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  1. That's MY point, he started it at summer camp, but got a partial. So, his questin is about the kinds of mobilizations troops do.
  2. Beavah, I think the courts over step their bounds frequently. California supreme court just over turned a voter approved measure ruling that lethal injection is "cruel and unusual punishment" of a convicted child rapist/murderer.
  3. Son's question is "what do some scouts or troops do for requirement 8b: "Take part in at least one troop mobilization." He can certainly describe his part and do the after action review. He'd like to know what troops are doing for "mobilization" as he hasn't been in the troop long enough to see another scout do this part. BTW, he asked me to post his question here. Thanks on behalf of little Gonzo1
  4. Well said Beavah, Packsaddle, sad story, sorry about that.
  5. Packsaddle, Thanks for the amplification. Pack212, That was my only concern, build the float, have fun, but be very very careful.
  6. Acco, (no attack, just info) People also join the military for patriotic reasons, you know, like defending the country and helping to prevent another attack. Democrats and liberals will say that it's a way out of da 'hood. It is a place to learn a skill and get money for an education. The military is not a meals on wheels program. However, when disaster strikes, we can send an aircraft carrier to a stricken area quickly. The carrier has a hospital, food, supplies and a means to transport many people and things quickly. I enlisted into the Navy 1982 for patriotic reasons and later ret
  7. Merlyn, I meant to type "problem". No, I don't have a problem with AA discriminating against me. I probably couldn't join the JCC either, I'm not Jewish. I think the BSA only saw a problem after being sued and threatened with more law suits. I've heard that the YMCA holds or sponsors after school programs right there in the school. Public schools no longer charter BSA units, we both agree on that and this should now be resolved, right? Fscouter, I forgot to add the Spanish American War, American Indian War, other actions / operations, Persian Gulf War, and of course the "
  8. Merlyn, I didn't see a probably with public schools chartering units before, I wouldn't see a probable today. It's a right to peacably assemble. But, we CAN still meet at schools, just not be chartered by them. Done. Units can be chartered to the Friends of the school, the PTO or PTA or some other group and still meet at the school. Lisa, I don't really want to join the DAR, but my point is like what vol_scouter said, my defense wouldn't further their agenda. It's all about the agenda. Merlyn, if AA doesn't accept my application, isn't THAT discrimination based on religion? I w
  9. If BSA "took over" all the units, who would "own" the gear? The unit or BSA? If BSA were to own the gear, what ould stop them from taking from a nicely equipped troop and helping a new troop by giving aaway your gear. You show up one Tuesday night and BAM, it's gone.
  10. LisaBob, You oblviously missed the point. I couldn't care less about joining the DAR. My point is to raise the hackles of Merlyn. If's he's such an "advocate", I'd like him to advocate for me. Perhaps you'd like to join the Sons of Confederate Veterans. But, you see, you can't either. My comment about my civils rights being "trampled" was COMPLETELY "tongue in cheek". Nobody has a "right" to join a private club or organization. Lisa, I wish tone and inflection could come through the keyboard, but it can't. I'm not arguing with you, but that each of these groups is private, has t
  11. LisaBob, When I go camping with my son's troop, and I see a dad (moms in the troop don't go camping) and I see a dad "do" something for a boy, I just ask the dad "what are doing?". He might say "I'm helping Johnny set up his tent" or "I'm cooking pancakes for th boys" or whatever, I suggest that the dad have a seat and let a scout help him or ask the PL to get someone to help him, but not the SM or ASM's/MC's. Sometimes I suggest that if left alone, they'll do it. Sometimes the dad will make excuses like "well, since the boys worked so hard on _____, I just thought I'd give 'em a hand".
