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  1. melissalb: Somehow when you registered this forum tied your account to my e-mail address. Now every time someone posts in this thread I get an e-mail saying "Hello melissalb, so and so has responded to a thread you are subscribed to..." Could you please check your account info and put your e-mail address so I don't get your e-mails? Thanks, Mark
  2. Apparently a new member signed up with a user ID of: melissalb I don't know why, but my e-mail address has been tied to her account and everytime someone posts in a thread she's been in I get an e-mail notification. I really would like this to stop. Who do I need to e-mail that can take care of this? Thanks, Mark
  3. This thread is kind of like watching an Episode of American Chopper... people arguing due to boredom and/or ego.
  4. Let me ask for clarification, because this was an issue that delayed a scout from reaching 1st Class for a couple of months... when this scout had completed all the other First Class requirements he had attended 6 separate troop activites AND 5 campouts. The Scoutmaster believed that only 3 of those 5 campouts could count as troop activities since the requirement says, "three of which included camping out." So this scout was stuck at 9 troop activities during a two month period where the troop didn't have any other non-camping special activities. It is/was my belief that the "three
  5. For a homosexual couple to naturally produce a baby.
  6. As our troop's "merit badge coordinator" it has been my job to try and recruit as many qualified counselors as possible for the badges where we didn't have someone in the district. The SM defers to me to help the boys find a merit badge counselor. Because my son has worked on a lot of merit badges I have been able to meet with these counselors and I have a good idea who to send the boys to and who is difficult to schedule. I encourage all of you to get as involved as you can with the merit badge counselors. Anytime I meet someone with a unique skill set that would be great for a counse
  7. My son is 13, a Star Scout, and has earned 42 merit badges so far. He is also making a run at earning all merit badges. Probably 2/3 of his counselors are in-town, but not necessarily in-troop. One thing I've noticed is that some of the merit badge counselors my son has called haven't worked with anybody in years. I get the impression that most troops are using in-troop counselors and some of these older counselors are no longer used. The YPT requirement for MB Counselors is fixing to cause our District MB counselor list to get cut in half.
  8. I am unable to edit my profile information. In IE when I click continue it just refreshes the page. When I try it in Chrome I get this error: Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error '80040e14' [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver] Line 1: Incorrect syntax near ','. /members/modify/process2.asp, line 19
  9. I got the e-mail with these requirements from our District today. In bold letters they indicated that the YPT requirement also applies to MERIT BADGE COUNSELORS. If this is the case, I think it will be difficult recruiting new MB counselors that aren't already involved in Scouts some way. We'll see.
  10. One of the most accurate GPS units is the Garmin 60CSx. They are normally around $350, but Cabela's, REI, and Bass Pro have had them on sale for around $200 this past week. You can get free topo and driving maps here: http://www.gpsfiledepot.com/
  11. There has been a minor change effective January 1, 2010. It doesn't actually affect anything, but the nomenclature is different. For Star, Requirement 6e has changed... It now reads 1, 7a, and 7b (outoor skills) and NO LONGER includes 7c (requirements a & b were combined, and c was changed to b). Anyhoo... While a Star Scout, use the EDGE method to teach a younger Scout the skills from ONE of the following six choices, so that he is prepared to pass those requirements to his unit leader's satisfaction. Second Class - 7a and 7c (first aid) Second Class - 1a (outdoor skills) Se
  12. I've discovered that my feelings on advancement are different from many of the people here. However, I think it's good to have a plan... one that is flexible and can be modified based on changing tastes and circumstances. My son read an article about a scout who earned ALL of the available merit badges. Now my son wants to earn at least 100. We sat down and talked about what he would need to do to make that happen. Then we made a plan. We looked at the requirements for all the merit badges and divided them into categories... badges to work on at camp, badges to work on during the sum
  13. A lot of the conversation in this thread is discussing "when did the scouts join, who are the scouts, are you related to the scouts..." None of these are requirements for advancing in rank. I am a "by the rules" kind of guy (my father is a judge). If the rules say a Scout may advance after completing XYZ requirements, then I believe it is contrary to the BSA guidelines to make it harder to advance. A scout would not be in a position to advance to Star if he had not already demonstrated proficiency in camping, first aid, basic swimming, etc. All three of the scouts in question
  14. Vicki: I totally agree with your stance on "artificial hurdles" Monday night there is an "all adults" meeting to clear the air. The advancement chair and I both agree that it should be her call as to scheduling BORs and we will push to make it that way. She's said she doesn't have a problem with having two other committee members over to her house to do a Board of Review if one is needed outside of normal meetings. That's the kind of adult commitment that I was looking for. Having a new Scoutmaster and new CC in one year is hard. Too many personalities all trying to exer
  15. "What is your position in the Troop, as a registered Scouter?" I am an Assistant Scoutmaster, registered and trained. I will be attending Wood Badge this Fall. One of the interesting things about Scouting is the wide difference of opinions. I am of the opinion that Scouts should be allowed to advance as quickly as possible. I realize not everybody feels that way and some of those reasons may be valid. I will say that my son has earned 15 merit badges already and is definitely a go-getter. Thanks everybody for the information. I agree it is simply not worth the risk of losin
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