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  1. Look into Federal Surplus for some of you needs. Contact me by email and I can navigate you through it. Backpacks, Sleeping systems and many other items. Our Troop is set up and we save $$$.
  2. Look into Federal Surplus for some of you needs. Contact me by email and I can navigate you through it. Backpacks, Sleeping systems and many other items. Our Troop is set up and we save $$$.
  3. I have also seen camps just go through the motions of the classes and sign off on Blue Cards. This year we attended a camp out of our council that truly impressed me with their MB classes and First year Scout program. As always I observed several of the classes and was impressed. They followed all reqiurements to a "T" and even handed out tests to take. Mid week all the MB councelers meet with the Scoutmasters and had notes on each Scouts progress and gave reports on participation. The Scouts had a great time and actually learned the MB's taken. I am sure we will go back there.
  4. We have decided that the Scouts wear neckers and the adult leaders wear boloo's.
  5. There is always that 1 person that will question everything. I am a quite person and I am a Scoutmaster. I do not need to be loud and I do not encourage my Scouts to be loud to get attention. Remember that actions speak louder then words. When someone is loud that can be intimidating to some scouts. When my SPL or me want the rooms attention we put up the Scout sign and within 30 second we have a silent room. Even though a person is quite that does not mean they are shy. I routinely lead meetings and training sessions at work in front of 20 to 30 people.
  6. It is no big deal to fill out the form and turn it in (in my council). I think it is just a way to make sure your fundraiser is legal and legitamate. Think of it as a second set of eyes to make sure the Scouts and the Troop are protected. I wish they would look at them harder.
  7. boomerscout, We did think about the idea of spreading it but the committee shot it down. Some said no because they were afraid a Scout might get hurt (Safety issue in their eyes), other said we would be doing too much fundraising. I was even warned by the COR to keep it short and "Don't make a business out of it." The Troop has alway been small so they have always done small fundraisers and what that did not cover our CO picked up. With the poor economy our CO is not able to do that so we have to rely on ourselves. I keep reminding the committee that a Scout "EARNS THEIR WAY". We n
  8. A Troop down the road directs parking the week of the county fair and does well from what I am told. We are looking for our "BIG" fundraisers so we are not selling all year long. With a lot of convincing we finally got the committee to let the Troop set up a concession stand at a festival in the next town. The event brings 250,000 people to the area and other Troops sell chairs for the parade and 1 runs a concession. So we are running a concession on the other ensd of town. This year we also are selling bagged mulch. We take orders and payment, then we deliver the mulch to the customers hous
  9. Our Troop camps every month. We do not do extravigant camping. For 10 of our camping trips it costs around $15 to $20. The other 2 camping trips are Summer Camp ($260) and a trip that is dreamed up by the PLC (cost around $100). The Troop just started individual Scout accounts where the Scouts earn a percentage of fundraising into their account to pay for their Scouting. A Scout should help "EARN THEIR OWN WAY". By keeping it affordable Scouts and their famililies are not burdened financially by Scouting.
  10. Interesting turn of events. A few weeks ago I attended a pack meeting to answer question for the cubs and parents. During the meeting I meet their UC that happens to be a grandfather of one of their cubs. We talked a little and he let me know new council news. At our meeting tonight the Packs UC showed up to our Troop the meeting to let me know about the new tour plan. I ask if he is my new UC and he said no but he wanted to make sure we got the info. We talked a little and he has offered to help us out. He even offered to bring me my Recharter paperwork next week and present it at our
  11. The answers to the question are all over the place. I just wanted to know what I should expect from a UC. I saw ours 1 time in two years. After calling the Scout office 4 times in a month trying to track down our recharter paperwork. The UC finally showed up with it in mid December. He showed up with the DC and introduced theirselves at our christmas party. The DC said "I am usually invited to troop functions like this." I said " I would have if I knew who you where." He didn't care for that answer but I tell it like it is. The UC was in his mid 20's,very unorganized and dressed very slo
  12. Just wondering the degree of interaction that should be expected?
  13. Back to the car manufacture analogy. I have studied Toyota's philosophy, what to know what it is?? I will tell you. Toyota's employees work in Teams with a high emphasis on teamwork where different teammates hold different positions of leadership. The teammates will swap positions around from time to time (sound a lot like patrols). The teams also decide how they will get their work done themselves with minimum guidance from supervision. They discuss the task and as a team come up with a plan to accomplish the task. They save tons of money by not having middle management (Sounds like a
  14. Thanks fellows!! I think the person giving me the info was either misinformed or trying to scare me into filling out the tour plan correctly. It is great to be able to ask questions and get answers from knowledgable Scouters. THANKS
  15. The council is holding a roundtable tonight.I will definatly be there to get answers. New tour plan and a new medical form. The legal Dept. at National sure has been keeping busy reacting to recent events. Hey The Blancmange can you give me the low down on the insurance I have never had to deal with it.
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