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  1. I've been Cubmaster for 4 years now. I'm at all the Den meetings, do the opening announcements (Always brief) and flag ceremony. Then usually help any Den leader who needs it. Right now I'm running the Tiger Den until the WebII leader's son crosses over, then he will take over for his youngest son. I'm lucky to have a "9 to 5" job with lots of vacation, so haven't missed a Pack meeting or campout in 5 years . All of our Dens meet on the same night, so I get there a few minutes early to unlock the Church.
  2. I'm the Cubmaster, and yes, my Son acts up, always yelling "hey Dad" etc when I'm trying to run a Pack meeting. He's a good kid, but to him, I'm Dad, doesn't matter I have the CM hat on. So I've told the Den leaders to feel free to call him on it, and they do :') And I agree, he does get "stuck" coming early and staying late to every event, but he doesn't realize the perks he gets either, a lot more camping which he enjoys, gets to pick the menus he likes etc. So, he's no worse than many other kids, just more obvious when he interupts me
  3. We've had several campouts on Mothers Day as a Pack, this year was our Councils 100th anniversary Camporee. Most Moms either come along, or are glad to have the house to themselves. My wife's favorite was two years ago, her bithday and mother's day on the same weekend, and I took both kids camping :')
  4. Thanks for all the great ideas everyone. I'm stuck with the event being in June as it is a citywide event, but perhaps next year we'll look at moving Graduation into May as it's own event, and just enjoy the campout in June :')
  5. Thanks TT, that poem was the best :') This event is All Scouts weekend, and this is the 60th anniversary. All of the Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and families take over the park for the weekend, there are events all day Saturday, starting with a parade, and ending with a dance. We try to make this a special event every year, going even bigger this year with a whole pig being roasted, but still can only get about 1/2 of the the Pack to attend. Come on people, it's within 5 miles of everyone's house!
  6. My position is Cubmaster, and as such I send out emails to the entire Pack about upcoming events. I make it very clear that I need a response as to attendence by a specific date, but there's always a few who can't be bothered to click on respond. How do you handle these parents? The current event is Graduation and a dinner (pig roast) at a park in our town, where you can camp for the weekend as well. It's been on the calendar all year, I've been talking about it for months, yet two families plan a vacation the same weekend, 4 more families "can't make it", and several others haven't resp
  7. Our local Goodwill has Scout uniforms available at Halloween only. I asked why, and was told that they aren't clothes people would normally wear daily, so they consider them "costumes"
  8. Nope, nothing to do with the family other than a friend. One of the boys is Dad's favorite, the other two don't get much attention, or want it from Dad.
  9. Yes, two sides to every story I know. We'll have to wait and see if the protection order is granted, and then do our best for the two boys who are in the Troop. Thanks everyone
  10. He's a Committee member, not the SM. Yes, we do need to wait and see what, if any, court order is given. It is being requested for both the mom and Kids, and she is the one with full custody who brings the boys to the meetings.
  11. Not wanting to start a witch hunt, but we have a current leader, who has recently gotten divorced, and is getting verbally violent with the ex wife and kids (not at a Scouting event). She is working on getting a restraining order to keep him away from her and the kids (two boys who are in the Troop), what is the Troop's responsibility to enforce the Court's order? My thought is that the Leader should be asked to leave, as we are here for the boys, but he's firmly entrenched in the "old boy's network". Thoughts?
  12. We just went Family Camping this past weekend, we had the boys put together the ingredients for omlettes in a bag (leaders did the boiling water part), then we made buddy burners and had the boys cook on them with parent/leader supervision for lunch. The boys had a blast, and really liked that they were involved with cooking, not just served something.
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