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  1. Thank you to all that replied. I will be contacting my council next week to clearify whether this is a camp or council policy. What I ment by a scout t-shirt is one from a day camp, comporee, another camp, ect.
  2. I was informed at our troop meeting that a Scout can only wear Scout t-shirts or plain (no writing on them) at camp. They can not wear anything that has advertising on it, I understand vulgar or offensive t-shirts. This was told to parents that it is a National Policy that just came down. I was wondering if anyone knows where this policy is at, as I am the District trainer and I have yet to find it anywhere and I need to accurately portray it to the people I am training.
  3. This is a very interesting topic to say the least. There are some good, bad and just plain scary points discussed here. The Moral issue aside, if you can. I do feel there is a serious Moral issue here, I am not trying to play that part down. One of the biggest issues as said earlier is can she give time to the Troop as needed. I would have to say no, she has limited herself on things she can do with the Troop; Camping for instance, is she willing to leave the baby with someone when she takes the Troop camping ,serious seperation issue with the child for this option, is she going
  4. I think this could be a great learning experence for the Cubs. Before the show get the participants to have a question and answer about how long, what training, and what safety they have to do to put on this show. Let them explain to the scouts that it takes a lot of practice and choreography to know where your "bullet" is going and where your intended "target" is. That the show is not just a bunch of guys out there playing cowboys. The participants would probably jump at the chance to tell the scouts how hard they work and that this is not something that just anyone can do without training.
  5. Scounut you are correct, this will be interesing to say the least. I agree that LFL is not BSA registration. I am relaying what my DE has told me, not that he is the end all of information. I will have to see how this plays out. We will be talking about training tonight at a District meeting on this subject. I will let forum know more as I find out. I have a feeling that it will be a very heated discussion, as we have about a 50/50 mixture of old and new in our district council. Again should prove to be interesting.
  6. Scoutnut I appreciate your input, but i would have to disagree with you. By what you say then girls are not considered youth, just boys. I went back and read over again and the only reference to boys is when it is dealing with Cub Scouts. Here is the flyer. The Boy Scouts of America has developed its Soccer and Scouting program as an outreach for Hispanic American/Latino YOUTH and their families, but it is not limited to them. All boys ages 7 to 10 who want to learn to play soccer AND at the same time be Cub Scouts are eligible to join. The program has been endorsed by Major League Soccer
  7. This is an interesting topic to say the least. There are some valide points to both sides, but National has already made the leap with Soccer & Scouting. I had a meeting with my Regional executive a couple of weeks ago and he told me about this program. This program was designed to get the Latino community more involved with Scouting. Thru the meeting I was informed that this program is opened to both girls and boys. The girls go through Learning For Life, but the girls will be BSA registard. This was just a prlimary meeting and training to follow. He told me that is well received in pilot
  8. Jeffery H It has nothing about sibilings or non Scouts.
  9. I am a cubmaster and a father of 2 Cub Scouts and one pre Cub Scout. The problem is that we have a Mom and Me coming up and I am slatted to be on staff. The problem arrises with my 5 year old son, turns 6 in March, I was told by the people who are puting on the event that bringing the 5 year old was fine. He would be put in a mixed den with his brothers. This has been our councils policy for along time. Then our DE, who likes to make up rules as he goes, said no-way on my 5 year old. The DE did not clear this with our new SE. The new SE is informed about this and is checking into it. I can not
  10. Thanks. Great ideas. This is why I come to this forum. The interpreter strip is great. I looked it up and I am going to be able to award the father also. The camping gear is a great idea, I will have a committee meeting next week and will present that idea. The committee will jump all over this as I have a great committee with big hearts. We are doing the Bridging ceremony to the troop as we always do for the leaving Scout. Thanks again,
  11. I have a German boy who is just started Scouting in my pack. He will be turning 11 and moving up to Boy Scouts in October. He has been with us for 3 weeks and I would like to present him with an award or something. He has not had enough time to earn anything with our pack. He & his family will be here for the school year as his mother is on a teacher exchange program and they will be leaving at the end of the school year. Him and his family are really enjoying Scout and plan to continue when they return to Germany. His father signed on as an adult leader and has been a great help. I am loo
  12. Issue has not change, Some posters were wondering what kind of scouter she was. I do not have an issue with the type of leaders she has become. I still feel the real issue is the apperance she puts forth to the Scouts. The fact that she is a less than stellar Scouter is an issue, but who amoung us is perfect, the fact remains that the uncleanlyness and the dress is a distraction to the Scouts and parents. The information of the type of leader she is is just for information purposes, so people can get the entire story. Thanks
  13. She is not an alluring woman. She is the parent of a Cub. After rethinking my position and talking with one of my other leaders, finding out that this issue was addressed with a previous Cubmaster and another unit she came from, we are going to replace her. If she pushes the issue we are going with her failure to help the den leader, He was late one night I told her to keep the den busy until the DL arrived I went into the room and the kids were running around beining boys and she was just sitting there when approach she just looked at me with the "deer in the headlite" expression. She does no
  14. Poster's, Thank you for all of the replies. Some are good ideas and some off topic, but all have merit in their own way. If this thread offended anyone I am sorry, that was not the intention of this question. I also did not give all of the information as to what kind of Scouter this lady is. In short she is not what the Scout's symbolize and , in my opion and others, what the definition of a Scout leader needs to be. I have taken in consideration of this forum and others of Scouter's in my district and council the following stance: I am going to recommend that we do not rechart
  15. I am a male Cubmaster and have an issue with a female ADL. She is a large woman that does not bath or wear a bra. She is well endowed. I have had concerns raised about this from another DL and he feels as I do that something needs to be done about this issue. I am just not shure how to approach the situation to keep bad feeling to a min. Any help would be appriciated. Thanks
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