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  1. chaoman and youngmaster, Have you taken adult leader training? BDPT00
  2. Tokala's post: Lokota songs in Florida, and Delaware tribe in Oklahoma. Seems a bit odd to me. I don't want to read anything into it, but I'm curious why local tribes or cultures weren't chosen instead. BDPT00
  3. B> Will I be in conflict with the recommendations in the insignia guide? Don't know. Don't care. You'll have to look it up. *** Nice attitude. Does that irritate you? Don't know. Don't care. BDPT00
  4. It's nice to see people trying their best to "follow the rules," and it's also nice to see direct answers to the OP's questions, instead of opinions and slams (something akin to the "saluting police"), and instead of, "Do whatever you feel like doing." By the way, if you're a vet, you're entitled to use a military salute. And I agree, the salute you use is based upon the role you're playing at the time. Good question. Good answers. Refreshing. BDPT00
  5. Welcome back! It's been a while. BDPT00
  6. Sometimes open, honest, direct, correct, referenced, current, and accurate answers to simple questions aren't accepted. Usually the questions are a little more difficult or perhaps open to interpretation. This one was simple, but didn't result in the desired answer, so it went on for over 100 posts! Is the answer clear yet? BDPT00
  7. Ya know, it just occured to me. Maybe they politician wasn't making a big mistake after all. He could have been storing his sash, and it therfore wouldn't matter where it was or how stored. Maybe the "top" of it was tucked into his belt, and he just misunderstood the rules about how to properly store it. Who are you or we to judge? I stand corrected. There's nothing in the Insignia Guide that says you can't store your sash with the arrow pointing down. BDPT00
  8. Then what exactly was the point? Anything? If there was one, I didn't get it. It was so stupid, nobody chose to comment on it. Why bring it up again?? Tell you what ... since you're a card-carrying adult Arrowman, you just wear your ol' sash any way you like. What was the point of asking? You got your answer. Now go do as you wish. Was there a point to your asking? A point to anything?? BDPT00
  9. jpstodwftexas, I presume your lodge also told you where on the belt to store it. Did they do the same for the merit badge sash? Is the OA sash folded a certain number of times, or can it simply be worn over the belt without folding it first? Instead of assuming that nobody here knows what they're talking about, including those who quote from the OA Handbook, the Insignia Guide, and a memo from the National Chair, why don't you contact your old lodge and ask them for a ruling. Let's ask this question just for fun. If the Insignia Guide (or whatever) stated that the red jacket is
  10. Fr-john, Just in case there's any misunderstanding, Philmont trainers train for free, too. BDPT00
  11. Lest we forget, when the term "gay" is used, it is immediately translated by some to include transgender and bisexual. Not that that matters to some, but it may to others. Just sayin' BDPT00
  12. Wait a minute, bnelon44! This only applies to those who choose to follow policy. BDPT00
  13. Don't forget Hall of Famer, Steve Young from the 49ers. He spoke at last year's annual meeting. Big Scouting supporter. Put him at the top of your list. BDPT00
  14. Silly me! I knew there'd be a perfectly logical reason. I just couldn't think of it. BDPT00
  15. Twocubdad mentioned a bunch of council strips. Say what you wish about anybody wearing any strip they like, but I don't see any logic to a Cub wearing a Wood Badge staff patch. Do you? As usual, that's just my opinion. I'm sure somebody will have a dandy reason why it's a good idea. I just won't agree with it. BDPT00
  16. I assume this would be a council strip, right? And that it's presented to a donor for a certain level of financial support? If the Scout was presented the patch for making such a contribution, I see no reason why not. BDPT00
  17. I find it interesting how quickly the subject changes from how the message was delivered to what the subject matter of the petition was about. I like the discussion regarding the delivery method, but grow tired very quickly of comments that say Scouting's leadership will eventually come around or see the light. My question to something like that is, will Scouting's leadership eventually take "honor" and "God" out of the oath, because they're a bit old fashioned? Actually, I don't want an answer to that. Just demonstrating how quickly the subject dissolves and becomes polarizing. I think
  18. This is becoming a little too abstract, and sarcasm is probably being lost and misunderstood while taking shots at one another. Allow me to translate: One side of this argument says that the Scout was being a bit disrespectful by showboating, and thereby not obeying the Scout Law. The other side is saying that this is the way our system/society/government works, and his actions were appropriate. We too often and too quickly go down that road (shots at each other). Not knowing the tone and the poster, this will be seen as personal attacks (not mentioning any names, of course, but that's the
  19. Scouter's Training Award can be earned by a lot of people. I thought maybe you were referring to the SM Key. Just wanted to make sure. I have no argument with your theory regarding wearing the James E West knot. It's a good one, but your theory has nothing to do with me or my knots. I have my own reasons for wearing (or not) the knots I choose to wear. BDPT00
  20. the basic Assistant Scoutmaster/Scoutmaster knot *** What's that? I think a person should wear or not wear whatever knot entitled for whatever is their own personal reason. Whether or why you may chose to wear a particular knot is not my affair. If worn improperly, that's a different matter ... but wear it or not, that's your business. BDPT00
  21. Would you advance this hypothetical Scout to Eagle? Doesn't sound very hypothetical to me. What I would feel like doing and what I would do would most likely be two different things. In the end, what I would feel like doing is mailing him his award. That would make it seem a little more fair to me. He did what he needed to do to get his award. Now it's on his resume, and he can ride off into the sunset. Have a nice day. BDPT00
  22. I know that my council was doing JLTC in the late 60s. It was a week-long course, held at summer camp. Our troop sent the SPL and ASPL the week before the rest of the troop went up. I remember them calling it "Jultcie." BDPT00
  23. Never heard of this black ribbon thing. What's up with that? BDPT00
  24. jpstodwftexas, I know the rules. You don't need to spell them out to me. You were right regarding the made up rule, and that's fine. My question to you is this: When you find out the proper way to wear a sash, will you follow the rules, or will you cling to something you heard from whenever/wherever/whyever before? BDPT00
  25. ponz, You neglected to mention that he also claims to be ordained. I don't know anyone who's ordained who is so rude and aggresively insulting. Nobody has asked about it before, so I will... How many matchbook covers did it take, and aside from trying to win arguments with it, what do you do with such a distinction? BDPT00
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