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  1. Eagle Scout here, class of '06. As most people on here, I have more than one uniform. The uniform I wore as a youth has the Eagle Scout badge on it, simply because my mother sewed it on there and I haven't taken it off yet. I have another uniform that has the eagle knot on it because I bought it shortly after turning 18 and I got excited to wear knots. I have ANOTHER uniform that is completely blank, and thats actually the one I end up wearing most often. Do I sometimes wear my older uniform with the Eagle Badge on it? Sure do. Do the uniform police complain about it? Sure do. Do I care? not r
  2. the Vice Chief- Dan, used to be (although it we haven't elected a new one yet so technically he still IS) my Section chief. He's a great guy he'll do an amazing job.
  3. I earned my Eagle in '06, and the patch has stayed on my uniform since then. I turn 19 this march. My reasoning: I earned the rank, i'm wearing it. Whats it matter if i wear a knot that says the exact same thing or a patch that says the exact same thing? This isn't the Army. I realize that some people care if a patch is 1/4" off center or if you wear spoof patch. I think thats what makes scouting fun.
  4. hey everyone, i have recently been informed by my council chief executive that i will be sent to national camp school this summer to be trained as an Outdoor Skills Director. Any tips or advice or words of wisdom (i'm sure some of you have some...) that you'd like to give me?
  5. Okay I'll step in here meteu7772 and help you out a little. Me and meteu are in the same troop, I was SPL a couple years ago, and right now I'm kinda the ASM (my dads the SM). I'll answer some basic questions i've been hearing to clear the air a little. First off: Yes we only have about 12 active boys. The reason I believe this happens is we had a horribly week scout pack for something close to 5 years. It is my belief that boys dont join boy scouts. I'm sorry but in our area it just doesnt happen. An 11 or older boy will NOT join boy scouts (there has been maybe one excep
  6. Thanks prof! As most vigils on here will probably agree, receiving Vigil has been on of the best moments of my life.
  7. I wish i knew about this thread/site last year as i was the trading post manager for the local council camp (camp samwood and camp dittmer up in Iroquois Trail NY). My advice is this: -Don't let the TP become the staff lounge. Too much clutter, too much noise -Make friends with the head cook (or whoever is in charge of ordering food and other such things. It made re-ordering candy bars and icecream and whatever else you're ordering food-wise MUCH easier). -the Staff will LOVE you if you run tabs for them (We have a very small staff of maybe 30 total so this was simple for me, a
  8. Hello one and all, young and old Brandon P. Lewis is the name, scouting's my game. I am an 18 year old Eagle Scout from Western NY (Iroquois Trail Council). I have been involved in Scouting since Tiger Cubs. I work at the local boy scout and cub scout camps (camp dittmer and camp sam wood respectively). This past Sunday, I recieved the Vigil Honor in the Order of the Arrow. thats about all..........for now...
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