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  1. ok just my opinion... when I have a boy transfer to join my troop I sit down and talk to him anyway. I like to know where he is in the advancement. What he's looking for. What he's enjoying so far with my troop. I then make sure the scout meets our Committee Chair, Outdoor Chair, Treasurer, and Advancement chair. They too sit down and ask him basically same stuff. What can the troop do to help him? Does he have issues with fundraising and does he think he'll need financial support? What camping locations has he attended and would recommend? Has he heard of a camp ground that so
  2. we currently have same issue. We have 2 PL's they rotate odd and even months at who leads the opening/closing of meetings, thorns/roses at end of campout, calls out roundups, etc... They wear PL patches, but we will refer to them as "acting spl". So if I've forgotten whose month it is I'll ask who is acting spl this month? Now for summer camp we have a separate election where we elect a SPL just for camp and they select their ASPL. They do all the chore list planning and such before, attend the SPL meetings, and are the co-to guys for camp. Now this only counts for 1 week of leadersh
  3. condiment packets save a bunch. If I'm grabbing a burger or hotdog somewhere I will grab a couple. If I need more than just a couple I will simply ask if I could have ------ for boy scout troop to use and ask how much they think would be fair - never been charged except for when I went to store in town during summer camp to pick up a good salad dressing for another adult - but then they already have a price for those so expected it. And yes the boys do the same. As for left overs if it doesn't need to be kept cold and will get used then it goes in our food tote for future use. If it ne
  4. we use cots just for summer camp. The ones with the springs can be a pain because those little springs can fall out and get lost. If using in a tent with a floor I recommend ones that have tubes that go across the width for feet rather than having feet more like a post or chair leg as those tent to rip of floors more easily while the tubes don't as bad. There are tent-cots have seen those before and much more expensive but those I've seen used are nice because they are easier to set up than a tent on your own, but for me they are too small as I like to have some room to move since I have s
  5. only time we switch up patrols is when we have a campout with just 1 boy from a patrol and then he joins other patrol. Boys don't mind being just 2 or 3 in their patrol they have learned it can sometimes be easier to cook for smaller group and have more food. Of course they've had to learn to change up menus a bit to fit their budgets, but they learned that if the adults can do it every campout then they surely could as well.
  6. given the more info if I were in your shoes I just wouldn't sign off. I would make the boys go through district EBOR and stay out of all of it. That being said thank you for stepping up, but for others reading this take things into thoughts now and maybe state I will not take on this position with this situation without a,b,c. Whether those mean removal from unit, or whatever else you might want in there. If this happens to any boys in my troop I would let them know this is councils decision, the troop has decided on such and such before you can have your blank signed off. And I'd
  7. for those selling camp cards here are some things that members of our troop have done that had great success. Call bowling alley, get permission, and find out when leagues are and go and sell. Ask their church if they can stand out at the end of services - they usually stand near a poster saying what they are doing. send out a facebook message and ask their parents to do the same and ask that if be shared. and these are done by the scout and have either another scout or their parent go with as their buddy. They've found when there are already groups gathered it's easier than g
  8. yeah my troop is getting B to A grade LOL seriously thought that's a good look at things. I'd say for our troop right the boys are great on their own on a campout - they set up everything but the adult area. Now and then they will need a "I think something is missing from this area" usually a lamp or the wash water cooker is what's missing but they don't need a "hey set up x" just aren't paying attention and don't see that something hasn't been done. Our group of boys is great at picking places to camp and what to do at said location. But what they do still struggle with is the PL
  9. For cubs and girl scouts when I was leader I wrote up Den/Troop news and printed off for everyone each week. It included upcoming schedule with planned activity. With something that was needed to be made I kept the parts that were keepable and gave them the next meeting they were there - to get that signed off they needed to bring finished product or a picture (allowed to email or send by phone) When there's something that can't be stored then the scout needed to find a way to get what was needed. For a teaching thing - like learning first aid for example. They were taught to seek out
  10. ok this might just be way too simple, but considering our camp has started to not give the 2 free adults and still charging for extra adults. Why not offer reduced fee for number of badges you are willing to teach the week you are there? Our camp has 4 different MB blocks 2 days am/pm and next 2 days am/pm. So if charging $100 to an adult why not off $25 off for each block you take. Me personally I'd take am blocks so I could still have an afternoon nap. Even though our troop works Lent bake sales at fish fry to cover the cost for our adults I'd still do this to help out our troop,
  11. ours has 2 main $5 off parts to card - 1 place doesn't allow sales outside but the other does. We even had checkers notice someone spending over $50 and let them know about the card and they would run over and buy one and use that piece.
