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  1. I've had a possible job come up in Sioux Falls and if it come thru we'll be moving. Is there anybody there or near enough to there to have any info on the local troops?
  2. heh talk the Scouts into doing a air car thing and try it there.
  3. Because I see the "look at my uniform and how much stuff I have" guys as being a major reason we can't have a boy led troop. The set the tone for the district, area, whatever and they strive to make themselves the most important thing in scouting. Beading ceremony or adult award at a Roundtable fine doing anything like that at a court of honor or any other boycentric event means all the adults care about is making sure they are the focus of attention. Which doesn't mean they are bad people just that they aren't in scouting to train future leaders they are in it to get a pat on the back from ot
  4. nah, I realize there are good guys with all the bling, I just haven't meet em in person yet. I do my best to reserve judgment on new people I meet but multiple bad encounters with the same type of people can quickly sour you on all similar people.
  5. The only knot I ever turned in paperwork on was the Tiger know, which I wear. I've been on the receiving end of that attitude right there and it sort of cemented in me the desire to abstain from knots.
  6. As much as I agree with the Free Range parenting thing a lot of that site is as much fear mongering as the "strangers are going to abduct and eat your kids using puppies" thing in the media, it's just how people are. We'll only lose the chance to take/let kids be outside if we surrender that ability.
  7. I personally find it a little weird that adults wear the uniform with all the bling. I just don't get wearing the uniform to round table, training etc, I just don't. Scouting is a youth program it always seems like adults are trying to relive something when they put on all the bling, beads etc. In addition to having mostly bad experiences with those guys and gals it feels to me like they are trying to make the program about them, though I believe (or at least want to) that plenty of good guys and gals are wearing all the bling.
  8. No STEM scouts does not meet that description, having an adult led class room doesn't teach self-reliance or to do thing for themselves. STEM Scouts can be a good program, sure but it isn't Scouting. We can argue this in circles all day so I'll stop there. Neither your argument for nor mine against is anything new, I'd bet that the same sort of discussion was around 100 years ago. Finally I've re-read my comments and it sort of sounds like I think the BSA has abandoned the outdoors, that isn't what I think. I do however think they are pushing the indoor safe program in all of Scouting and
  9. Sec. 30902. Purposes The purposes of the corporation are to promote, through organization, and cooperation with other agencies, the ability of boys to do things for themselves and others, to train them in scoutcraft, and to teach them patriotism, courage, self-reliance, and kindred virtues, using the methods that were in common use by boy scouts on June 15, 1916. Wonder what "scoutcraft" means? That said I have no problem with STEM, Learning for life or any of that, in fact it's a good thing. It is however not Scouting and if that is the way the BSA thinks is the future then they should gi
  10. All of that is pretty much what was happening back in the early 1900's, again none of this is new. As far as the Kodak thing well I'm not gonna bother with the search but there is more than one counter example. If the current business model isn't sustainable then maybe the BSA just needs to go away?
  11. I'm sure some of them don't like the outdoors I've meet those kids too. And bar none it was the parents that didn't like the outdoors, once you can get mommy and daddy to let go or distract them and coax the kid outside they enjoy it. Now, my experience isn't universal and I don't mean it to be but the reason Scouts was started was to get urban kids into the woods, so this isn't new. I have no problem with STEM, being an engineer but I think way too much of a kids life is already focused on what job they are going to do in the future, I don't really see the need for yet more Finally if
  12. Sooner or later everybody hits there "i'm done" level it's just different for each of us.
  13. That's where I'm at. I just got there quicker
  14. I'd love a report I don't have much hope but hey, I'm wrong at least twice a day before I brush my teeth.
  15. I simply haven't seen that boy are not interested in playing in the woods. I've found they are uninterested in yet one more group of adults telling them what to do and doing what is easiest for the adults not what the boys want to do. And no it isn't just a troop level issue more and more the folks at national are taking away the fun/adventure/learning part of Scouting. No wagons for Cubs, no battery operated screw drives for 13 year old scouts, not water guns no more patrols camping without an adult and heaven knows what else.
  16. I'm having a sort of crisis of faith in the BSA right now. It just seems like the BSA is continually moving away from the adventure of outdoors and trying to just disallow anything that MIGHT have the possibility of injury. Well unless it's at one of their big camps. When 6 year old Daisy scouts can do more than an 11 year old Webelos the program has gone off the rails somewhere. Along with that the ridiculous amount of useless paperwork required, the old boys network that just isn't going away and all the politics at both local and national level has just about burned me out. MY inability to
  17. I'd have killed to have a den chief. Our associated Troop couldn't or wouldn't provide one for whatever reason and the Cub Master didn't want to go outside that troop for political reasons I really didn't care about.
  18. Well yeah but why is that bad? It is entirely possible to know something is wrong while not knowing what is right. So you can say "I know rainbows aren't unicorn farts but I have no idea what they really are" to pick a silly example. That's what science is or should be anyway, a continual process of finding out what something isn't until we arrive at what amounts to educated guess of what it is based on the available empirical data. Then next year we find out that nope that's not it While I believe the universe was created I realize that only pushes the questions of "How'd we start" back
  19. I think you missed something, the parents would NOT work with the boy at home, heck most of my parents couldn't even be bothered to lie and say the boy did the work at home. In 5 years not once did a single parent do anything at home with their son, despite my urging, explaining, begging, and providing supplies for them to do it. if I didn't do it with the Scouts it didn't happen. I spent plenty of my own money to go pick up boys and transport them, cover their dues, etc. And while I'm sure that's not a good idea to some, for the boys I had it was needed. Did it work for all of the boys, nope
  20. Again I don't give a single fig about the parents and they are the ones not doing their job, the boy has no say in when or what time he shows up. Boy Scots is different but in Cubs the boy moves along whether he does the work or not, i.e. he'll be a be a Bear/Boy Scout next year. For me it was a simple matter of will not giving the badge lead him to Boy Scouts or not. If I thought it would have encouraged the parent (the boy worked his but off when he was with me) to do something different I would have done different things but it wouldn't have. I get the argument about not earning the bad
  21. Yeah that's a little different don't skimp on requirements just because. However in Cubs and Webelos sometimes it's hard to make the call parent assistance is required to quite a few requirements (maybe not in the new Trail) if they are really to be fulfilled at home. In my experience that's the sticking point for a lot of the boys to fully complete stuff. Fer instance lets say, I set up Readyman two weeks in a row and make sure the parents know it's important that the boys show up both weeks, yet a couple still missed. Then despite me setting up time to be at a meeting early WITH the par
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