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  1. How long on the forum? Some days, too long ...other days, still a youngster
  2. That makes good sense! Thanks Barry! I just cancelled my order for the crown x60. My state, well usually, confusion and denial but I'm located in Mass
  3. Yeah, when I was a young strapping lad, I could diamond hitch just about anything to a WWII (maybe Korean War) pack frame our Troop had and carry way too much But those days are gone and I'm expecting Vitamin I (despite conditioning before going) will be my best friend on this trek
  4. And I'm fretting over the Alps seams once again letting loose
  5. I'm obsessing with the choice of a pack for a 2020 Philmont trek On one hand I have my tried and true Alps Cascade 5200 (85 Liters) pack on the other hand I got a good price on a Granite Gear Crown X60 (60 liters). The Pros and Cons as I see them right now are Alps Pros I already own it There is plenty of room for my stuff, crew gear, and Philmont gear It fits well and is comfortable Cons It is heavy (5 pounds 8 oz) The pack has been repaired a few times (the sewed seams leave a lot to be desired) With the extra space in the pack, I could over
  6. No, I'm hoping to make some contacts around the states or perhaps the world using a light weight radio, small morse key, and an end feed antenna (all together weighing less than a pound). Oh course this would be stop for the night. Perhaps generate some interest in signaling Merit Badge and Amateur Radio. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/QRP_operation https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Summits_on_the_Air
  7. With the advent of low power transceivers available on the market, has anyone used one of these units on the trail at Philmont. If you have what band (CW I assume) , antenna, and could you make any contacts?
  8. how about "the Scouting organization formally known as Boy Scouts" or Scouting The Fun Units - better known by it's initials when in communications with the Girl Scouts USA
  9. Funny, sounds a lot like several other councils (mine included) But there is nothing that says you have to attend the in council camp when there are great camps in other councils. (Events too)
  10. When we are asked this question, in our district, we get a Tom Sawyer response. For example, Scoutmaster: I think the district should have a STEM event. District Chair or DE: OK, so you’re hosting the next camproee! Cubmaster: We really need some help in recruitment. District Chair: Great, we will make you district membership chair. So my advise is to listen to what they have to say, take the good ideas and make a plan, get the help you need and execute. Please don't throw it back on their shoulders of the one who suggested it unless they are voluntee
  11. I wonder if round tables have outlived their purpose with the advent of instant information on the Internet
  12. I think its called the Scoutmaster's Benediction "May the great Scoutmaster of all true Scouts be with us till we meet again." It works well for us because it's non-denominational and is said by our troop Chaplain aide or the Scoutmaster when the Chaplain aide isn't there.
  13. Pardon me while I vent It's bad enough when Scouts are using their cell phones during a meeting but when the SE and DE are doing it during an Eagle COH that's just rude!
  14. An exit interview in Scouting?!!! Every day Scouting sounds more and more like a Dilbert strip.
  15. With apologies to Will Rogers... BSA has the best knot money can buy. That being said, I would not accept one given in my honor and if it came to be in my procession it would not be worn.
  16. You have the possibility of "poking a hornet's nest" with your troop. I would suggest an anonymous donation in the name of a candidate paid directly to the wood badge course.
  17. If I had my choice, I would go back to the community strips
  18. In our case, plates and napkins are donated by a local supermarket. (We do pizza.) We have water donated by a local water bottler.
  19. "oh brave new world that has such people in it" John the Savage
  20. A food competition featuring local restaurants who donate their food for the chance to win a trophies (and bragging rights) - Think of a common food that each might have. some examples Chili Hot wings pizza donuts Find a place to hold it, and date. Limit it to only one food item and determine a small size for the public to sample. Publicize with flyers and any kind of free advertising you can get from radio stations, newspapers, etc Have a way for public to vote for their favorate Public pays at the door for admission Of course there is more to planing this kind of event b
  21. A yearly meeting (or two) to plan the year Once a month on a separate night from troop meetings. Before or after a troop meeting if necessary
  22. So with dwindling membership, the thought is to make Scouting more expensive? Seems legit
  23. If I'm hired to build a Walmart, can I get the Scouts to provide the materials and labor if I call it a "service project"?
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