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  1. Yea me giving him the adult application is my way of telling him to Nut up or Shut up in a very scout like way
  2. This is a fun topic for me I am doing the My scouting adventure with my webelos and they needed to make a patrol flag and have a patrol name. I took one of my wives white table cloths (do not tell her) and got some fabric markers and let the boys go they had a blast the flag looks like they made it and they are very proud of it.
  3. Have fun and remember now that he is a boy scout time to just sit and drink coffee that is what they tell me I am still a den leader. and welcome to the camp fire
  4. I was feeling beaten up and thinking I was not really making a difference this weekend. We were on a camp out and one of the parents yelled at me because of and injury we had at the campsite while I was not there. Not sure how I was going to be able to stop it when I as attending a campfire but I was supposed to. I am going to give him a leader application at the next meeting. Basically after that I was starting to feel that cubmaster/den leader just might not be worth it. Then I get and email from one of my webelos mothers asking me if I can come to grandparents day at her sons school his
  5. We recruit form one elementary school complex two buildings lunch spin ups and back to school nights very busy time of the year. Our DE tells us what schools we can go into but one pack in our area does not listen to him and showed up at our Join Scout Night and just confused the parents not a fun thing. We also preform word of mouth and keep growing
  6. welcome to the forum keep it simple keep it fun
  7. My job has been reading the 16 pages of this post I am a computer geek systems administrator you know the guy under your desk with the wires and who you call when your email does not work that is me.
  8. One scout master on here said that one boy brought frozen microwave pizza's to a camp out so this got me thinking as a Webeols den leader I was really excited when the case iron chef requirement came out I made my boys cook a meal while on the camping. I gave them only two requirements they must stay in budget and it had to have more the three ingredients and not grilling. Well we had egg burritos with the eggs cooked in plastic bags we had some camp chilie and taco pie and some really proud boys as they were only supposed to make food for the den but made enough for the hole camp to eat !!
  9. Shug has a hole video on pooping in the woods that is just great
  10. @@SlowDerbyRacer check out shugs videos from my post he really explains things in a easy to understand way and fun he taught me everything I know and I love sleeping in my hammock when backpacking !!!
  11. I have with council's approval had the Webelos share the same tent all by themselves !!! they were 300 ft away from me and there parents (the father you are away from us the more noise you can make) and they had a great time.Parents and siblings were not allowed in the tent or even near the tent !!! Now there parents were there on the camp out alone with other cub parents and they had a great time i mean really good time they were even quite at night witch really surprised me
  12. I also have a son with special needs High functioning autism and cub scouts has been great for him he has a wonderful time and everybody loves him (so they tell me lol). But I am and active member in the pack leadership and will take special precautions when the pack is doing something that is difficult for him or causes issues. Example we do not come to the pine wood derby car clinic the sound of power tools is pure torture. At the bike rodeo I ran next to him on his bike and pushed him so we would not be there all day waiting for him to make a lap. He still had a great time he thought I wa
  13. I just started hammock camping and find it a lot better then a tent a cot it is lighter and quicker to setup and I am not stiff in the morning. If you want to get more information on hammock camping check out this youtub channel https://www.youtube.com/user/shugemery and this book http://www.amazon.com/Ultimate-Hang-Illustrated-Hammock-Camping/dp/1466263687/ref=sr_1_sc_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1442594417&sr=8-1-spell&keywords=the+ultimmate+hang and this channel buy the author of the book https://www.youtube.com/user/hansenoutdoors the book and videos will even show you how to mak
  14. have fun if you are not having fun the boys are not having fun !!!!
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