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  1. I thought the recent changes were very good. I was disappointed to see that the direction finding requirements were removed from the badge. But removing that requirement allows more time for the fire starting skills. The Camping MB used to have a requirement of camping two nights under the stars. That created a lot of interest in the Wilderness Survival badge because we used to count the one night in the improvised shelter as also being a night under the stars. When that requirement was dropped, so did interest in the wilderness survival badge. The scouts always seem very inter
  2. Who gets the counselor section of a partial blue card, the counselor or the scout? I've heard arguements for both. The counselor should have it for a duplicate record with the completed requirements filled out in the "Remarks" section. I've also heard that the scout should get it so that when the blue card is completed, the counselor who signs the final card should get it. Thanks to the group for your thoughts. Kirk
  3. Hi all, Are candidate records required for scoutmaster conferences and boards of review? My son started to fill out his Eagle application and realized that he couldn't fine his merit badge candidate records. He was able to get the dates from the troop records and is in the process of reconstructing his records by going back to merit badge instructors. I'm wondering is it is necessary. He had his records at when he got his life badge. Would he just need to reconstruct records from the life badge on? I understand that there might be a problem if council records differ fr
  4. Thanks Ed, I'm refering to the new Emergency Preparedness Award from the Boy Scouts and Homeland Security. I think because it's so new, the details may not have been worked out yet and I'm looking to the group for any help. I've added a link below that gives more details. Kirk http://www.scouting.org/pubs/emergency/index.html
  5. Hi, I have questions on the requirements for the new emergency preparedness award. One of the requirements is that a scout has to earn the first aid or emergency preparedness badge. Does that mean a scout has to have one of the badges or has to earn a new one? The first aid emergency preparedness badge requires the first aid badge be earned first. How can it be one badge or the other? What if a scout already has both badges? Thanks for any help or any suggestions where I can find more information. Kirk
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