  12. Merlyn, Since public entities no longer charter BSA units, what's the problem? Since participation is VOLUNTARY, what "civil right" has been infringed? Packsaddle, I'd explain to the boy and his parents what the joining requirements are and I'd do so gently. I'd let them know they could visit anytime, but can't join until he can meet the joining requirements. I'm sure he might feel sad, but little Johnny might get a lesson that night that not everyone can join the Boy Scouts. I think it is necessary, unpleasant, but necessary. Not everyone wins, not everyone can join. Not eve
  13. Read, then re-read the G2SS with respect to floats and riding o them. Have fun, and uh, Merry Christmas.
  14. Who says the whole troop has to camp at the same time at the same place? Let's say out of 12 months a troop attends 2 camporees as a whole troop. And, let's say a troop has 4 patrols, 2 of older boys, 2 of younger boys. Why not have the 2 older boy patrols go to XYZ State Park and the other two go to council camp ABC. Each can do their own thing, maybe compete against another patrol, but 16 or 17 year old competing against 12 year olds ALL THE TIME? I don't think so. Then, how about each patrol camps individually a couple times a year. I think the most important part for adul
  15. Since the BSA no longer chaters units to schools, I guess you "won", so what's the problem now? Oh yeah, you must look through every haystack to find a needle.Millions of haystacks (schools0 and a couple of needles (BSA units that might have slipped through the cracks and might still be chartered. Good luck!
  16. Gern, In your model, any atheist who would be allowed to join would have his parents suing because his kid didn't advance, he'd be stuck without so much as a Scout Badge (not even Tenderfoot) because "his best" performance of Duty to God would be ZERO, no duty since he doesn't believe. Sure, he could earn merit badges and go camping, but couldn't advance. I suppose overwieght kids could get a talking to in the SMC, maybe the SPL could look over patrol menus before campouts and check them during campouts. Maybe Have more aerobic games during the meetings and on campouts to encourge mo
  17. OGE, It also goes against the Duty to God and being Reverent. One cannot do his(her) duty to God if he doesn't believe in God. I think the CO's would be more liable if such a "contract" or "local option" were in place. BSA has had Duty to God at its' core for almost 100 years. Let's not cave in to the 50 or so people who mught be able to join if DRP is dropped. I don't think dropping DRP would change enrollment numbers a bit.
  18. Merlyn, Again, no right has bee infringed upon. Joining a lcub is voluntary, mot mandatory. Go start your own. Are you a member of an atheists rights group? Perhaps your are the CEO or some other officer. If so, how would you feel if I forced my way? Probably none too happy.
  19. So Merlyn, since you want to join us so badly, what style pack do you prefer? Do like Silva compasses or lensatic? Raincoat or poncho? Or, are you just agitating and don't really want to be in scouting?
  20. Eamonn, I hope you enjoy your course. Sometimes, a few word here and there, a smile and a few hand gestures can make a big difference and make the other person feel more at ease. JG
  21. Packsaddle, You know that you and I disagree RARELY. I disagree that any harm has been "inflicted" because membership is completely VOLUNTARY. I'll agree that many boys who are not now members would benefit greatly from BSA programs, but no one is forced into joining. Plus, with school and other public entities not chartering units, it's a moot point, like water under a bridge. For outdoors type programs, there are many groups someone could join, nobody is required to join BSA, so I disagree that any "harm" has been done. Please see PM. JG
  22. For what its worth, I much prefer discussing the merits of using flint and steel over matches or lighters or nylon tents over canvas, exteranl frame pack over internal, patrol method over troop method, boy led over adult led, etc. So Merlyn, since you want to join us so badly, what style pack do you prefer? Do like Silva compasses or lensatic? Raincoat or poncho?
  23. Merlyn, Do you know the difference between a priveldge and a right? I'm sure you do, you're probably insulted at the question. Well? You don't have a RIGHT to join the BSA, it is a priveldge, the BSA is a private organization. Not every group is open to everybody or every body. You can't join ulness and until you can meet the joining requirements. How about the other question you're now shying away from? Why don't you just go and start your own group? As an attorney, you must love and highly regard all Supreme Court decisions, right? Well, apparently the high court has prev
  24. I don't wear an interpreter strip even though I'm bilingual. I speak, read and write English and Spanish. However, my decision is based on a limited vocabulary as it relates to scouting. So, I don't want to be put on the spot for interpretation. I'll converse, even translate, but camping type vocabulary is limited. Someday, I'll study some more words. I have translated for adult training sessions, military hospital classroom training sessions, military patients care and in my own clinic too. I qualify, I just don't wear it. (This message has been edited by Gonzo1)
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