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  1. matuawarrior writes: "We are in the process of establishing our own local Honor Camper Society. The Venturers in my crew have come up with different requirements for each Honor Level. We are still looking into MOS sites and have borrowed some of their positions and duties but will localize it here." I think creating a honor society based on the native culture of your area is a fantastic idea. A couple of suggestions. 1. Your new group should have a definite set of unique core values. A set of obligations or resolutions or whatever you may call them that the members can commit to and
  2. I told an expanded and slightly different version of the "pig story" at a campfire a couple of months ago. Same punch line. The leaders and some of the Scouts thought it was hilarious...but some of the Scouts didn't get it at all.(???) About Mr. Steele, based on what I have read on these forums over the past few months before I recently signed up, it appears he is a great example of what a Scouting professional should be. He knows the "business". He is personable and kind in his discussions on this forum. He is quick to share what he knows, and is willing to listen and learn from others
  3. Hello Scouts and Scouters: New guy in the house! Boy, this thread has gone all over the place. Concerning the Beatles: like them, but not even close to being a great fan. More of a Rolling Stones type, I guess. Also liked the "second wave" of the British Invasion (Genesis, Yes, Pink Floyd, etc.) Concerning British Humour: I just really haven't seen that many programs, but I think "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" is one of the funniest movies ever made. Quite Insane. Concerning the proper way to refer to a Troop: Myself, other leaders, and the Scouts tend to refer to Troop 2
  4. Hello Folks, I'm new to this group. I have enjoyed reading these forums for several months and finally decided to register. My son, Tamegonit Arrowman, started this particular thread. He was really impressed with his OA induction back in August, and is looking forward to continued involvement in the future. Since he is not in Mic-O-Say yet, and I pretty much grew up in it (but am not a member of OA yet)we have had many discussions about the merits of both organizations. However, we reach some obvious dead ends since neither of us hold dual membership yet. I think that there is a lot of good
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