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  1. From what I'm seeing most units have a lot of other stuff on their plates and likely don't know about the bankruptcy. Many units are doing nothing right now. Its more about covid than bankruptcy.
  2. Take care, I can see how that might have been overwhelming to you and many others. When I was SM I found that validating a scout's struggle was usually more powerful than trying to help them solve it. You and all the other victims deserve that validation. Not at all. It's why I said it depends on one's opinion before one heard it. If the headlines last more than a few days I'll be surprised. It's not that I don't think this is important. From my point of view this illustrates what is wrong with the BSA across the board. The BSA is as nimble as a ruptured turtle. Sclerotic and i
  3. Depends what people's opinions were before. For me, the conference listed changes to YP and tried to paint a picture of clumsy leadership. The changes seemed good to me and might be a bit more detailed than what the TCC wants. As for clumsy leadership, the BSA hired one great person but, due to their constant lack of focus on what's important, they dropped the ball. There were no numbers about how bad it is now, so I don't see that the sky is falling. If anything, that group of speakers believed in the mission of the BSA. Other than YP changes, the only suggestion I took was a change in l
  4. Not too long ago our camps all made a profit. Management used that to fund other council activities and the camps fell into disrepair. I think there is a need for the camps. It's much easier for troops to put on a full program with healthy camps. Furthermore, when we have gone to public campsites we have to deal with drunks, idiots with guns and other things where the sheriff is called. Besides, the scouts can play night games and not worry about bothering neighbors. The question seems to be how many camps are needed. The qualitative arguments are worthless. Until someone can define
  5. Speaking of which, let's be courteous. It is a compensation plan. You may not like it, but that doesn't mean they don't believe it's just.
  6. @skepticand @CynicalScouter let's just drop it right now.
  7. Thank you for sharing. It certainly is horrendous that multiple safeguards failed. An abuser was not removed. The council covered it up. The police gave up to quickly. I keep saying this and I'll say it again. The 82k cases contain a lot of information. It should be analyzed and understood. It would benefit the abused, the BSA, future scouts and society as a whole.
  8. Let me see: "scouts celebrate lots of camping" leads to a fight about about over achieving youth, pushy leaders and false idols. "scouts go to town meeting" leads to a fight over culture war issues. I went to a memorial service yesterday for a scouter that spent decades volunteering. The service was the most boring service I'd ever seen and all I could think was the minister must have been a friend of the family and that the family was just being courteous. The man that died sure was. Half the people at the service were scouters. We were polite and afterwards we gathered an
  9. Fair enough. Given that you don't know your best bet is to first ask your patrol leader. If he can tell you then you have your answer. If he doesn't know then you could suggest he ask the senior patrol leader. If your patrol leader is lazy and won't ask your SPL then you certainly should go ask. Again, if the SPL doesn't answer your question then it's time to go for gold, ask your scout master. Just remember, since you're not sure what type of rune it is, you need to go through this process of asking your PL, SPL, and then SM. Good luck. Let us know what you find out. BTW, thanks for gett
  10. This is not helping. Done right, this would be good. My dad was invited to a school in Germany where he grew up to talk to kids about what he lived through. In all honesty, it did him at least as much good as the students.
  11. Until there's a discussion as to how their money is spent and how much is spent, i.e., how much they need to survive, arguing about percentages is meaningless. The BSA/councils are guilty of not describing their finances and the claimants are guilty of ignoring the fact that they can never get all the money they'd like to get. Right now there's no such thing as fair. This is mostly people just trying to skew the vote to their advantage. To what ends we'll have to wait and see.
  12. I'm not talking about using quality tools. I'm talking about having a group of people whose focus is program quality and they have a respected position at the table - someone that will push patrol method and be respected, for example.
  13. It reminds me of many other similar conflicts that organizations have. Developing software and testing software require different mindsets. One can do both but the changeover from one to the other is not easy. There needs to be respect for both sides. When one gets cheated (and it's always the one furthest from sales) it harms the product. Toyota has quality above features and they charge a premium for that. It would be great if the bsa understood this concept. It might be painful at first but they'd be in a much stronger position if quality had more people's attention. YP or program, it
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