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  1. I have noticed in the last few days what a lot of people here don't seem to like or want the conservatives. Most of the people here have had the attitude of don't let the door hit you on the way out. I have always been proud of our association with Scouting and other scouters but now that I have seen the vitriol of the last few weeks, I think I will stay only with AHG and pray for all of you. Scouter Terry, thank you for this site and I will miss it. The information I was able to access was invaluable. I just wish I had seen more scouters acting like we want scouts to behave.
  2. Basementdweller, I am so happy to learn I am white, rich, and live in the burbs. I am conservative but I live in one of the poorest neighbourhoods in this community of 80,000. I am so not rich or even middle class. But I do believe in teaching my children and my foster children traditional values. Those who do not stand for something will fall for anything.
  3. I said nothing about fear of catching anything. I disapprove of the example they set. I am LCMS Lutheran. I was raised Evangelical Christian. What difference does it make? I have noticed that if I do not wish to associate with someone is must be because I am afraid of them. The people who aren't in my face with their activities aren't the problem and I realize they are already at the events. Camp staff does NOT always get to pick their bunkmates. That is what I was asking.
  4. Well, if they make this decision, not only will our church not be starting two units, our district will lose at least 15. The problem with local option: what about camp staffing? Who decides what tents/ cabins are shared by whom? Council events? I think Merlyn said you are known by the company you keep. I choose not to keep company with acting homosexuals or those who are not married and just living together (equally as wrong) My choice
  5. My daughter attended a camp near St Louis (BSA) as a member of AHG. She was with only girls but instruction was done by the scouts running the camp. It was a great week. The girls stayed with the girls and there were no boys other than the instructors. I think they are planning for their fourth year for this camp in 2013.
  6. The reason I would not answer a question by a doctor about guns in the house is that it is no more relevant to home safety than "are there knives in the house" or "are there chemicals in the house?". We have a cricket bat in the house and that is used in more murders than guns in Britain. Should they ask about those too? Where do the questions end. Does the doctor trust me to use common sense in raising my children? If he doesn't, then I need to find new doctor since he doesn't trust me!
  7. Part of the "research" ban is doctors questioning parents about guns in the home and reporting that to authorities. I have had a doctor ask that and, when I refused to answer, he refused to see us any more (since he claimed that meant we might be hiding abuses!). It is none of a doctor's business if we have guns in the home.
  8. We run totally separate, ie the money is separate, the leaders meet separately (although many are on both boards or married to members of the other board). We do exchange calendars so that there are fewer conflicts (some are unavoidable). We do attend each other's COH whenever possible as many are siblings. I only have girls left at home so we don't pay much attention to the BSA side but they are there for assistance and information and, sometimes, equipment. Mostly, we just let families know that the other is available when we recruit. Many find us by contacting AHG national and some by
  9. our AHG troop dovetails very nicely with the cub/boy scout troop that meets at the same church. Send me a PM if you have any questions about how we do it.
  10. Being an Iowan who attended the straw poll, I find myself liking Bachmann, Perry, Santorum (kinda), and Cain. I met and talked to all of them. Also met Pawlenty and Ron Paul. He (Paul) makes me nervous, to be honest. In person, he doesn't seem to be hitting on all cylinders. Cain was very positive but doesn't poll well. Perry wasn't there but have met him at another occasion before Ames. Santorum went out of his way to answer my 14 year old's questions. Bachmann gave clear answers to all questions put to her. My two cents.
  11. It isn't really that large a facility. The boys all meet in the main church building and the girls are in an annex (a converted house) We are a bit tight for space but it works well enough because we want it to work! Many of the families are involved in both so there is plenty of leadership on site. We don't do much combined field trip stuff though.
  12. Our CO has Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, and AHG. We all meet the same night at the same church. Many families have children in all the units. It has worked great for us for 5 years now.
  13. I live in Iowa. My best friend is an attorney and has studied this case and knows the three justices. The chief Justice, Ternus, was incompetent and a lousy manager. She needed to go for many reasons! As far as the gay marriage case: if they had ruled on the law passed by the general assembly that would not have been a problem. They went further, however, and ruled on the right of marriage which is separate and does legislate from the bench. Read the whole decision and then decide for yourself how they handled themselves. I did.
  14. Fine with teaching the upper levels maths but would someone teach people to count back change or do basic math. Too many times, I have to correct a confused cashier or salesperson who cannot do either!
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