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  1. I believe as long as you're not alone with a scout that is not your child, you'll be within the intent of youth protection in that scenario.
  2. She's out of luck on any shooting loop/pin. Let her go to Council. It is possible to earn Aquanaut without passing the BSA Swim test. It is in the complete three of these five group. In our Council we have unit swim classification record. This allows the test to be conducted by any certified life guard, and the form is accepted by our camps. http://www.denverboyscouts.org/openrosters/docdownload.aspx?ID=25499
  3. When planning for a weeklong trip, there should be an overnight shakedown beforehand. At that time the scouts should discuss and resolve this issue themselves. Load sharing is a great idea, they should consider it.
  4. I've seen PWD stuff at both Michael's and Hobby Lobby.
  5. Well, being a den leader my group is small. But I set up a shutterfly share site. It allows us to share all the photos we take with each other. (this was the initial reason I wanted the site) I can set up my den roster with all the parent contact info. It has a calender on which I can set events. I can set up events to automatically send a reminder e-mail to all the parents on the roster. If I make a change to an event on the calender it asks if I would like to send a change notice e-mail. I can set up additional members that do not automatically get reminders, but can be added
  6. Well, you could always say: If you feel that there is a better way to do things please fill out this form and return it to the Scout Master: http://www.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/524-501.pdf Okay, this is slightly tounge in cheek.
  7. Colorado is doing a limited run of Scout plates. http://www.colorado.gov/cs/Satellite/Revenue-MV/RMV/1201542141645#boyscouts
  8. "Polar bear isn't a BSA or council program" Some councils do have an official program. http://www.denverboyscouts.org/openrosters/docdownload.aspx?ID=71952
  9. "To circle back to this thread ... does this perhaps this show another reason to avoid College age ASM's ... they can't be expected to take the correct action, regardless of the fallout?" No more than it shows a reason to avoid older men who: are football coaches husbands have adopted children sheltered foster kids started a charitable organization Why would you take the PSU situation as an inditement of college kids and not an inditement of the later?
  10. Old_OX_Eagle83 You state "Take a look, by no means are lodges required to permit parents to attend their child's induction ceremony." While I would like for non-members to stay home; I will simply point to the Youth Protection Guidelines. Which clearly states ALL aspects. "No secret organizations are allowed. The Boy Scouts of America does not allow any secret organizations as part of its program. All aspects of the Scouting program are open to observation by parents and leaders." http://www.scouting.org/training/youthprotection.aspx
  11. Blancmage, I can answer a couple of your questions. If you're on municipal water, no need to boil unless the utility issues a warning. Municipal systems receive extensive daily testing. A home well that is tested annually and has no history of problems would comply with regulatory requirements in my neck of the woods. I would not consider its use "foolish" in any way. It is "tested" water. Groundwater generally does not have issues with biological contaminants. I would agree that normally a well pump or spigot in a campground in a campground is likely potable. They receive
  12. I always carry iodine tablets. The scouts certainly had the ability to boil the water, which is treatment enough for any biological contaminant. Never drink untreated/untested water. I will say, if folks would follow the signs at campgrounds and not clean their dishes at the well head; E. Coli is atypical in ground water. The campground should post a notice.
  13. Not knowing your budget or number of people; Here are a couple of ideas. In the Frasier Valley north of Winter Park there is a YMCA facility called Snow Mountain Ranch. In Silverthorne, CO there used to be a hostel called Alpen Hutte. No idea if it's still there. We have found some decent deals on VRBO.com
  14. My heart goes out to your family. Speaking from my own experience of losing a parent when I was 9. I agree, be there and let him know you're not going away. Try not to change other parts of his life or routine. The loss can be confusing, routine can stabilize him and allow the grieving process to progress. Let him know it's ok to grieve openly (crying is acceptable). I think allowing him to see your grief can actually aid his process, kid's don't always have the tools to cope so look to others. Even with the prior warning he may go through denial; more emotional than intellectua
  15. We're watching here in our office in Colorado. My co-workers husband is a firefighter and looking at being mobilized soon. Looking at the map this morning it appears the fire has crossed into New Mexico.
  16. Our council seems to require the full calender year.
  17. He wasn't born on this planet, let alone in the US and his parents sure never lived in the US and were definitly not US citizens. In the comics was even naturalized?
  18. When I was a lad we had a staff patrol; of which the SPL and ASPL acted as PL/APL. It comprised the troop leadership positions; quartermaster, scribe, bugler, librarian, JASMs, etc. We camped and ate together as any patrol.
  19. I was in a Goodwill store and found a like new REI external frame pack for $15.00. Loads of parts there.
  20. Glad to hear about the parents stepping up. The pack in which I am a den leader is doing the same thing. We have just announced a new ACM who will take over as CM next year when the current CM moves on with his son. We've also had parents step up to take over several commitee roles. (secretary, treasurer, CC). When my son moves on in several years I plan to stay on with the commitee for another year to pass along "institutional memory". I have learned alot from the den leaders who have been with the pack for a few years and want to give that back. I read about the issues with leader
  21. Slow and steady is definitly the way to go when backpacking. In my boy scout days we always put the youngest/smallest in front to set pace. It was considered a great honor to "bring up the rear" since that was the position that made sure the group stayed together and kept watch on the others. Giving encouragement and calling a rest if someone looked like they were in distress.
  22. OGE, I agree with you completely. Parental involvement is the key to student success. We have a local charter school and the reason the people who send their kids say it's so great is the parents are all involved. Hmm. Maybe being involved with the local elementary school down the street would yield similar results. Fourtunately, I live in a good school district. I have a friend who teaches at an "alternative" school in a neighbooring district. You know, the school in the district where the troubled youth get sent. The common thread among those kids is lack of parental involveme
  23. Second all the suggestions. I would add a large blue tarp, extra stakes and line to any purchase of an "inexpensive" tent. You can always rig the tarp over the top for resistance to weather.
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