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  1. Well the family decided to be atheists and the BSA decided to ban atheists from membership and then there was the troop policy of Scout Sunday attendance. I wasn't part of any of those decisions. Look at the Boy Scout Application that I handed them, page 1 "As a Boy Scout, I will meet the obligations of living the Scout Oath or Promise"... in the right margin is the Scout Oath and Promise. sign __________________ From their perspective, they walked away. From my perspective, I followed the BSA and troop policy and turned them away. Yeah, I thought then and still do that
  2. "Who gave you the impression that being in one organization would automatically qualify someone to be in the other?" His father. It was his impression that a young man who joined the Marines should have been allowed to join scouts. So you don't agree. Thank his son for the privilege.
  3. Sorry I was unclear. They did not believe in God. I mentioned other units but he wanted to join his buddies in my unit. His buddies were a bunch of devils, Christian though. Another aspect, for me anyway, I think 11-18 year old is too young to apply a religion standard. The boy likely follows his parents.
  4. They were honest, hard-working people. For that family, belief in God was not a part of their life nor would they "bluff" it for the sake of appearances as some do. They had no problem with others believing or not. Their son would not attend Scout Sunday or be reverent,...I said that was contrary to the Scout Oath and Law and troop policy (Scout Sunday) so I had to turn them away. I remember the dad lecturing me on freedom of religion. Well that's the USA not the BSA. Good people. His son would have been a great SPL.
  5. Agree with GW. I also tell my scouts "that your word is your honor", consider your words carefully and be true to them.
  6. No hops_scout. Today, we are reaching fewer families with the Boy Scout program. Less than half as many as when I was as a scout. And ironically, I am turning away great families because they have no religious affiliation or interest. What can you say to a dad who years later says "My son served two tours as a Marine in Iraq but he wasn't good enough for the Boy Scouts?". Something is wrong, his son would have been great scout. What do you think the chances are that this Marine's newborn son will be a scout? 0.
  7. We are bringing the BSA program to fewer families. Now we can ignore that fact and make up excuses, say what a shame we sold off another camp, lost another troop, consolidated another council... that's the way it is, its sports, its video games, its the internet...there is no problem where I'm at. Or we can can try to turn it around. Look at what others have done successfully and unsuccessfully. Why did Canada have a membership downturn but the United Kingdom an upturn? What are our competitors doing right (hint: after school program at the school - parents really like that plus eas
  8. Good observations. Contact other councils, see if they still have it in their library. They may be willing to sell it to you. Google AV-02V013 and track down the hits.
  9. Call your council office and ask. I needed to create a unit history for a pack website but past members had scattered. Called council and they pulled out a folder for my unit with first charter, list of past cubmasters, date first chartered, etc. I was lucky that my unit was in the same council from day one, if your council has merged it might be harder obtaining info. Hope this helps.
  10. BW: Thanks I stand corrected, for 2006, 2.8 million members (down 2.4% from 2005) with 1.19 million adults (down 1.5% from 2005) BSA membership 1960: 5,160,958 1967: 6,058,508 1968: 6,247,160 (late sixties) 1969: 6,183,086 Pappy: Thanks for link. I read it and found myself wanting more info. For example, in my limited experience with the mentioned groups, I have found a frequent misconception that a boy could not join scouting if he did not have health insurance. (This message has been edited by RememberSchiff)
  11. Regarding communications and the people who are "in charge of changes", whom should we write at Irving to express what changes, if any, we believe will strengthen the program for the next 100 years. Maybe we can get the membership back over 6 million again, like it was in the late 60's when I was a scout and US population was a less crowded 203 million. and look at our competition... 2007 - Boy's & Girls Club 4.6 million youth, secular, coed, no discrimination, even have their annual Tax Return Form 990 on line and a readable financial statement! 2007 - 4H, 6.5 million me
  12. Both the proposed Balkan Scouts of America and the current BSA still have the same flaw - any family cannot join any unit, not even become a Lone Scout. I believe that any family should be allowed to join any unit and participate in the scout program - no discrimination. I don't equate "values" with religion, though it can be a source. I agree that the BSA should spin off the religion unit as it is not a core competency and it would enable the BSA to reach more families.
