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  1. -there is no scientific consensus -It would appear -probably is not determined by any one factor -Current knowledge suggests that sexual orientation is usually established during early childhood *** Is this some sort of scientific or medical proof of something? I'll check out wikipedia later this evening, but so far I see nothing that resembles anything in the "very clear" category. BDPT00
  2. Well, considering that I have no clue about what you're speaking, I'd say you're right. I'll try to remember to look a little for it. BDPT00
  3. There are numerous subjects being bounced about. I'm interested in this one: "Medical science is now very clear that homosexuality is a normal part of human sexuality and is not a "choice" as some would claim." I would love to be directed to this very clear medical science (which sounds to me to mean proof), because I happen to be one who claims that this is a social, rather than medical, condition (and I'm quite sure that's a politically incorrect term). Does this make me pro choice? BDPT00
  4. "I shared something based on recent experience and fact, solely with the goal of helping others and progressing a conversation." *** And I'm doing the same. Just correcting the notion that a coordinator and a counselor are the same thing. Not even close. BDPT00
  5. Amazing. The original subject moved to trivial arguments regarding population and social security to Kindles. There didn't seem to be any alarm or concern that we're talking about our Webelos-aged kids experimenting with sex. No talk about morals and values, except for Seattle (who most relegated to the dark ages). Doesn't that bother anybody? Or has our society gone so far as to accept the notion that it's going to happen anyway, so why concern ourselves with it? It's inevitable, so let's be open-minded and progressive, and get out of the way. Nothing we can do about it, so who cares?!
  6. >>"Religious organizations generally know nothing about the emblems."
  7. ScoutNut >>"Most religious programs for Troop/Crew level to NOT require a trained mentor"
  8. Sorry to have to disagree, but couselor and coordinator are entirely different. That's like calling the coach and the quarterback the same thing. They have different talents and functions. They work in conjunction with each other, and they're on the same team, but the roles are different. BDPT00
  9. It sounds like she's trained as a counselor. True? If so, that's different from the coordinator (although she could certainly do both). If she's trained as a counselor for the Cub awards, I'd doubt that she's automatically trained for the Boy Scout awards. A coordinator and a counselor are two totally different things. I look at it this way ... The coordinator is like a Scoutmaster or Advancement Chair. They're not the experts on Oceanography Merit Badge, but they can find out who is, and provide contact information. The coordinator is the same ... doesn't need to be a counselor; jus
  10. That's unfortunate. They should be mixed up a bit. BDPT00
  11. ***Most religious programs for the Troop/Crew level require a trained mentor to work with the Scouts. This is where a Unit Religious Emblem Coordinator might be practical. Although, if they would need to be trained by multiple religious organizations, their best bet would still be to direct Scouts back to the Scout's own religious organization.*** This is a pretty good summary of the misinformation that floats about out there. Most religious programs for Troop/Crew level to NOT require a trained mentor. A REC would NOT need to be trained by ANY religious organization. Sending a Scout b
  12. Absolutely. What percentage of troops have a Chaplain? Have you ever seen a pack Chaplain? How about a crew? BDPT00
  13. Sorry for the quick reply. Had to hit the road in a hurry. I'm not sure what the point of the questions were, but if a religious emblems coordinator gets a question about any religion (including their own), their responsibility to the Scout is to be a resource to guide them in the right direction. They should have a network of other coordinators (one they helped to build and maintain), and should be able to know where to find further information. Regarding religious requirements for members of a unit. That's totally up to the chartered organization, and that IS BSA. BDPT00
  14. I think the middle age couple was complimenting the BSA for taking a stand ... for drawing a line in the sand. We may not all agree upon where that line is, but I think it's nice to have one. The Girl Scout leader's comment would be in regard to the GSUSA not drawing a line. Our society in general doesn't seem to care where the line is, or if there is one. I think their comments reflect good ol' conservative values, and they're tired of watching our society circling the drain. BDPT00
  15. I hope you're all listening to yourselves and these comments on election day. BDPT00
  16. It's clear that the knee-jerk reaction to this is the typical 'if national recommends it, it must be bad' mentality. This job won't require a great deal from whomever takes it on. Not all troops have a Chaplain, but all units could have a resource person to direct a Scout to a counselor. Pretty tough job. Cubs have no idea where to turn to get started. Now they will. Simple. BSA24, where in your wildest dreams would you come up with the notion that "an ASM is supposed to do it?" I see nothing but positive things coming from this. Why the negativity?? BDPT00
  17. Subject has taken a strange turn, and not a pretty one. A SB is not confined to district or council level Scouters. Position shouldn't matter. BDPT00
  18. I like the question. I don't agree that there's a 'one size fits all' though. This depends not only on the Scout, but also on the person who enables him (or not). BDPT00
  19. My wife is very critical. My father was a public speaker, and died before my family got into Scouting. A big compliment for me is after a presentation or SM minute when she longingly says, "I wish your dad could have seen that." Me too. BDPT00
  20. That's a stretch. I'd find out how much the Heritage Girls camp, then try to match it. BDPT00
  21. Add honest and polite. (Trustworthy & Courteous) BDPT00
  22. I think it's unfortunate that people attend Wood Badge with preconceived notions of what a ticket is all about. I think that people tend to see upcoming attentdees as fresh meat, and they convince them to take on district jobs or to tell them what they don't need to know yet. Instead of attending with an open mind, these new patrol members now think they already have it all figured out. I think this is why ticket counselors reject certain ideas ... because the ideas were written before the "rules" were given. Just a thought. I think patrol members should enter Wood Badge with completely
  23. I think the question is valid. References have been made to shady and controversial practices. Some examples given are criminal or illegal. What this mother does is legal. Seems like the questionable activity and issues are with other people's occupations. Every other lifestyle mentioned in this forum seems to be just fine with everybody, so let the lady be a mom. BDPT00
  24. Well good for you, but what does this have to do with Calico or Lisabob? I just came from another thread with another odd posting. Are you feeling OK today? BDPT00
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