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  1. It wasn't actually his uniform. It was a prop. The patch you're referring to was a position patch (and yes, out of place). They really overdid the Scout thing, but it was fun. BDPT00
  2. Thank you to John-in-KC. Modeling patrol behavior (for the sake of setting an example and for organization) should be applauded. A patrol flag and a duty roster would be nice touches. Modeling proper uniforming should also be applauded... and that would include not wearing a patrol patch on an adult uniform. It's pretty easy to do both. Thanks, John. The Insignia Guide is not hard to understand, but it's apparently hard to follow. BDPT00
  3. I'm curious if anyone might happen to know if there are certain criteria regarding the number of members for a District Committee. Is there a limit? Opinions would prove interesting, but I'm more interested in facts. If you know, could you also provide the source? Thanks, BDPT00
  4. "I guess you could say that I'm now a poly-theistic Christian now." What in the world is that? I think this may need a definition. BDPT00
  5. evmori writes: "I love this! Avery & BDPT00 are very possible the same person! And yet ya'll are taking the troll bait!" I didn't know what a troll is until this afternoon (I asked a friend). evmori is giving us/me/him/(her?) a lot of credit. Too bad he(?) is missing the meat of the topic (has yet to offer advice or opinion). I'm happy to see Neil step in. His advice regarding "missionary" or "vigorous" religions is very sound. Young people are vulnerable to crafty "missionaries," and by young, I'm referring to people several years older than you, Avery. Be careful. Move s
  6. Avery, Excuse me for a moment while I address two indivuduals who felt it appropriate to attack me (and you). evmori and Its Me, "Troll" is rather judgemental, and not appreciated. This young man was asking a legitimate question, for which I was giving my opinion (it was asked for). Your replies have nothing to do with the subject matter, and I don't feel they are welcome. I was expecting some diasagreement perhaps, but not name-calling. Am I to take it from your comments that you disagree with my opinion? If so, what's yours? Please share your opinions with Avery. He's reac
  7. "Hi, I am currently a member of the BSA, and I also do not believe in god. I want to know if you think I belong in scouts or not. Please give a reason for your opinion." Avery, I don't think you and the BSA are a good match. Reason? Page 9 of the Boy Scout Handbook (joining requirements) states in part, "Understand and agree to live by the Scout Oath." The Scout Oath begins, "On my honor I will do my best to do my duty to God." How can one agree to live by something he isn't willing to try to understand? How can one promise to do his duty to God when he believes there is none?
  8. I'll throw my hat into the ring, and say good luck in your search for life's answers. Sorry to see an honest young man go. Maybe you'll be back some day. Maybe not. Good question though, and thanks for it. BDPT00
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