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  1. Yeah, it wasn't like I was telling him which MBs to take, more like "Suggesting" certain ones. CalicoPenn, Thanks for all of the info, took your advise. We rearranged everything and he picked Kayaking, Lifesaving, Rifle, Woodcarving, Leatherwork, and Astronomy. (now we have no pre-req to worry about) And as far as getting some other MBs done before Summer Camp, I have a hard enough time getting him to do his homework.....
  2. Unfortunately we're not at a level right now where the PL is able to do this.
  3. Well the main reason I was asking this question was for my own son. Our Scouts are very young at this point, there are only two (maybe 3) Scouts in High School. So we are trying to provide extra quidance to our PL and SPLs. I was also asking because of the couple old timer leaders that want everything done their way, sometimes even after we tell them we talked to someone at council and were told the correct way to do things. Can you elaborate on why you would discourage the boys from taking certain MBs? Is it because those you discourage are more of a "Classroom" type MB
  4. Well this is in the camping requirments: "*All campouts since becoming a Boy Scout or Varsity Scout may count toward this requirement"
  5. The reason I'm asking is because we're starting to help the kids with summer camp merit badge requirements. So Camping MB has requirements to make a menu and cook, and it matches one of the requirements in Cookig MB. So what I'm getting from you guys is that they should be done over each time.
  6. I'm sorry if this has been covered, but I couldn't readily find an answer. How do we handle redundant requirements. For exampe the First Class cooking requirements are the same as those in the Camping and Cooking MB. Does the Scout need to repeat those three times? I also need to find the answer in an official BSA book or document. We have some old timers in the Troop (The ones that had their kids drop out 20 years ago) and they have there ways set. If I need to challedge, I need an offical rule. TIA, Chris
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