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  1. i dont see an edit button, so i'm going to have to do a double post. sorry in advance. i think its important to mention that my troop is falling apart. four of the top leaders have left, and now we are left with only the committee chairman. i dont know the whereabouts of the other four people, because i was away from scouting for so long (senior year of HS, freshman college, etc) and so much has changed since i was away. i can ballpark and try to guess the dates of advancement, but they wont be the exact ones do you think my eagle will be rejected or delayed if i'm missing dates? i a
  2. it is dated and signed, but the writing is not legible. and i completed pieces of the rank, and dont know the day when everything was officially done and my BOR passed as for the letters of rec, i'll try to think of something. does it have to be formalized or anything with specific instructions/guidelines? or can the writers just write what they feel about me regarding the scout oaths/law/scouting. thank you so much for helping me
  3. the person who was in charge of the dates left a long time ago, and does not have my records. i asked the main person in charge of our entire troop (dont know official rank name) and he says he doesnt have anything do i need 5 letters of recommendation? or can the people checking my application simply call my references. when it said recommendation, i did not think of it as a written letter, but just simply someone who knows i live by the scout law/oath, and hence i did not ask anyone in particular to write me anything, but i told them what i was listing them down for. what should i do ab
  4. my 18th birthday is about a week away, and i have finished everything. i have a few last questions 1. what do i do at my scoutmaster conference? (i'm meeting smaster tomorrow) 2. there are many dates on the eagle app. i am not sure about many of them (exact date i joined, exact date of life scout, etc) 3. who do i turn in my eagle app and eagle workbook to? 4. do i need to do anything else besides #3? (besides EBOR) please reply, and thank you - James
  5. alright thank you so much for everyones reply. my scoutmaster is actually out of town, but i do have some good news. 1. all my merit badges were actually done! believe it or not haha, i was quite surprised when i rounded up all my blue cards. i have all the required merits, and also 5 extra non required, so i am in the clear in terms of MBs 2. my eagle project is pretty much done. i received all the necessary permission/signatures, finished the project, and i'm currently working on documenting on the end result *to my knowledge* i have to turn in the eagle application (along wit
  6. Hello everyone, My name is James and I'm a Life Scout. I've been in scouting since i was a kid, and earned my arrow of light. Now I'm a life scout at the age of 17, and my birthday is in late January. I have all of the required merit badges and need to do 1-2 more of the regular ones. With a small time frame between now (Dec 18) to January 5th, is it possible for me to be able to attain the eagle rank in time? What do i need to have turned in BEFORE i turn 18? is it just the eagle application? have the eagle board of review? please help me, time is running out. any help is great
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