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  1. Scouting may benefit somewhere down the line. But if I don the uniform, then I'm representing the BSA, period. The only reason that I brought this up was because there are so very few times that the BSA uniform is shown on prime time, it should have had the proper patches in the correct locations.
  2. Just wanting to know how others felt about appearance of a Texas Scoutmaster on Deal or No Deal show. My own opinions are that it was great that a fellow scouter won some big money; however, I am very protective of the BSA uniform. Not that it shouldn't have been worn on a television show, but that if worn, it should have met the uniforming standards. I was speechless when I saw his badge of office sewn on the pocket for temporary patches. To my knowledge, national has been very protective of when and where the uniform appeared in the entertainment media. There have been a lot of use
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