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  1. > Can a Scout use the hours accumulated from a Scout Service project for both rank advancement requirements and school requirements? Short answer: Yes Long answer: Read the requirements. If there is no restrictions in the requirements, you cannot add them. No one can add to the requirements but national.
  2. The chartering partners own the BSA units. I don't think the same is true about the GSUSA units.
  3. AZMike, the chances of the BSA doing something that would cause the LDS church to pull their charters is ZERO Your talking about the elimination of Scouting in Nevada, UT, AZ and NM and the closing of Philmont. Ain't gonna happen.
  4. I would caution against awarding a rank or merit badge before at least entering the advancement in Internet Advancement. There have been too many cases where an unregistered Scout has been advanced and it is only caught when the Scout goes for his Eagle and council does the checking.
  5. The Methodists are recommending delay in the implementation, not rejection of the new policy. They need more time to prepare.
  6. Skeptic your looking at the wrong file on that website. Click on the 1st picture
  7. see letter here: http://www.gcumm.org/
  8. 2/3rds of the councils want a change? I guess I missed that, can you reference where you got that please?
  9. A lot of PLCs make the mistake of planning the meetings first and then the outing. Start with the outing. The meetings exist to support the outing. PLC Planning Process: 1) Figure out what your outing will be. Choose something interesting and exciting. 2) Make a detailed plan of your outing making sure there is stuff for all levels of Scouts to do. Make sure all time is accounted for, and it is FUN, new and exciting! A template is available for outings in the Scoutmaster Handbook 3) Based upon the skills needed on the outing, plan your instruction sessions at your troop m
  10. Much of the merit badge program is financed from the sale of merit badge books and badges. The BSA has looked into and will be offering electronic merit badge books in the not too distant future that will be dowanloadable to iphones and tablets and the like and sold where you get applets.
  11. I don't know of any suits of a troop allowing homosexuals attend. And I don't know on what grounds such a suit would be raised. As long as the troop was following BSA policies, the BSA will defend them and the CO.
  12. AZMIke, if we left it up to the boys, the policy would change today
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