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  1. I am trying to make this vague enough to not give away exactly where I am. But it is much more complicated than you think. The leadership switching that was agreed to include:: the SM was made CC and his son is the 1st one up to age out in 2 months. They are also one of the ambivalent ones. . This switch was approved by the CO. So I will not be getting much support from the CC. The troop was almost split in two and almost didn't survive. It was the only way to keep it going. The other problem is we don't even know for sure that they stopped their behavior. They did not have to provide any in
  2. looking for some advice- have several boys caught using/dealing cannabis, including one arrest, in the community and admitted (by them) at scout activities. After investigation by council, was given short 3 month suspensions and allowed to return. This in addition to parents/leaders not forthright in there knowledge of activities and attempt to keep it hidden, and given the same treatment but shorter susspensions. Upon reinstatement, part of the agreement was leadership shuffling. I was asked and agreed to change from ASM to SM since current SM involved in "problem". I agreed. Several boys we
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