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  1. The OP didn't say anything about earning the award in one day. He said they were working on it. Huge difference. I agree with MN. The reply to the assumption is over the top. This could be one of many projects. The poster and the article didn't say supply details. BDPT00
  2. Their local paper tried to sensationalize a non-story. It clearly worked (you're still interested). The council's stated policy is ten years old, and was approved by national long ago. The liberal-leaning paper's reporter gave slanted opinions on national's policy as well as the council's policy. There's no news there. BDPT00
  3. Scoutnut, You stated that GSUSA encourages girls to earn the Religious Emblem of their faith, and to wear it on their uniform vest/sash. Can you elaborate on that? Encouraged at what level? Where does it go on the vest/sash? I don't think they're encouraged at anything above the unit level. BDPT00
  4. Present the card. I'd really hate to see an adult wearing that ridiculous patch. Oh, did I say that?! I think it's the dumbest thing for a Scout to wear a patch that tells the world that "I'm allowed to carry a pocket knife" or "I know how to start a fire!" I digress. I would never award an adult a patch I wouldn't want to see at a later date somewhere on his uniform. BDPT00
  5. "society will eventually get everything it deserves." We're going down the toilet, and these enlightened people declaring all of this open minded (empty minded) societal behavior as normal are leading the charge. The only thing that seems to be taboo anymore is pedophelia. Why don't we just throw that in the open minded bag too? Sounds like we're back in the 'If it feels good, do it' days. Where in the Bible does it condemn pedophelia? Let's just open the doors to whatever anybody wants? Instead, the open minded choose to criticize anyone who wants to draw a line somewhere. Drives
  6. BDPT00

    NYLT Patch

    Understood. It's a good thing, and you should be commended. I'm a fan of local names and traditions (as long as the syllabus is covered closely and completely). Add a few things here and there for flavor, and a local patch, and let's roll. I don't care for the notion that a universal patch will carry as much clout as WB beads. As hard as some at the top level try, it's just not the same. BDPT00
  7. BDPT00

    NYLT Patch

    Good for you (and him), but I still don't see the point. You said he received the "council level" patch for his course already. NYLT is a "council level" course. The generic NYLT patch is just another item to file in the shoe box. I hope he appreciates your efforts, but I doubt he'd wear it. I wouldn't. I'd wear the one I earned from my council. BDPT00
  8. Can Mom be an Eagle too? Grandma or Grandpa? Where's the line? C'mon. What part of the word 'boy' don't we understand? BDPT00
  9. So far, I count one. Sounds like a fun idea to me. Wouldn't need to be tied to a MB, but if that's part of the pride or identity of their troop, so be it. Got any ideas for Landscape Architecture or Farm Mechanics? BDPT00
  10. "There is 9 wood badge courses that start this weekend in the central region alone...." So ... this must be in an attempt to finish the courses before camporees and conclaves. I guess that makes sense. BDPT00
  11. Unkiewill and johnponz, Same course? What state? Start date seems a little odd, but I'm sure it must work for where you are. BDPT00
  12. Bottoning top button makes no sense to me. I'll stick with Insignia Guide on that one. BDPT00
  13. Well ... here comes 20 pages. BDPT00
  14. Maybe this kind of idea comes from our current national government. I'd prefer not to donate to that, but don't have much choice (but to vote). BDPT00
  15. Not to convert them to LDS? I seriously doubt that. It's a full time job! I've seen it in action, and I'd stay away from it. By the way, we've drifted from the original topic. BDPT00
  16. "BSA specifically states that gays and atheists are not eligible to be members. At all, in any way." *** Not true. I know some gay members, and I wouldn't doubt that you do too. Specifically not eligible in any way? Not. BDPT00
  17. Too many "ifs" for me. Some posters who seem to be afraid or resentful of the AHG have stated that they have no personal knowledge or contact with any AHG troops, yet they speak like they know what they're talking about. Stick to facts and what you know personally. Here's my thought. Both BSA and AHG units are owned by the charter partner. If the charter partner wants to merge the programs in some fashion, that's their choice... not yours or mine. I doubt that many would marry the two together, but that's up to the charter partner and the families who choose to participate. Seems like a
  18. Well, good luck with it. How old is he? I'd suggest checking Scouting's guidlines on this one. BDPT00
  19. Having eloped, now what? Still with the crew? BDPT00
  20. And ... ? Did you have a good time? Get anything out of it? Meet some good people? Would you encourage others to take it? BDPT00
  21. The article in the paper is written by someone who is trying to get a reasction. Success! It certainly slants the facts, and the headlines grab attention, so I guess the writer sold some newspapers. It's not a news article. The opinions stated in the Inver Grove Heights article show how quickly things can be twisted in either direction. The question was asked, "How many gay leaders in the Northern Star Council?" That's way off base. Nobody's asking, and nobody's counting. That's the point! Nobody cares, and nobody should care. BDPT00
  22. Nobody's talking about any kind of penalty (Sorry ... maybe you are). Executive boards are volunteers. So are most council officials. Are you trying to say that all of the uniforming guidelines for Cubs and Boy Scouts are intended for professional staff? The entire document doesn't apply to volunteers. It's a binding agreement between councils and national. What is it you're saying? It makes no sense to me. (I don't know why I should be surprised by that.) BDPT00
  23. The Clause 4 thing applies to all of us. Where and how does it state that it doesn't? BDPT00
  24. I agree with bacchus. There is so much misinformation floating around out there, and feeding that fire isn't going to do your fundraiser any good. If you don't know the facts, don't just make them up, and you certainly don't want to go with most of the "advise" you'll receive in here. BDPT00
  25. "Which hasn't happened." ?? Sounds like you're still waiting. I've never understood what that white Venturing patch is for. What's its purpose? And along those same lines, why wear shoulder loops? BDPT00
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