fair for me to have just one scout over because he is my son's friend. This all leads me to concerns over the fact that come next fall - my son will be well on his way of requirements... I'm tempted to do a Lone Scout... (sigh) Apologies. That turned in to a pretty big vent. Just looking for encouragement and advice! I know I'm not the first to experience these things... Thank you! I'm in the middle of an email to the parents... when I thought to inquire about reasonable expectations and timelines... Recap: How much work is reasonable to be expected to be done at home? How much is typically done at home? What type of things are worked on outside of den meetings? Is it common for dens to assign a family to lead a particular adventure or meeting or does that responsibility tend to fall on the den leader? Approximately how many months does it take to complete rank requirements? Any experience with Bears specifically (realizing this is the first year of the new program)? Thank you all so much! NKaye
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