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  1. We have had a fortunate turn of events for our troop. After speaking to our COR, who was the previous Scoutmaster (3 SMs ago), he met with the committee prior to the meeting and advised them that the current process was not correct and would need to be changed, but was not suggesting that it change that evening. The IH was also present (also a Life Scout) and he confirmed that the troop election process needs to be followed. There was a brief push back from the prior SM but the COR restated that this was not a suggestion from BSA but was specifically spelled out. The COR did not remain in the committee meeting during the vote and joined the troop meeting. As fate would have it, the adult vote resulted in a 3 way tie. The current SM informed the COR that there was a problem as the vote resulted in a 3 way tie. COR saw that a tie would allow the SPL to select his new ASPL. The end result was the SPL did select his ASPL and also, the committee is now aware that they have a process that needs to be changed by next year's TROOP election. Thanks again for your support and ideas.
  2. Thank you all for your insight and giving us a few options to think about and try. I am optimistic that we can make changes and this will be an important one. I expect that by this time next year, the boys will be having a troop election for the next SPL. So the SM and I will sit down and begin to eat this elephant, one bite at a time. I may be back to the forum later this spring as the SM and I will be introducing this radical idea about Patrols
  3. Yes, I was one of those new dads who really had no clue of what was going on. Also, this is the time of year that I am co-chair of a fundraising event and we have our meetings every other Wednesday. Likely I was not present when the committee voted last year. Another parent in the troop stated that they have been doing this for several years. Uphill and onward we go.
  4. I am a new Parent in a Troop and was a scout for 2 years when I was a youth. My experience in running a troop is little to none. I have completed all of the required training to be an Assistant Scout Master. We have a new Scoutmaster and the previous Scoutmaster is still active in the troop. The New Scoutmaster wants to make changes to the program that moves the Troop further along in the 'Boy Lead' area. He is really focused on leadership development. He is running into a committee that does not want to make changes and have challenged the SM's authority to make program changes. I tell the SM that it will take time to change some things. Our Troop is active, organized, growing, etc. so not all things are bad. Which I believed was true . . . until I received the following email from the CC. "There will be a special committee meeting tomorrow, Wed., Feb. 23, at 6:30 for the appointment of the Assistant Senior Patrol Leader. Senior Patrol Leader and Assistant Senior Patrol Leader are the only two scout positions in the troop that the committee votes on. Procedure: -Parents of candidates will be asked to leave the room. -Candidates will each introduce themselves and give brief presentation of their ideas and why they think they are qualified -Past Senior Patrol leaders and current assistant senior patrol leader will give input -Scoutmaster and Assistants will give input -Discussion and questions -Vote by all committee members present (you are part of the committee if you have a son in the troop. One vote per family.) Note: Please abstain from voting if you do not know any of the candidates." EOM WOW! What the heck happened here? I cannot believe the parents have hijacked the election process of who will be the SPL. I know that the SM Handbook and SPL Handbook both state that the SPL is elected by the boys of the troop. I have already called our COR and he will talk with the CC. I hope he can undo this before a new ASPL is announced. I don't want a potential leader disappointed if the process is overturned later. Thoughts?
  5. New formum member, well, actually been a member for a year, just getting around to making my first post.
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