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  1. I was finally beaded this past Sunday during a break at the current Woodbadge course. My patrol waited until everyone had finished their ticket and we brought our families to participate and watch. My wife (Venturing Committee Member) placed the beads on me, my oldest daughter (Venturer) placed the scarf on me and then my son (Cub Scout) and my daughter (honorary Cub Scout) slid the woggle on. My wife and children saw me work my tickets the past year and experienced the benefits of everything I completed, from teaching Emergency Preparedness to participating in the National Summertime
  2. I teach my children something to remember when things like that happen, "Do not argue with idiots because onlookers may not know the differance." When people say or act like you described there is no advantage to engaging them verbally. I DO watch their actions and I am prepared to step in and prevent any more agression (verbally or physically). Write down a description of the person, the statement, time date location and the vehicle license if possible. That could be important information later for the next group that takes over your spot, your distict rep. and for police if it warran
  3. Good Job! Woodbadge was a great experience for me too. Still working those tickets until the end of june though. I used to be a Bear and a good 'ol bear too..... W4-45-11-2
  4. I saw the Australian uniform and YYAAWWNNEEDD. Boring and ugly especially in an outdoor setting. The Canadian uniform is much better but still not equal to BSAs. I wear the full BSA scout leader inform because it is so functional. The shirt can be converted to long or short sleeve, is breathable, roomy for activities and as long as you do not put on every patch or medal you have ever earned, then it is practical. The pants can be shorts or pants, are made of a durable canvas and the pockets are great for holding snacks, hand books, skits or whatever. I would change the necker though.
  5. Our pack conducted an Emergency Preparedness Pin Day at the local fire department training center. In one room, pack leaders and parents received CPR certifications and the other room, the dens and siblings were split up and the Den Chiefs and other parents and leaders went over the common requirements. This was done also with fire department paramedics who demonstrated their equipment and took them for a tour if the training facility. (really cool) The BAT and FACT books were ordered from the local Red Cross over the phone. All the scouts had a great time, and the parents reported that th
  6. I was a very young boy camping with my family in Michigan, and my father pitched the tent in a natural drainage in the campsite. We woke to a heavy rain and water flowing through the tent and over our bags about 2 or 3 in the morning. Dad put the family in the car and jammed the tent and bags into the trunk. He drove us home and I did not camp again until I was an adult. That was a lesson I keep to this day.
  7. When I was a Tiger Den Leader a couple of years ago, all that was available was that tiny little one for leaders. Shortly after that, I bought the larger sized adult leader necker and I have been wearing it since. I must have started a trend because we went from just little ole me to every leader except one wearing a necker. Mine is worn and getting a little faded now because I use it for carrying water, tying things together, ect so the cubs see that it is a useful piece of gear. I recently bought some dark blue silk fabric and made a large square necker like the ole cowboys did in th
  8. Hey Beavah, The statement from the Eagle Scout was kinda funny and sad. I was smiling while reading it, but I wonder what he says when asked why he is a scout and even pursued his Eagle. Would he rather just wear a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and hang out with friends? Why would he think the uniform is just for adults to dress up to impress? Do all the scouts on the EBOR feel that way? It would be interesting to find out how he formed this opinion through his scouting life. I am not trying to stir things up, I am genuinely curious what we have if we take away the uniformity?
  9. I see valid points from both the "Made In USA" and the "buy it for less crowd". I believe that the free market could solve this situation. Have a USA manufactured uniform and an Asian made uniform sold side by side at the Scout Shop. Let the consumer study the product and make the choice about quality and price. I know from experience that a USA made uniform cam be made with excellent quality and at a competitive price.
  10. I just cook a little bacon on low to season my iron. That way I get something good eat and also season the iron with something tasty later.
  11. Congratulations! I agree, Woodbadge is the best thing I have done for myself, family and pack. My actions in the past year have encouraged many others to attend Woodbadge also. I am very proud of that. Sounds like that last ticket item was going to be a tough one from the beginning. It should be a challenge though. Can you tell me which lesson from Woodbadge you applied to that situation in order to come to a resolution? Still working my ticket, W4-45-11-2 Bear Patrol I am not eating that fox, just playing until it stops squeaking
  12. Shortridge, Your statement, "You don't seem to understand what's wrong with a religiously tolerant organization partnering with and favoring a religiously exclusivist organization. I'm sorry that you don't get it, but I can't find a simpler way to explain it." I get "it", I just do not have a problem with "it". Just like I do not have a problem with any other "religiously exclusivist organization" doing the same thing. The explanation is in the name, "American Heritage Girls". Does it make sense to have foreign nationals talk about and instill American values when they are not
  13. Shortridge, You are going around in circles. You state the obvious, AHG is an openly Christian organization with openly Christian statements, so what. If you are of another faith, they will not turn you away, you will just have to deal with Christians doing Christian things in a scout setting. Is that so bad? Don't like it, start your own group, ignore them or even love them as I am sure they would do for you. As for the U.S. citizen leadership issue, so what. The American government has the has requirements. U.S. citizenship means something, it is special, it is something that
  14. The BSA is a uniformed organization for a reason. It builds unity among the boys, removes perceived class structure, and is a statement to any onlookers that they are organized and not rag tag. I knew coming in that the uniform was to be worn and I am proud to wear the entire uniform. I have a pair of the cargo pants with the zip off legs and they have served me very well for two years now. No problems, no complaints.
  15. Shortridge, That whole comment was weird. Where is the connection with a hundred year old comment from Baden-Powell, AHG and Westchester?
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