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  1. Yeah I'm not comfortable with that sort of thing, my life isn't for public consumption and/or spectacle. Really any sort of public recognition makes me uncomfortable though I have no problem with public speaking.
  2. Far as I'm concerned the job #1 for a Den leader is to make sure the boys have fun. If I eased up on a requirement (and I frequently did) it was to make sure the boy had fun. I did get a little more strict every year though and AOL was "ya gotta do it" unless there some actual reason ya can't. One kid, like a boy mention already, just was not gonna get some of the physical stuff, it didn't matter how much time was spent with him. So the choice was don't sign him off or let it slide, I let it slide. Failing him for AOL served no useful purpose.
  3. Well speaking as a den leader for 5 year (Tiger thru Web II) I wouldn't do it again. The kids I loved but honestly the parents just made it not worth the trouble, they loved to offer advice or criticism on what I was doing but" oh no I'm too busy to help". And on ANY event the majority of parents just checked out on watching their kids and would allow them to do thing we had specifically asked them to watch their kids for after all most Cub leaders have their own kids to deal with as well. Now maybe a smaller pack wouldn't be so bad, we had routinely 100 cubs and all their assorted sibling
  4. Well as I see it the reason creationism shouldn't be taught is multi-faceted. First science is not religion and is not supposed to be taken on faith, it also changes as new evidence is presented. So the current theory may be change soon or never depending. Religion is about faith and by it's nature can not be prove and if it could what's the point in calling it faith. Finally, which creation tradition do we teach? There and at least 20 different ones (I'm sure WAY more) do you propose that we spend all of our time in biology teaching a couple of dozen creation traditions? Oh wanted to add
  5. Yeah you just are never going to admit that despite whatever God may be (I make no claim to know) what we humans end up with thru Christianity is no different than what we end up with outside it. Something driven by the intentions of whoever is in charge.
  6. Yes but as far as society is concerned God is whatever the preacher says and that is what the morality is built on thus the morality for Christians/Jews/etc is no more set than for anyone else.
  7. Except that even God isn't unchanging, his desires, morality whatever are dependent on what particular sect of Christianity you ascribe to and their interpretations, otherwise we'd only have a single Christian sect. You can argue that that isn't God but in practical terms it is as far as the society affected by those interpretations are concerned.
  8. I am seriously not wanting to start anything but everything you mention happens no matter what the belief system is mostly because people are people.
  9. Thanks. I have some of the long sleeve BSA tech shirts and like them, I also saw the new Venturing pants and those do look nice, good to hear they are working well.
  10. Well this is scouts so it's not about me and my son isn't sure what to believe now so it hasn't been a problem for him, I've asked. It doesn't really offend me, honestly I'm not sure how I feel about it. I was raised around here and grew up Southern Baptist so nothing they are doing is new to me. Also being we are in Boy Scouts, I would never say something to a scout that would make him feel uncomfortable about his religion, at least I wouldn't do it on purpose. The only time I was offended about it was at a summer camp closing where the program was designed such that it felt like they we
  11. I'm curious are you Christian? Just because someone doesn't articulate they have an issue doesn't mean they don't. I am not Christian, my son has no idea what he is yet, I have yet to attend a Scouts Own or any other Scouting event with a religious component where I live that was not Christian. Christian as in "Dear GOD...In Jesus name we pray amen" Now I could make a stink about it but to what purpose as the most likely outcome is me and my son being treated "differently" in some way.
  12. I have seen someone identifying them self as a SM on the Scouting forum say that they would not allow a non-Christian to be a Scout because the BSA says duty to God. So it might be a rare thing but it will happen, heck there are plenty of troops where the adults do everything they can to control the scouts now.
  13. Nah I bet he just meant non Judeo-Christian kids (assuming you meant the don't believe in God part). Because honestly calling the religion aspect of Scouting a "grey area" is a MASSIVE understatement.
  14. Heh not necessarily opposed but I'd like something a little less official looking for when it's just me, my kid and 1-2 of his buddies.
  15. I can get a set of Captain's Bars easier than I can a Scout rank badge. What purpose exactly does it serve to require paperwork to get a rank badge? The problem I have with the paperwork required is it's useless, it does precisely nothing to stop people and only serves as an inconvenience.
  16. I am looking for some good and inexpensive (as possible I get they can be expensive) nylon or whatever long pants and shirts for hiking in the summer in Florida. I've been looking around and found some but have no idea if they are any good. Anybody have any recommendations? <edit because I can't spell>
  17. Why wouldn't they do it again? If the scouts are involved in the program and actually camping then doing it again should just be a part of being a scout. My thoughts on it are that they should do it separately for each requirement. That said there is not, that I have ever seen, a rule anywhere about it either way but there are people here with a better answer to that.
  18. Yep, this over the top useless kind of rule (along with slip-n-slides will paralyze you) pretty much just teach everyone that BSA National hasn't got a clue about what they are doing and not only can but probably should be ignored most of the time.
  19. First time I went canoeing with my son (on a Troop visit) they had him ride with me despite me asking if he could ride with one of the scouts. Anyway, we managed to dump the canoe within 500 yards, we were in a spring and he wanted to see the bottom so leaned WAY over and I reacted ... um ... a little too strongly the other way.
  20. Nah ye's think it would be but my first love be the CCCCCC
  21. I might ask a scout to demonstrate some skill or knowledge but I make it clear that a SM conference is not a test and that I'm asking so I can get an idea how their teachers did. An inability to do something signed of will earn the signer a "how can it be done better" question and probably a quick word at the PLC that the program needs to better reinforce scout skills.
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