  13. So "us" and "them"... I guess I'm with "them" and "them" gets Philmont. "Us" can have Irving and all the contents. Some units are "blue" and other units "red" as the program and CO dictates vary so much. I have turned away great families from my "red" unit and directed them to "blue" units. Sent about a dozen secular families over the past five years to a Reform Jewish synagogue unit but only a few joined. I am haunted by the boys who ask "Why can't I be with my friends?" I wince whenever someone says "Scouting is for the boys". Whose boys? The BSA has turned away or turn
  14. National offers guidelines but Council sets the policies, sometimes with an overly strict interpretation of those guidelines. Here's the updated link, look it over. http://www.scouting.org/webmasters/faq/guidelines/index.html 1. On your district website, just mention usscouts.org but do not provide a hyperlink http://usscouts.org/ See if that technicality passes. 2. You want a link on your Council website to your District website, less Council starts getting ideas. Be grateful that your Council have not taken over your District website yet. My council did this last
  15. There once was a boy who was a vegetarian and a girl who was vegan. They were drawn to the fellowship of the famous feast, but were turned away. "You must eat the beast to join our feast." "But sir, we must be true to our beliefs and ourselves, can we not contribute our food and join in your feast? We have more in common than you know and much to give." "You must eat the beast to join our feast. That is the our way, the all-knowing way, now be on your way." The boy and girl wandered away from the table of good people and became lost and confused. The years passed and the feast fil
  16. Scouter Firekat, on behalf of scouts and scouters who follow the Scout Oath and Law, I want to apologize for the poor judgment and un-scoutlike behavior that you recently experienced. As you have reminded us, hurtful language is not part of the scout program and I wish I could tell that the need for such apologies are rare or becoming more rare. They are not. Thank you for standing up and upholding the higher scout standard. (This message has been edited by RememberSchiff)
  17. Good topic. I only get TWO wishes, I will consider my choices further. But John's choices are certainly worthy and I offer this feedback. Cooking Merit Badge - FIGHT OBESITY and consider special diets (something along these lines). Make it 22nd mb or drop Communications as previously mentioned. Expand requirement 2 to cover OBESITY and the need for special diets. Plan a month's "special diet" for either of the following: 1. Weight management a. Visit your doctor or a nutrition specialist. Determine what your ideal weight should be and design a diet to reach your ideal weight. T
  18. What happen in the forum: Cub Scouts topic: Improving Webelos Programming error '80020009' /forums/viewThread.asp, line 32
  19. Thanks for the feedback, especially those notes from raisinemright and local1400.
  20. Can't make everyone happy? No easy solution? I don't want to give you an answer. This is a good leadership exercise for you and your scouts; it is excellent that you are sharing the exercise with them. A leader uses good judgment to make good decisions to achieve group success. What is success for your troop and how do you get there? Asking advice is good whether you are a new leader or an experienced one, but you make the decision. You'll do fine.
  21. http://www.stadriemblems.com/scoutstock.html Look on the left margin menu and select Cub Scouts, Webelo, whatever. I have used them for patches. Sorry that I got side-tracked with legal and levity.
  22. "We have a Ford in the White House and no gas" - Bob Hope "It is easy to find President Ford on a golf course, just follow the wounded" - Bob Hope "the man who made golf a contact sport." "You all know Jerry Ford -- the most dangerous driver since Ben Hur. Ford is easy to spot on the course. He drives the cart with the red cross painted on top. Whenever I play with him, I usually try to make it a foursome -- the President, myself, a paramedic and a faith healer. One of my most prized possession is the Purple Heart I received for all the golf I've played with him. "Whenever I play wi
  23. "This is a Catholic Cub Scout pack/den, so something religion-based would be fine." You mean like exorcism? Unfortunately Sister Anita wielding a ruler would not be allowed ... but I seem to remember it working on me. Yes, we expect good scout behavior from all scouts, without exception. The "reward" is the privilege of being a scout. The traffic light is too lenient for this group, I would make it harder. First infraction, timeout on bench. Next call parents for pickup. You need some reinforcements - no nonsense non-den adults. Before your next meeting, have meeting with Cubm
  24. I am interested in a pointer to any official blanket-waiver info. If it is BSA policy, I would like the waiver to be prominently displayed on the bsalicensing.org homepage and in the FAQ. My local shop informed me about the problem. He had read an article about non-profit trademarks in a trade publication. It was mostly about the Red Cross but mentioned BSA, etc. Neither I nor my Council was aware of the issue.
  25. Glad to see your "farewell" was shorter than Sinatra's..."I did it MY WAAAAY...." Welcome back.
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