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  1. Without ranks she could use the merit badges as intended, a way for young people to learn about some interesting fields. If she's at all interested in leadership then turning some of those merit badges into a program for your unit might be a way to create some interaction between her and her friends. Finally, ask about eventually having patrol meetings in her rehab facility. Scouts is about having fun with friends.
  2. This is a people problem compounded by bad communication that is easily solved. Maybe the council exec and the chief of police should go have a cup of coffee together and get to know each other.
  3. Just a couple of observations with pioneering: Use rope made from natural fiber rather than nylon, poly, etc. It just sticks better when you have to pull the lashing tight. A good lashing is tight. Pull it tight often while you make the lashing. You know it's really tight when you can hear the rope creak. Start off by learning just the lashings you need. In the above drawing only a tripod and square lashing are needed (along with a clove hitch and any knots to hold up the pot). So just focus on that. There are lots of details about where to put the various parts of the lash
  4. Before this sub thread on jarts and dodge ball goes off into the bad place, let's end it and get back on topic.
  5. Good for the scout. I've seen people taking selfies with full grown bull elks in rutting season. "Well punk, do you feel lucky?"
  6. Or never let the adult side of things hold a scout back from having fun - with the safety caveat.
  7. We did the Wind River Range in Wyoming. That was where the bugs were but it was stunning. My understanding is that the start of August would be fine there but don't quote me on that. We tried to do a 50 mile loop in about 6 days and we were just beating ourselves up. My GPS said we were doing something like 500' vertical for every mile horizontal. So about a mile vertical every day. We finally decided to cut a corner off of our loop and make it 38 miles or something. The scouts started smiling. Now, this was all because I, the old man in the crowd, pulled a muscle in my knee because I wasn't d
  8. There are a lot of nice backpacking trails in Colorado. So much that I've never been to Philmont. Philmont isn't about beauty, so I understand why scouts would like it. To answer your question, no, I haven't taken scouts to the San Juans. So you can get better specific trail information from others. However, in other HA trips I've taken scouts in Colorado and Wyoming, the things I'd be aware of is that 1) June in the high country is not summer, it's late winter/early spring and I've had 10 foot snow drifts to deal with over July 4th. Given the run off, trails can be very wet and mudd
  9. Well, when salary has to be made every 2 weeks and camp can sit for 9 months, it's easy to see why this happens. I'm sure it's easy to get addicted to donations. From '45 to the late 60's I'm sure they got all they asked for. But that gravy train is long gone. And yet the culture of rewards is still based on donations. In the meantime, there are fewer volunteers with less outdoor knowledge that need more help in order to deliver a better program. That's a lot of change needed. As implied above, the real challenge is getting leadership to see that the leadership isn't working. Who wan
  10. Or call it an official church youth group activity? Leave the uniforms and handbooks at home, have fun, play in the outdoors. If the church is up for accepting the responsibility then it's all good. If not, it's an opportunity to fix something that has been broken for quite some time.
  11. So double dipping was okay! Still, what impressed me the most was a 15 yo, first class scout that was regarded very highly-rated.
  12. I was wondering where this change came from and all I can think of is that people who feel trapped in a corner don't have free will. What looks like grasping at straws may be a response to something else. Maybe, since the vote, a bunch of CO's no longer believe the BSA's promises. Losing a lot of CO's would cause even more problems. The only way to protect the CO's is to cover their portion and the only way to do that is to say all the money we have, or could possibly get, is enough.
  13. Just another note to those that haven't refreshed their browsers, I split off sub thread about council financing so go there if you want to continue it.
  14. National provides something else besides IP, they provide exclusivity. That means no competition for both youth and donors. Anyone can start a franchise if that goes away. Think about @Jameson76's council under that change. Parents do like the idea of scouts but they might go elsewhere if the summer camp is more fun and less classroom. And what might the donors start doing with some competition? I think that might cause more fear to CE's. When push comes to shove, CE's probably need donors more than camps.
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