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  1. Well not regularly, but in North FL there are only so many places to weekend camp where you can hike/canoe in so 2-3 times a year end up being car camping. Summer camp tends to be HA stuff.
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    Holy Cow, I can not articulate how mad this makes me, when parents eats first.
  3. My first year with the Cub Scouts the pack went on a cold weather camping trip to a state park that had a heated dining hall. We slept in unheated (built in the 40's) cabins. Over night the second night it got down to 20 degrees, me and all of my Tigers stayed in the cabins all night just fine. One of the adult leaders (an Eagle)slept in the heated dining hall, I lost a little respect for him. That sad even when I go with Boy Scouts if it's a car camping trip I take me cot, still sleep in a tent though no matter what.
  4. Well the problem with that is how do you as someone outside a scouts religion or spirituality determine those things. Really the only ones that can make that call are the scout and his family. And what about the more esoteric belifs? For example a diest believe their religious duties amount to living you life governed by reason , well it's a little more complicated than that but you get the idea. They are also distinctly NOT atheist.
  5. This is why membership is down, the adventure is being removed from scouting bit by bit.
  6. umm how exactly is Disney dictating anything. You make it seem like they are required to donate to the Boy Scouts or they are somehow violating the Boy Scouts rights. They have exactly as much right to decide to associate with as the Boy Scouts do.
  7. Well as far as offering a more challenging Web II program, I have no problem with that. the issue is that the other parents just are not letting their boys participate in anything more challenging than the Cub Scout program. that's where the real problem lies, he's ready for a bigger challenge and I've tried to provide it but when none of the other scouts can attend what's the point. I've had several discussions with him and he wants to go, we've visited with a few troops and gone on a camp out with one, he's going on another campout in May. That's with the troop I think he'll be joining.
  8. My son is currently a Webelos I and he'll be 10.5 in April. he is pretty much done with cubs and is ready to move on the Boy Scouts. Right now we are planning to have him cross over next August/Sept. Does anybody have any experience with a boy joining Boy Scouts that early? I want him to stay in Scouts and have fun but I'm still a little concerned it might be too soon for him.
  9. Even in the instance were the belt loops isn't a required it is one of the allowed option (do 5 of 8, etc) so while not required there really isn't a good reason not to do it if it ties into something else in the program. Even as an addition to doing a requirement. Anyway belt loops might be going away but they will be replaced by something.
  10. Great Advice lets give people reasons not to join Boy Scouts and give another option where Families can spend what few chances they have to spend time together. Since Boy Scouts is about Youth unless it is Female youth then they don't matter I understand that people want a "family experience" I just wonder if any of them demand that the little sister play in the brothers baseball game too.
  11. Oh yeah. I've told them I'm moving them towards Boy Scout style camping and basically they don't care; "we'll deal with that when we get there". Don't get me wrong, there are a couple of good parents.
  12. that's sort of how I feel, If they want to family camp the pack does plenty of camping trips and they can go on those. I REALLY want the boys to have fun camping though.
  13. I was wondering how people handle Webelos camping. I have made a rule that no siblings should attend, this is causing all sorts of problems with several of my parents. Mostly I want the boys to camp without worrying about their little brother, etc plus I really don't want to be camping with 30 odd people. Teaching the boys takes a back seat to dealing with the little kids and keeping the parents (moms in particular) away from the boys so they can actually do stuff.
  14. Yeah, that's what I'm doing. I've asked them to find someone else to be assistant CM and I'm just going to worry about my den. I won't be going on any more pack camping trips.
  15. So they sign up to help out then don't bother too show up, now what. It's what happen last year with Pinewood Derby? I'm not going to tell 80 boys they can't have a Derby because a couple parents can't live up to a simple commitment of a 3-4 hours over 2 months. Any punishment just affects the kid and it ain't their fault. Put anymore pressure on the parents and they just stop coming, what good is that for the boys. Anyway it isn't so much the planning of an event as the adults behavior at the events that's got me wound up.
  16. On a positive note, I am dang proud of my scouts. At the Webelos games (run by the Boy Scouts and OA) we had several SPL's ask if my scouts were coming to their troop for a visit. The were respectful, organized and well behaved. They were encouraging and helping each other at every station. My denner took the lead and got them organized and from station to station with me just making sure nobody got too crazy.
  17. We have 5 pack camp outs scheduled for this year (the one last weekend was Cub-o-Ree) and I'm pretty much done with them. I have no plans to attend any more. I will be planning a lot of den camping trips so that my Webelos can actually learn something and hove some responsibility. Most of my scouts are tired of pack camping as well, thye like the freedom they have den camping. They also like being able to cook for themselves, etc.
  18. I'm not taking the lead in anything with the pack any more, I'm gonna ask them to find a different Assistant CM. My job is to teach my Webelos how to be Boy Scouts and that's all I really am concerned with at this point. It's time for some other parents to step up.
  19. I am burned out with pack camping, I mean I am at the end of my rope. We have a large pack, about 90 scouts total and on most camping trip we will have 125-150 people. Getting the parents to help out with anything is a chore and even if you get them to agree to help they just don’t show up when it’s time too. They don’t watch their kids (some do of course) letting them run all around the camp and tents, thru the fire ring, swinging on the flag pole, etc. Honestly it feel like I’m parent to all 150 people. I signed on as a den leader when my son joined as a
  20. There are no qualification as far as the NOVA Award is concerned, that app is to be a SuperNova Councilor. As far as my qualifications, well I don't feel like posting my resume and it doesn't really matter what they are. If my council feels I don't qualify based on my "vocation or hobbies" they can not certify me and tell me that, currently they are ignoring me. As far as running a program goes, I would rather have outside mentors running the program, I think the boys would get more out of it. So the the program KDD describes sounds pretty good. I tried to get some input/help from our counc
  21. Well I've been trying to get approved as a Super NOVA counselor since early last summer, no answer yet from my council. I ran a NOVA program over the summer for my pack, it was mostly my Webelos that show'd up. You really need to plan each one for several meetings to give the boys time to do the work, I mean you could do a single NOVA award in a single long meeting but I think the spirit of the award is more a process of leading the boys to find answers on their own. Plus a think the after a couple hours it REALLY starts to feel like school.
  22. There are too many basically identical training courses (at least for Cubs/Webelos), IOLS/OWLS/Baloo, etc. In addition to too many quite frequently the "trainers" give out incorrect information, every single in person training I have ever been in has gotten YPT wrong for example. And Baloo this weekend was a waste, I'm pretty sure blw2 and I were in the same class, though I have no idea who he/she is. And if I have to deal with "tin soldiers" at another outdoor cooking event I might snap.
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