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  1. Heh, never heard that before. Some people act like boys are incapable of acting rationally around females.
  2. They can't sign the form or get rank they also don't have to pay as much a district/council events but they are allowed, even encouraged, to do everything else the Cub Scout does. So really how are girls not already doing cub scouting? I understand that they officially aren't in cubs.
  3. That doesn't matter they have already allowed girls in programs that are Boy Scouting. Venturing is Boy Scouting, if you look for info on it is on the BSA web site, just like Learning for life, you are allowed to advance in Boy Scouting as just a Ventureer, the rule books for Boy Scouting include the special rules for Venturing and so on. They can keep saying it's different but that isn't how they treat it I am unsure about allow girls in the Boy Scouting (I mean I'm ok with it except when I'm not) but I don't know how they've avoided it this long considering the precedent they have alrea
  4. Yeah I get that but I think part of why we are getting this is that the people that actually run the program, the volunteers (well a lot of them anyway), have a vastly different idea of what Boy Scouts should be/represent and are pretty routinely doing their own thing, for good and ill. Then all this stuff gets to National and they have to do "something" about it so girls that have been Boy Scouts in action get told no, gay scouts/scouters that were known in their Troop get kicked out etc Honestly I think the only real way to stop this piece meal, constant turmoil is to turn all membership
  5. I understand you are concerned but why? What makes that different from any other campout, especially ones in public camping areas? Really stranger dangers isn't what you need to be worried about.
  6. I really don't see the big deal. The BSA already allows girls to join everything but Boy Scouts so they've really sort of undercut themselves on the argument.
  7. Not sure what your concern is, it's not like Youth Protection Training does anything. As far as a stranger doing something to a scout well it is vastly more likely that they will be injured on the way to he camp, background checks are mostly useless. It is also no different than any Scout only event since parents are allowed at every event and no YP or background check is required.
  8. He when my son started as a Tiger we had just changed DE's, he lasted a few months then we went thru 3 or 4 more in the next 18 months, one lasted 6 days (guess Cub-O-Ree was too much for him). All of them were non-scouts, never had any contact with scouts. Next guy was a recent college grad and Eagle Scout, lasted about 2.5 years till the ridiculous demands of the job did him in.
  9. Yeah I really don't see how operating within the rules of a game is abandoning integrity. If I cheated sure but just doing everything within the rules to win I really don''t see a problem. I mean we certainly don't say that of football players and they regularly hit others as hard as possible.
  10. Hey, I'm still working on being a good useless adult, I think it would be easier for me too if it wasn't an established troop. We ended up with 3 patrol (8, 6, 7) with a few boys that weren't there. All 3 with new PL and APL's. My son's patrol was the big surprise elected 5-6 of the younger boys with a couple of older ones. They elected a kid that's never been PL cause the younger boys like him and he's always helping them out and really acts as a big brother. That PL has a learning disability but he works his butt off and is a Scout I depend on to get stuff done already. I have high hope
  11. Well letting the boys reorganize the patrols last night went well. It took some time for them to understand what "choose your patrol" meant. They tried the school yard "pick captains then captains pick members" first because they have always had the Patrol leader chosen for them and the upcoming guys thought they would still be Patrol leaders. They asked a couple times about "what if all the 2nd class guys end up in the same patrol" I mean there was a LOT of concern about that. I simply pointed out that the week before all the 2nd class boys had won the lashing race, so they'd probably be
  12. I wanted to throw in here that my Webelos were planning their menu, facilitated by me, as Web I's. So my son had been helping to make his own camping menu's for over a year when he started Boy Scouts. And yeah every patrol was given a menu, along with who would be in their "patrol" what the tent assignments would be, etc.
  13. For my kid he like pancakes on Sunday, it was the first thing he ever made and cooked on his own at a campout and will lobby pretty hard for them on Sunday so he can cook them.
  14. Oh there was much ranting about the "no pancakes" Sunday. I have been unable to camp with the troop till now due to some heath stuff, I'm all (well mostly) better now so I will be going. I have the same thing with the pbj, it's about 40 hours they are gone, if teenagers can't successfully feed themselves on $10 each for that long they won't survive on their own.
  15. Well not so well so far, but next week we'll see. My son is 11 and is really not happy with the amount of adult involvement. His first 2-3 camp outs the Scoutmaster gave each patrol a menu to use, holy cow did I get an ear full on the drive home.
  16. Well I'm going to do my best but if it turns into some sort of pissing match with the one ASM I'm just gonna let it be and I'm guessing it won't be long till my son, thus I, quit
  17. Go get some cheap $20 4 man tents from Walmart (if you can afford it) or ask any Boy Scout troop to borrow some tents. The Webelos are allowed to tent with a buddy, their parents doesn't need to be in the tent with them, just on the trip. So shared tents aren't an issue. I wouldn't use a big tent for camping with Webelos anyway, they should be camping much like Boy Scouts do.
  18. So my idea is to build the patrols and let them decided for themselves what they want to do. If the older boys want to let the adults do everything, well good luck with getting me to do it but in any event the patrols that want to will be off doing patrol stuff so it won't be that much of an issue.
  19. This is what I am doing next week over the objections of a "This is my troop cause I started it and It won't work" Assistant Scoutmasters. I am taking over as Scoutmaster and after trying to talk reasonably with him and a couple others have decided to stop asking or trying to convince anybody. Right now the boys don't even have a patrol structure despite having pathes, they never camp as a patrol it 's always ad-hoc patrols that the current adults decide on. My son and the other young scouts are already tired of it so I'm gonna encourage them to from a patrol together and then they can do
  20. What does "First Floor" mean? Because right now in English there are contradictory meanings and even context would give no clue what they mean. Language is a tricky thing because it is very culture and time specific.
  21. Until this came I had never even seen the full DRP I assumed the one I signed was it *edit I can't spell
  22. Or you know they might have clarified their position on it by using additional text.Like they have done in explaining that they do not define what god is.
  23. Only a tiny minority of kidnapped children are taken by strangers. Between 1990 and 1995 the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children handled only 515 stranger abductions, 3.1 percent of its caseload. A 2000 report by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Programs reported that more than 3/4 of kidnappings were committed by family members or acquaintances of the child. The study also found that children abducted by strangers were harmed less frequently than those taken by acquaintances. http://news.discovery.com/human/psychology/stranger-child-abductions-actually-very-ra
  24. Where there is smoke there is nothing. The "if it saves one kid" crap is what is causing all the panic and is doing exactly nothing to help anyone.
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