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  1. Here's how to handle a Scout who is guilty any or many of the listed transgressions. Is he legitimately remorseful? Has he changed his life as a result of the transgression which put him contrary to the Scout spirit? Has he actively worked to help others avoid making the same mistakes, or discontinue their unScoutlike behavior; especially those who he participated in the problem behavior with? If he hasn't made a marked effort to get back on a track of living the Scout Oath and Law, it's not unreasonable to deny his Eagle Rank. The only thing the new membership policy does is state t
  2. He's probably a pretty smart kid. He'll be able to tell pretty quickly that his Duty to God does not include turning away from people who need his leadership. He should know that the best way to show that his faith makes him strong is to be the best example of an Eagle Scout that he can be. He can see the inclusion of homosexual Scouts as something that undermines his explicit example of morality, or as something that makes his great implicit example of faith and leadership as more necessary. There is a need for Scouts that set great examples. and I can already guarantee that no Scout that mak
  3. It's safe to say that the resolution should pass today, and I hope it does. Here is why: - It reflects current practice in a majority of Scouting Units. I have observed, in my decades of Scouting, that good Scouting leaders put their Scouts first in every case. This includes homosexual youth. A good Scoutmaster or Crew Adviser will make it a priority to ensure a homosexual Scout understands not to let it become an open distraction, and suppresses the culture that can lead to bullying of a homosexual youth, instead fostering a more mature acceptance, aid, and understanding. This is very si
  4. Boys behave differently in the presence of girls as a matter of fact. This is simply because girls are different, and even Cub Scouts realize it. They think different, act different, and learn different. A method of Scouting is Uniforming. While any boy of any background can conform to the mores and norms of a group of boys, it is a rare girl that's able to do so. While I agree it can still be fun with girls, and in often cases more fun with the girls present, something is lost in the learning and development sphere when the boys are behaving in a way that conforms to a standard of m
  5. I think the constituency that matters most in this case is the kids. The Scouters that don't agree something must be done, when you consider that the boys are comfortable having gay role models and friends, are kinda missing the boat here. While there is rightfully concern about gay leaders and scouts, the fact that the boys are heavily in favor of welcoming them to Scouting should mandate that we figure out how to make it happen in a way that makes sure everybody remains safe and respected physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.
  6. What can be expected? From a dumb/ambitious DE: He'll come out and do it. From a dumb/lazy DE: He'll tell you he's busy. From a good DE: He'll ask who your Membership Chair is in the Pack so he can work with them on how to build a team in your Pack to focus on recruiting. The rule being that it's better to teach a man to fish than to give him a fish.
  7. I'd tread carefully with this one. The SE is definitely the person that needs to know the goal is malarkey. If it's a cruel SE, he'll chew out your DE. If it's a smart SE, he'll pass your suggestion to the Council Membership Chair, and that Council Membership Chair will make sure you're asked to participate or lead a goal planning session. The problem is that the goals don't reflect capabilities for the team in a way that is sort of at the "just-beyond-the-fingertips" range. Convincing the SE that talking capabilities first is probably the smarter way to start a conversatio
  8. Oh man... I agree with Calico... on all those points... The Issues forum has just been turned upside down...
  9. I have never, in my adult life, been so confused as to how I feel about something. On one hand, we are at an inflection point in our organization which may spell a return to greatness or a downward spiral into irrelevance. On the other hand, I feel our National Organization is letting smaller organizations that partner with it take the abuse and ridicule associated with the policy of discrimination instead of helping them defend themselves. In any case, the right thing to do is going to lead to a lot of heartbreak. For those who agree that this is the right thing to do, we no
  10. 1. Complete and on going Background check, paid for by the firearm owner, thinking every other year. A tax or fee imposed by the government above and beyond that which would be applied to any other consumer product infringes upon the individual's ability to own a firearm and is not constitutional. 2. Mental health evaluations on going, paid for by the firearm owner, every other year. As with number one, this places a significant barrier to gun ownership that is not constitutional. 3. No gun ownership for families with historys of mental illness. Based on how prevalent
  11. This is a tricky subject in general. The traditional conservative approach to this subject is largely credited with allowing the Great Depression to happen, and made the people beg for federal activism and intrusion into the private sector economy. Granted, the crisis was made possible by the availability of credit thanks to the institution of a central bank, which was a very progressive idea itself that conservatives balked at. The system of credit made possible by the progressive movement at the beginning of the 20th century did help usher in an age of the middle class, but also
  12. Here's a couple of wild ideas - first, decriminalize most drugs - in fact, legalize them and tax them like alcohol - us banning drugs hasn't stopped people from wanting or using drugs (that should be an argument the pro-gun folks should be able to get behind), but it has contributed a great deal to the violence levels in this country. Second, stop publicizing mass shootings - is occurs to me that, given how many mass shooters take their own lives at the scene, that they are just wanting to go out in a "blaze of glory" - well, if we stop publicizing them so much, we eliminate the possibility of
  13. Wow! One would think a city of 24,000 would have 3 or 4 Scout Troops!
  14. No patrol activities without adults? I don't know. I trust the boys to be excellent on their own, but all it would take is a single instance of something bad happening and in today's world of information and litigation a boy could be face effects of a mistake he made, which may not have happened under supervision, for the rest of his life. Blue cards only? Unnecessary change and bureaucratic. Journey to Excellence? I think it's great to have REAL and annually adapting standards of measure against ares of success for the Unit. Setting your own goals is just fluff and self-flagel
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