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  1. My 0.02 I am a vet that did multiple tours in the mid east and spent many months in gulf region nations. additionally i am coming from a non religious point of view. This thread is using islam and muslims as if it is one religion. it is not. Sunni and Shia among many others this is a very important details. if you do not understand why then you need to do serious research. Like why isnt Saudi Arabia or turkey fighting ISIS. But Iran is. For those of you who are Christians. i have read nothing in the new testament that allows you to have a call for violence against anyone. I leave you with this one story from an acquaintance of mine from Bahrain. As he was showing me his Mosque. He was displaying the art and craftsman ship of the mosque which was very impressive. Then he told me of the rituals for worship. "Here is where we men will pray and in this room is where the woman and children will pray. and your western whores will be allowed if they cover them selves." I had many other conversation with the avg. joe on the street. When I left the region my thoughts where and still are. Well at least they hate each other more then they hate us.
  2. THAWK, As a Taoist... I would not object to the ten commandments being displayed at a Governmental location. ie. City hall or a public park. As an American I do. The constitution states "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof." As an American i stand by the constitution. A town government that does this IMHO has violated the US constitution amendment 1. in that they respected the establishment of 1 religion over others. Unless they not only allowed but funded similar displays of other faiths.
  3. LeCastor I gave it a shot. I will refrain from quoting various Scriptures as I do not want to offend anyone via a missed quote or contextual issues. To help other people at all times: Islam: Praised for giving charity but only if done in private, for to help others for the sake of being praised for helping others is shameful. Judaism: Teaches that not helping someone in need is not much different than actively harming that person. Christianity:To not help others when in need is an offence. Taoism: The fact that there was help is the difference not the person. Buddhism: Doing good leads to Nirvana Hinduism: Actions that benefit the 5 sections of society women, children, animals, saintly people and the elderly. To keep myself physically Strong: Islam: Follow the Quran and Allah will give you a health. Judaism: To be physically Strong is a requirement for survival Christianity: Keeping yourself physically fit is seen as good Taoism: A still person does not dance. Never give a sword (In our case knife)to a person who cannot dance. Buddhism: The body and mind must be balanced Hinduism: The soul moves the body to attain pure consciousness Mentally awake: Islam: Advance your intellect, but control it Judaism: The glory of god is intellect Christianity: Nothing directly related to intellect that I found Taoism: Having a Vacant mind gives you a full mind Buddhism: The body and mind must be balanced Hinduism: Intellect is simply a conduit for the soul to interact with the physical world and Morally Straight: Islam: 'Straight Path' Clear cut (but complex) set of duties and commands Judaism: 'To point the way' A set laws to be applicable to all aspects of life Christianity: A list of doing good or evil based on examples and traditions Taoism: without evil there is no good Buddhism: List of 5 overarching activities that one is prohibited from Hinduism: Renounce the fruits of labor
  4. Calico, for precisly these reason you state are why eagle scouts get a leg up. Becuase of the defined program. A 15 year old eagle scout did several measurable activities, has a standardized set of base knowledge. has put in a specific set of dues in blood sweat and tears. 15 year old Black belts - Did they all do the same program do they all have the same knowledge? Even in the same form? No nothing is standardized. Both are great programs but only one is measurable to a complete outsider.
  5. So saying a prayer to a Christian god is OK but anything not christian is a little too much? And you are the one that should decide what religious faith are appropriate? As far as paraphraseing Pslams. The bible is not orginally written in english. If you are going to be dogmatic in wording of the bible you need to read it in Aramaic, Greek, Hebrew or Latin. the languages spoken at the time. On top of that the current bible wasnt even created until 325AD. Think about that That is like in 150 years from now rewiting the US constitution in whatever way you want and backdate it to 1774 and say this is what Washington, Franklin, Adams and the rest said to do.
  6. Every year we did PWD i told myson before the event. that he was going to lose because the dad's build some of the cars. I would help him but that was it. By the time he was in webelos PWD was more of a pain for him. Amazingly he lost to cars that had looked like they had CAD/CAM work done on them. He knew the race was fixed from the beginning. best thing about boy scouts no PWD
  7. I dont think any trophy should be awarded to a cub that Dad builds the car for him.
  8. no your did not directly say that but the impression I get is that you would based on your comments.
  9. Fred so a scout that isnt your churches religion isn't alowed to publicly express their religion?
  10. Christineka. I found this pdf it is how to involve scout in scouting and does reference blindness. http://www.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/34059.pdf
  11. Concur with the above The CC is way out of line.
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