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  1. A list of the members of the Blue Grass Council Leadership is not readily available, either through the Scouting office or their web site. The information is provided below. Executive Committee: David Stephens, MD - Council President Russ Tucker - Council Commissioner Kelly Hampton - Scout Executive / CEO Ben Alexander - Program VP John Allison - Membership VP Bill Beach - National Council Rep Buzz Carmichael - Finance VP Tom Fielder - National Council Rep Steve Grossman - Past President Boone Logan - Committee Member John McDonald IV - Committee Member Dan Mil
  2. Thank you Beavah for the explanation. That has been a major source of confusion for us and everyone in the old troop.
  3. Quite often you hear of stories of people who have made mistakes and learned from them, and in the process learned to also be compassionate and tolerate of others and their shortcomings. Thank you NeilLup and Beavah for your compassion and understanding. PackSaddle has done the same while admitting he made some less than stellar choices as a kid and thanks to the second chances he was given, he was able to turn his life around. Showing compassion and tolerance does not mean enabling, it means showing the wrong path and helping to guide to the right path. Just like the Troop 382 ScoutMas
  4. Yes, it is in another Council, which is why it is so far away. They know the full story and are willing to give him another chance. He knows how lucky he is.
  5. I agree that actions have consequences and I agree wholeheartedly on the decision to fire him. Believe me, we have had long discussions about this, both before and after the incident and several times since. The police were called, but no report or charges were filed and I don't know why. Part of me had wished he had gone before a judge to really scare the daylights out of him. That didn't happen, but I do believe he got the message loud and clear. As for the other boy that brought the joint, I know he was older and an Eagle Scout. He lives in another town, so I really don't know
  6. No problem. If anyone wants me to scan a copy into the computer and e-mail it, I can do so (with the names blacked out of course). The letter from Regional states: Dear Mr. & Mrs. ___________, A regional review committee met to consider your requet for your son's review of the denial of his membership in the Boy Scouts of America. The committee has recommended that __________'s membership privileges be reinstated. This means that __________'s registration will be accepted if he decides to re-register with the Boy Scouts of America. We are sending ___________________, S
  7. Thanks to all for their support and suggestions. We are also puzzled as to why the BG Council is not following Regional's decision. The last letter we received from the BG Council was more than a year after this all started. The letter congratulated our son on winning the appeal from Regional but stated they would not accept his application. It was at that point we hired the lawyer to act for us. She sent copies of the letter she sent to the BG Council to both Regional and National. The letter asked for our son's reinstatement to the BG Council and failing that a list of all accusati
  8. He did re-register with the original troop after receiving the letter from Regional stating his application would be accepted back into Scouts, and it was signed by the Scout Master on the day we received the letter. But the Blue Grass Council refused to accept the application, so he was not allowed to remain with the troop after the 60-day initial period. It was very frustrating that the BG Council waited 5 weeks after they were notified of Regional's decision to vocalize their refusal, then to demand my son write letters of apology and wait 2 more months before sending a letter stating his
  9. Mentors or Destroyers What Happens to the Special Child? It is amazing and very sad how organizations with mission statements that state their purpose is to guide and teach children in fact become the mental and emotional destroyers of those children that are different. Dont get me wrong; there are some people that are very intuitive and absolutely wonderful with all children. But there are others with the best of intentions that end up destroying some children through sheer ignorance. You see, my son struggles with Attention Deficit Disorder Inattentive (ADD) and Sensory
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