  12. yeah dropping off at homes wouldn't work with us either. 10 boys currently active in the troop. 5 live in town of CO. 3 live in school district 15 mins away but 2 in 1 town and 1 in another. 1 boy lives in big city near us 30 mins from CO and final boy lives in even another town also 30 mins from CO but in different direction. I'm not spending hours driving around dropping off boys when each parent can just drive to the church and pick up their child. And considering I live where the 3 go to school I often drive past my place to get to the church but that's ok others do it when we camp o
  13. we have boys selling them. Some end up paying their whole summer camp by selling them. We usually set up a couple of weekends to sell in front of one of the stores that gives them the $5 off since that's what the card costs and poof they've already covered the cost plus have more discounts to use.
  14. I agree that being told by a parent or group of parents that they expect me to pay anything would send me packing. But that being said I have 1 scout that attends everything possible. Helps at fundraisers, service projects, does his positions, etc... But last night when me and a committee member found out the only reason he wasn't doing our climbing event was because the family was short on funds due to time of year and just couldn't swing this one - we raced for our wallets and CM won. The boy tried to turn it down - we told him to respect his elders, have fun, and remember it when he get
  15. yep that's what SPL and PLs are for - and if I absolutely had to go in I would yell out female needs to enter in 15 seconds cover-up. But that wouldn't be needed with my scouts so only place that might be needed would be summer camp where disagreements happen among other troops and there are always plenty of males around. For us I'd say only about 2 campouts a year we can't get a male to attend. I do prefer there to be a male solely in case there is an injury in the area the scout would prefer to have a male take a look. But that's never happened either other than chaffing at summer ca
  16. yep it's a confusing thing at times. Me (SM) and another female can take a group of boys that are boy scouts camping, but if they were in Ventures then I'd need a male to come along. Our females are almost always willing and available to camp, but the men are sometimes all busy the same weekend. I don't care, the boys don't care - so lets camp!
  17. For me school, family, and church come first (order depends on the family) The rest scouts, sports, music programs, etc is completely up to the scout and their family. Although some music programs do give grades which then falls into the school grouping. The way we work the participation requirement is do they let us know they are going to missing X number of weeks, do they still send us a note or relay a message as to if they are attending a campout or not... if so then they are involved and it's ok. If they don't then they aren't involved and need to make an effort to change that. If the
  18. if it's not going to be re-used by a non-webelos den in the future just cut off that part and just have the cord left
  19. we have several from learning scout skill ones to just normal games. Their favorite fun game is dodge socks. I think their favorite skill one is the first aid challenge where we come up with different scenes and the patrols have to do what is needed and get or lose points... winning patrol gets the ribbon on their patrol flag until next time. They also go bowling once a year.
  20. what I always tell scouts and their parent/guardian is yes we winter camp. Buy a 20 degree bag so it can be used all year and is easy for backpacking trips. But in the winter we don't backpack in so pack a few extra blankets. Heaters aren't allowed in troop tents! And boys aren't allowed to bring their own tents - just adults can. I have 3 tents and which I bring depends on the weather, number sharing tent, length of stay, and if packing in.
  21. our Eagle boards are usually done at the same day/time as troop meetings just in a different basement. And as SM I stay until both are completed - so I like to keep it short and to the point so they can have all the time they need. "I'd like to introduce ____________. He has completed all his requirements and is now a candidate for the rank of Eagle. I will be in the south basement if anyone needs me" I then shake the scouts hand and wish him luck.
  22. KDD trust me don't go the benzo route. Having anxiety is no joke. And as soon as you get medically marked down as having an anxiety disorder of any kind you will NOT be allowed to attend any high adventure or jamboree with BSA.
  23. I had quit once for about 8 years I think. But when my PTSD (at that time undiagnosed) hit it's worse I gave into smoking again, but it was better than the alternatives given my history. And now I'm NOT allowed to quit until we can get my anti-anxiety meds lowered just so that they can raise them back up for me to try and quit. That's right my doctor does NOT want me to attempt to quit. Not many people can say that. Will I probably get cancer - probably. But will I live that long - not sure on that especially if I quit because all the anxiety, panic attacks, and night terrors do damage t
  24. when not backpacking the boys set up 1 propane lantern by the adult area. Allows us to see as boys are walking in and allows boys to know which direction to go if need an adult. Plus the adults like to have a little light but just away from us enough that the bugs stay there and not where we are relaxing. Doesn't affect bed time - boys go to tents - quiet time is announced and adults turn of lantern and get into their tents about 15 mins after the boys.
  25. as for the shirts - not BSA function, no BSA logo etc on shirt... it's just you and son seeing a person from BSA at said event and doing what they want during their free time. You can agree or disagree with their choice, but it doesn't affect scouting. as for smoking... as a smoker I was always told not in uniform (so if coming and going from meeting or activity and being seen by others I should not be seen in my uniform smoking) Troop meeting I can normally make it through unless my anxiety goes up (I have an anxiety disorder) in which case I go outside, away from everyone, and cover
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