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  1. So, I'm looking for ideas on flying a flag to be given at an ECoH. Is it possible to fly a flag over Gilwell (British or American) for this purpose? Does anyone have any other unique ideas?
  2. Hi... can someone please tell me an easier way of understanding how Palms work? I have tried. I understand the basics, but my CC recently mentioned that a Scout "maxes out" at a certain number of Palms and can earn no more. I assume this is false information, but it is for some reason a struggle for me to "get" how they are figured. A Scout in my Troop had 71 at his EBoR (last week) and will have probably over 100 before he is 18. How does one do the math? Is a program such as Troopmaster going to calculate it automatically? How does the number already having been earned, affect how they are p
  3. My Eagle Scout, ASM, MBC, son is through hiking southbound starting in the middle of June. I'm dropping him off and have committed to at least trying to summit Katahdin to see him off with pics. Wish him luck.
  4. Great idea, Qwazse. I think I'll bring it up at our next meeting. I'm actually in charge of recruiting counselors and managing the list, so I'll see if I can make this happen. Thanks everyone for your input.
  5. Hi My son bought an Exploration (possibly "Exploring", it isn't right in front of me) MB book at the Scout shop last week... but neither of us can find anything at all about it online. A few sites mention it as one for the future, but there really doesn't seem to be any more information available. He read the reqs and would like to find a counselor, etc., but what's the story?? Is it unreleased as of yet? It isn't listed on merit badge sites that I can find. thanks, baseballfan
  6. Hondaman, the closest I can come to helping you with your Tiger estimations is my first son, who was a Tiger (exactly as you described) in 98-99. The change must have been after that but before second son, Tiger (regular uniform) in 2007-8.
  7. We made my first son's DL a collage of photos from through the years, with notes and signatures on the back- and each boy in the Den made a few minutes' speech to her in front of the crowd at B&G. I got an Amazon gift card, which was handy for buying new trail runners... but the best, for me, was a letter from one of the boys in my Den (who is now my DC in his younger brother's Den) stating what his favorite memories of Cubs were and how much I had taught him. It still hangs on my bulletin board. Rereading it occasionally gives me new motivation when being a Cub leader is making me frown.
  8. ask the Scouts!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't think it was a good idea, thought I would have to give them a skit, but they came up with one on their own that involved me driving a bus full of Scouts and at each bus stop, one of them got off the "bus" and made a Scouty announcement. Two of them were, "if you like playing games, join Cub Scouts!" and "Don't lose your slide!"
  9. ask the Scouts!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't think it was a good idea, thought I would have to give them a skit, but they came up with one on their own that involved me driving a bus full of Scouts and at each bus stop, one of them got off the "bus" and made a Scouty announcement. Two of them were, "if you like playing games, join Cub Scouts!" and "Don't lose your slide!"
  10. in my Pack, it's up to the individual Den leader to decide how to best schedule a successful Den year... most of us meet twice a month. We do have one DL who meets every week barring holidays etc., but most are every other. Some are an hour, some are 90 min. Making weekly meetings mandatory would drive many DLs right out the door IMO.
  11. and just to clarify, the colors aren't earned, they are just bought, Anytime is fine, in my Pack we just ask the parents to have them ready to go by the time those first activity pins are earned. I always thought putting them on the hat seemed like a bad idea.
  12. we had a blind boy in my older son's Pack. I would try not to worry too much... tell his leader what you told us, and trust him to do his best to do the right thing.
  13. Stosh, I think that sounds like a great idea. We have solid color neckers with Troop logo, SPLs have contrasting. (Same necker, opposing color/trim). As far as I ever knew, it doesn't matter one little bit what your Troop decides.
  14. Karen, I mistakenly answered on your other post not having seen that you had already gotten answers here. I disagree with your response to King Dingdong. If I read this and realized it was one of my Den parents writing about me, I would ask you to find another Pack.
  15. I think it's totally reasonable. I charge a dollar per Den meeting and have at least 30 meetings a year. Please feel free to ask the Den leader for specifics if you would feel better... but if he hasn't charged in the past I can almost guarantee he and his family are out hundreds of dollars for what he has provided for the first 2 years. $50 pack registration is pretty low, he probably isn't getting reimbursed at all for his expenses so far.
  16. Camp Joseph Citta (Jersey Shore Council) is the best summer camp I've ever been to.
  17. LeCastor, we do that as trip leaders. Most trips have "awards" for silly things that are presented at CoH. The biggest laugh I can remember was when our SM put a whole campground on emergency hold, combing the lake etc., because he (a certified lifeguard) has forgotten his buddy tag at the waterfront. I made him a buddy tag he could never forget- out of posterboard. We also have several Troop-specific awards that receive a plaque or something similar at our Feb (big year-in-review) CoH.
  18. lol good thread. My favorite was at a camporee a few years ago, when a Scout stood with a ukelele and did a great rendition of Train's "Hey Soul Sister" which is an excellent singalong song. There were about 200 people singing and I'll never forget that one.
  19. scoutergipper, my son is in his 3d year and what he is learning is mainly that leading Bears is a lot different than leading Tigers! Long-term DCs are wonderful IMO. The Boy Scout does indeed learn a lot. I am about to have a Come To Jesus conversation with my own DC and I hope it goes well and he will shape up. Whether or not it is a sibling is immaterial IMO- as long as your DC has the right maturity level he will do well. That's what my issue is right now, my DC isn't anywhere near as mature or helpful as my last one was and I am regretting him. Last week a Scout in my Troop asked if he can
  20. Our Scouts decide at their leadership/next year trip planning meeting every August or September. They have never gone as a Troop to our local camp, nor have they ever gone to the same summer camp 2 years in a row.
  21. FWIW, my son hated the Jamboree tent. He said it was too hot, for one thing.
  22. Surf, I think it depends on the activities. Maybe redo the fun ones that would make a great meeting anyway, or redo at a meeting that has all the new Scouts in attendance and maybe a couple of the more experienced boys are absent? As far as Bobcat I can't recommend highly enough having the current Wolves teach the Bobcat to the new Scouts whenever they join. It is fun, it is a good confidence booster. We have enjoyed using various trivia type games and cutting the promise, etc., into puzzle pieces to be properly put together. Have fun in Wolves!
  23. I agree with Qwazse. The important thing IMO is for the Scout to get the best experience at that badge. If his SM is the best teacher, most knowledgeable, etc, that is an ideal situation. Our district does have a rule no counselor can counsel more than 5 badges, and only 3 Eagle-required badges. I think it is a good policy.
  24. "I am a Eagle Scout. I earned my Eagle at 16. I believe he is to youg...he has not experienced anything about scouting. I have been to a National Scout Jamboree, Philmont Scount Ranch in New Mexico, 7 years of summer camp, many Klondike Derby's, fall and spring camporees etc. I am also a member of the Order of the Arrow. What are his "Scouting" experiences besides bookwork?" flwolf, that attitude, to put it too bluntly, sucks. My first son was a past-18 BoR Eagle, and is an ASM, 3 years of camp staff, 5 years of summer camp, OA Brother, Elangomat, etc., etc. Yay for him. My younger s
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