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  1. I sugjest the Insect Study Merit Badge. It helped with one boy in our troop, he went from bug phobic to fanatic.
  2. on a recent trip my troop went on a tour of a light house. at the top some of the boys spat on to the ground below. an assistant scoutmaster who was waiting at the base of the lighthouse had seen spit land on a rock, and asked the boys who had spit.In a minute one boy confessed, after wich another scoutmaster arrived and repeated the question. all of the other boys who had spit confessed a minute after his arrival. the boys who spit (everybody except one boy) are being accused for lying to the first Assistant scoutmaster. Because lying is a serious problem, the scoutmaster and assistants are
  3. The boy in question is about 11 years old, and both the SPL and ASPL have had private conversations about it, but it is still denyed. we have brought up the posibility of a skin disorder, but his parents maintain that there are no problems. the only differnce in diet that we know of is an excess of cheese. And our kids have tried to shower him, but none of them wanted to stay near him for that long.
  4. Recently, some new boys have entered the troop. one of these boys has a problem with personal hygene, and has body odor. our boys have tried to talk to him about it, and we have spoken with his parents, but they deny and problem. this is becoming very important because some of the boys refuse to share a tent with him. Any advice?
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