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  1. As this is an annual event, I'm fairly certain that the Packs would not have a clue where/how to put that $$. Because it's a family event, there is much equipment needed. Our Troop's 'invite the Packs' campout involves every single Dutch oven, stove and patrol box we can gather from anyone willing to lend. I know how much wear and tear has been done on our gear (dining fly canopy ripped when it blew over in windstorm....trailer got a flat from a nail in the parking lot....hinge busted on patrol box due to Cub Scout thinking he could sit on it....) you name it, it's been busted, repaire
  2. I would re-do the advancements that were taught at Day Camp. For some Scouts, reinforced learning would be a plus. For other requirements, perhaps the Scout who remembers best could tell the others about their experience and then the whole bunch could work on the requirements together. I know 45min or so session in Day Camp really isn't enough to go through some of these requirements. And the Scout skills learned now do carry forward with the boys.
  3. I used it on the Pack level as both Advancement Chair and later as CC. I also use it on the Troop level as CC. I found Troopmaster's staff very helpful, exceptionally knowledgeable (considering most are not active Scouters) and willing to take the time to help our unit(s) make the most of their system. I highly recommend calling them. That's what you've paid for, after all! However, if there is a general-ish question, I'd be happy to help. I'm sorry to hear the old AC isn't willing/interested in helping. BTDT, wrote the book! Ask away under this post and I'll check back later.
  4. Thank you all for chiming in. I appreciate your answers more than I can express. I finally found somewhat of an answer in the Guide to Advancement - where it does state on page 45, section (the gray sidebar on the right column) which essentially states that a SM can delegate authority to a knowledgeable ASM or other unit leader for preliminary MBC duties (advising Scout, interviewing for interest, recommending MBC, etc.). This individual would then sign the blue card in lieu of the SM. I have further discovered the question is posed by a incoming SM, who is already ad
  5. I'm a new MBC coordinator for our District. Of course, it's after hours and I have a very good question from a leader that I cannot answer. Hoping someone here can help (of course, it's Fri evening!). Here's the question: ~~Do you know if there are any limitations or restrictions for the merit badge process when a SM is also a MBC? For example, should another unit leader (Advancement Chair or ASM) sign the final approval on the blue card if the SM served as the MBC? Or, should a SM not serve as a MBC for Scouts in his troop? I looked through the Guide to Advancement and did not see
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