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  1. Wait a minute!! I am a PROUD member of peta, and I take offense with this thread!!! What's wrong with being part of a group that proclaims itself to be: People Eating Tasty Animals? Edited by PeteM ++++++ Oops, Sorry, I misunderstood what you meant by PETA. That wacko-group. My mistake. Pete
  2. WOW!! Stepping down because someone else made a mistake(s). Now that is just what we want to be teaching our youth: quit if things don't go your way, or you get blamed for something not your fault. The AC should have stayed on in the position, implementing changes that would have helped to keep this from happening in the future. Why don't you suggest to the COR not to pay the SM / ASM's for not doing their jobs for a period of about 3 months, would THAT have made anything better? Let the SM and ASM feel it in their wallet, then that won't happen again. Did the youth not getting thei
  3. Show me in the requirements for ANY of the merit badges where it states that you have to get a blue card.
  4. I am starting to think that maybe he/she just can't read the computer screen very well. He/she is a nice person, very helpful with all of the scouts. He/she teaches them, as well as a youth leader, then has the youth leader help out the scouts. In our troop, the youth can sign off on ranks, so this works. The you does the actual teaching with this person watching. Everyone learns. This person really loves the scouting program, and is always helping out the youth, everything that you would want in an ASM. Pete
  5. Well, This person was trained before in a classroom, but when it came time to do it online, they kept coming up with all sorts of excuses, but their spouse didn't have any problem.
  6. What do you do when you have a parent in your troop that cannot (or will not) read to take the online training courses like Youth Protection? This parent has indicated that he/she would like to become an ASM, but cannot (or will not) take the required online training? Is there a classroom version available?
  7. Here are plans for a wood fired hot tube: http://www.ehow.com/how_2272142_build-wood-fired-hot-tub.html Looks promising
  8. Problem with the merit badge comparison is summer camps. They have youth, supposedly trained, but not at all, teaching merit badges, and then the youth getting their cards signed off at the end of the week. I've seen where the youth don't even have to attend the classes to get credit for the badge. Or what happens when the local council loses the registration form from an adult signing up for some merit badges? That happens a lot in my council. Shall we punish the death bed eagles that their counselors weren't properly registered, so you can't get eagle? Where does it stop? PeteM
  9. WHATEVER you do, don't have what a new council in the East just did. For their campfire they had a brief mention of a local scouter getting a national award, mentioned (didn't hand out, but mentioned), winners of the gateway contest, a hour long slide show explaining the history of the two councils, another slideshow explaining their weird name, a slide show with pictures of the youth during the days events and a fireworks display. I mean, I saw entire troops get up and leave during the campfire, the youth were so bored. Not one song or skit. Just a big "look at us as a new council" history
  10. It's amazing, I talked to a bunch of both scouts and scouters, and no one likes it. I do hope that they change the name to something more palatable.
  11. The York-Adams Area Council recently merged with the Keystone Council in PA. Their temporary name was Keystone York-Adams Area Council, but the "fine" powers that be, decided to name the council "The New Birth of Freedom Council". What do you-all think of this new name? Pete (edited for spelling)(This message has been edited by PeteM)
  12. Could be that the committee was discussin' the pay of the SM and ASM's and didn't want them as part of the process.
  13. Well, It seems that the Gateway has responded to the correct way of think, so there won't be anymore discipline needed.
  14. Remember, The scout doesn't HAVE to PASS a SMC in order for it to be signed off. He just has to HAVE one. The SM "could" have told the youth "You still have one more merit badge to do, or you still have service hours to do", and that could be construed as having a rank advancement SMC, and for the legalized types that we have on this site, the scout "could" also sign his own book for that matter, using the reasoning that he had a SMC, and the rules do not say anywhere in the requirements that the scout can't sign off on his requirements. Only for Eagle does it state that the Scoutmaster or
  15. From the sound of it, OGO, your friends council is adding to the requirements by stating that all fund raising plans have to be in place before he can get approval. The WORKBOOK, (not guide), states that the fund-raising is part of the planning
  16. This is the thread that has no end... It just goes on and on, my friend... Some people started posting to it not knowing what it was... and they'll continue posting to it forever just because This is the thread that has no end... It just goes on and on, my friend... Some people started posting to it not knowing what it was... and they'll continue posting to it forever just because This is the thread that has no end... It just goes on and on, my friend... Some people started posting to it not knowing what it was... and they'll continue posting to it forever jus
  17. Make sure that they know what is expected of them, and only give them (the youth leaders that is) one thing to do at a time. If more than one thing is handed to them, they tend to get frustrated and cannot handle the additional tasks. Check out what National has as far as info and PPS presentations on the subject. Ask the parents that like to give their sons a "vacation" from their meds on the weekend or at summer camp, if they are willing to take the same vacation with their heart meds, or diabetes meds, or any meds that they might be taking. Usually the bottle says "take X amount/d
  18. What are we coming to? Do we have to discipline our gateways now? There HAS to be a way we can get our gateways to do their jobs without being told constantly to do it. Maybe we can deem the gateways into working.
  19. How about Merit Badge Camporees? You know, where the entire event is based around earning merit badges. The scout signs up for the badges, and then goes to classes all weekend long, trying to earn as many as possible. I think that Baden would roll over in his grave if he found out that this is the basis for a camporee. What do you think?
  20. My mistake. I thought that the thorium was only used to give the ash strength. It turns out that it also helped to increase the light output by about 20%. If you get some mantels made in India, you will find that they still contain the Thorium, so be careful with those.
  21. There is a reason that you seem to be going through them more often now than the older ones. The composition makeup for the mantles is different. The old ones were composed of Thorium, a radioactive substance that gave the ash a lot of strength. They have since removed that substance from the composition and the ash is a lot weaker. I do not know when they changed them, I just know that you cannot use them to make a cloud chamber for Nuclear Science Merit Badge. Pete
  22. From the sounds of it, the scouts aren't even getting TO their BOR, so it is not technically adding to the requirements. If the BOR hasn't started, how can it be adding to the requirements? (Putting on Kevlar suit now)
  23. Sounds YUMMY. I'll get Macy to make it. Where you been hanging out, OM? Pete
  24. How about if you don't wear the CSP, but the City and State patches? I wear those instead of the Council patch.
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