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  1. Slightly different? They're the exact opposite of each other (silver on purple, and purple on silver). BDPT00
  2. It's certainly possible that the lack of communication was between the organizers and the council. I'd guess the AHG units didn't just show up. I'll bet they were invited (or given the go-ahead) by someone at the council who just didn't happen to notify Tom or the registration folks. Rather than ask us, ask the units who came. I'm sure they'd be happy to share. BDPT00
  3. Your pack is setting them up? How so? Providing contacts, or making it part of the program? BDPT00
  4. Very well said, acco40. Never once did you mention a particular diagnosis. Thank you. The issue I'm seeing right now is that people are trying to understand the shooter, and when they discover a label, they use it, whether understood or not. That isn't doing anybody any good. Respect is a two way street, and yes, routine and knowing what to expect is important. That includes fairness, rewards, and consequences ... for everybody. Acco, your posts represent fairness and understanding. They do not represent a knee-jerk reaction to a label. Yes, this can be very difficult at times, just
  5. Well said. Thank you. This is exactly why many parents hesitate to tell anyone about the diagnoses. They don't want their kids to carry the label. Now people will attach baby killer to it! If we play this game correctly, Scouting is the one place these "different" kids can feel safe. They can fail witout ridicule, try again, and ultimately succeed and be recognized. Of all the kids you serve, these kids need you the most. Don't turn your back on them. BDPT00
  6. If you've met one kid with Asperger's, you've met one kid with Asperger's. Each Scout is an individual. We're in the character building and responsible citizenship business. Let's focus on that. A recent conversation with an Asperger's/Eagle Scout said that Scouting was the best thing he ever did. And yes, there were times he needed a timeout (he eventually learned when and how to do that himself). Don't give up on our kids. They need you (and you'll learn that we need them). BDPT00
  7. "Not quite right in the head" That's quite a label for someone who just happens to be wired a little differently. Does the prejudice stop at Asperger's, or do you include ADD and ADHD in this bucket of kids you don't want in your troop? Kicking them out of the unit isn't part of the solution. You might well be one of the most important people in this young man's life, and you're throwing away the opportunity. Do you want to help him succeed, or do you want to toss him aside, just like everyone else in our society? Thanks for helping. BDPT00
  8. I've seen bead presentations during a course. I think it's a terrible idea. I've also seen presentations at breakfast. The worst was 35 people getting beads at the same time. It was an absolute mess, and that practice has been discontinued. I agree. BDPT00
  9. I've seen bead presentations during a course. I think it's a terrible idea. I've also seen presentations at breakfast. The worst was 35 people getting beads at the same time. It was an absolute mess, and it eliminated that concept from future breakfasts. I agree. BDPT00
  10. Yes. Earned Boy Scout rank recognition may be worn on the Venturing uniform, and that includes a medit badge sash. The OP was asking about B.S. rank etc after age 18. My personal opinion, no. Given the option, I'd wear sqaure knots. BDPT00
  11. "radically Pseudo Christian" *** They're not radical, and they're not 'pseudo.' They're Christian. BDPT00
  12. How come BSA hasn't /doesn't partner with Royal Rangers or Campfire or Missionettes? *** They've already got co-ed programs/relationships. AHG's program and organization is very similar to BSA, and there's a good chance that charter parters for BSA or AHG would be suitable and willing to charter the other. Seems like a very good match to me. BDPT00
  13. 'I just wish AHG would be either more honest about their aims or better reflect their inclusiveness on their website.' *** Be more honest about what? I think they're very much up front with who they are and what they stand for. BDPT00
  14. The kids wouldn't have brought it up if they didn't think it to be wrong. They happen to be right, and even in today's messed up society, this is not Morally Straight. Needs to be fixed, and should not have been allowed to happen in the first place. This is a one tent couple, and that tent needs to go camp somewhere else. BDPT00
  15. Sharing a tent is way over the top. They need to take a break in either demonstrating their sexuality or in Scouting. The two don't mix. Inappropiate behavior needs to be addressed and corrected. I don't think it would be simple, but nothing will change if something isn't said. BDPT00
  16. Singing "Announcements?" There's no place for it in WB or NYLT. Sounds like yet another nail in the coffin of Basement's course. It's always sounded to me as though the staff members were pretty much into themselves. If the course director allowed the puffed egos, the inside jokes, and the announcement song, then he/she was a lousy course director. That kind of culture takes a long time to get rid of, because the staff (and participants) think it's supposed to be that way. They need to clean house. BDPT00
  17. Why are we beating our heads against the wall trying to find a way around this? Same kind of rule applied at the Olympics, and that was with adults. It's a rule. Just deal with it. If you don't like it, write to national, and leave the SE out of it. He can't change the rule. He might agree with you, and then you can both write to national. How's that? BDPT00
  18. Didn't mean to send before I was done. For the sake of argument, what would you do if a married couple attended Wood Badge; He's an Owl, and she's a Bear. Do they sleep together? What if she's a staffer instead? Does that matter? Just follow the rules. BDPT00
  19. Instead of fighting the system, consider this, just for the sake of argument ...
  20. I don't agree (surprised?). They're youth members, and male and female youth members don't share sleeping quarters. If one is a youth, and the other an adult, that doesn't work either. When they're both 21 and registered as adults, then go for it (I say that because simply turning 21 does not an adult Venturer make). It's a great question, and creates plenty of questions. Check the rules and follow them. Logical? Maybe not, but they'll have about 80 years to sleep together. What's the rush? BDPT00
  21. Personal opinion: I think that 30 people getting their beads all at once is a complete waste of time, and rather insulting to the recipients. BDPT00
  22. So? I happened to wear a beret at the time. The military also wears baseball caps. A hat's a hat. I don't think that's relevant. Another thing I liked was the collarless shirt. As long as there's a neckerchief worn with it, I think it's really handy. BDPT00
  23. Kids who have these hats seem to love them. I liked them when I was a Scout, too. Distictive, and very easy to pack and carry. BDPT00
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