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  1. I always have a hammock in my pack. It is a Grand Trunk Skeeter Beater sans net because it ripped. I don't typically sleep much when camping with Cubs so even if we are in a cabin I hang a hammock outside for some restful downtime. Feel free to send me a sample or two for testing.
  2. That's just it Qwazse, your unit is willing to make the effort. You are under no obligation to do so no matter how much "training" the parents provide.
  3. You keep typing you are going to "train" the leadership of these troops to deal with your son. Did you ever think they don't want to be trained? They have no obligation to be trained, your family is the one who needs to make the big adjustment. You're doing more harm than good by forcing your son into these situations. Your son has special needs like a lot of children; he and his needs are your responsibilty. You cannot force others to make accomodations, or attend to his needs because you want to let him spread his wings, and cry foul when they don't practice the "training" you gave them. Bef
  4. Act like an adult and accept the SE's invitation to discuss the matter but do it on neutral ground. I flat out told my SE,DE, and a room full of volunteers I dislike the idea of professional Scouters and have no time for them. My SE approached me afterwards and thanked me for my honesty, and promised to do what he could to prove they weren't all part of the problem.
  5. And change the shoulder loops from blue to green.
  6. My boyhood Troop named awards or camperships in honor of deceased, and/or beloved influential leaders of the troop.
  7. It was probably ignorance on their parts. We had a family camping trip last May at an amusement park. As we all sat down for the campfire one of the families cracked open some wine. After I told them it was against BSA rules they apologized and put it away.
  8. BD- you and I don't agree on much, but I fully agree with you on this one
  9. I hate Dadwood Derby with a passion. As CM I hate that I can't bocott the event.
  10. I am fully aware of the miracle we know as Gold Bond, and sing it's praises. But to cover it with parents is a bit much.
  11. Proper powedering? Are you kidding me? We're teaching boys to powder now? This is exactly you need men as leaders. Do you break off for manicures and facials after afternoon tea?
  12. gsdad

    Balloon Pop Game

  13. Has he paid his Lodge dues? If not, he is not considered a member in good standing and shouldn't wear the sash, or the pocket flap.
  14. gsdad

    Balloon Pop Game

    I would do it again. Let them know Scouting is fun. It is amazing how parents react when they see their kids having a blast with kids they just met. This year we played Gaga, and signed 22 new Scouts.
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